Hakon Tenau

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    6928 BBY
    Sith Empire


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    · Onderon Nobility (fmr.)
    ___· House Boteri
    · Mandalorians
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    · Sith Empire
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    Ayy-Anni Daesha


    Hakon Tenau

    Excerpt · Biography · Personality and traits · Powers and abilities · Memories · Miscellaneous

    "You think you're unique? How depressing."

    Hakon Tenau (born in 9828 BBY on Onderon) was born into Onderon nobility before and after his family was killed. Leaving Onderon he joined a mandalorian warband to get results and continue on his work as a doctor. With the unification of the mandalorian clans he quickly joined the Sith Empire. Now he seeks to increase his knowledge and understanding though it is somewhat twisted from what he originally intended.



    Onderon, a world of nobility and prestige is not always in a light that holds true to its public image. Hakon was raised in the noble house of Bonteri. He grew up there with his father until he was ten years of age. After his first decade the unthinkable happened, inssurection. It was small, and barely even registered on the galactic scale. It did not help that the Onderon government tried to keep it under wraps. But the insurgents had stormed Hakon's family villa and took them all hostage. It was a heated situation, the details of which Hakon did not learn and understand until much later. The reason for them being taken was Hakon's father. He was an accomplished cyberneticsist. The insurgents had sustained injuries and needed someone to create and maintain the prosthetics they used to replace lost limbs. He obeyed but the success of the insurgents was nowhere in sight and they realized this too late. They ended up killing most of Hakon's direct family. By the time they considered offing Hakon as well in a last hurah to get back at the Onderon governement they were stopped by hired mandalorian mercenaries.

    No Place Like Home

    "They say home is where the heart is. But if you don't have a heart where are you supposed to go then?"

    Surviving the slaughter of his direct family had him put under new care. The cousin of his father would take the young Hakon in. There he continued his education and was raised more strictly than he had been with his direct family. While life was tolerable his uncle was far from pleasant. The young orphan spent his free time studying his father's works, intent on continuing his legacy as doctor. However children from other houses were cruel, only the daughters and sons of Bonteri house did not bother him, at least not to his face. A few were pleasant but only one was his true friend. Her name was Janesarri and they had known each other since they were toddlers. Hakon saw her as a sister and he was the only one he confided in.

    Time would pass and Hakon would grow into a teenager. He would grow to despise his uncle more and more. His strict ways and treatment gnawed at Hakon's pride. In his search for more information on his father he looked into the insurgency. He was not angry at the dead insurgents. He was angry at the Onderon Government. Hakon learned they could have sent in the Mandalorian Mercenaries earlier and could have saved his family. Instead the bureaucracy and politics had tied them up, costing Hakon the lives of his family.

    Now Hakon focused on finding more information on the Mandalorians. Continuing his education he went to Coruscant University, graduating at the top of his class. But he was not done yet. He chose to not return to Onderon. Instead he would track and do his best to find the Mandalorian warband that had been hired over a decade before. It was difficult but Hakon pooled all of his resourced into the endeavor until he eventually was successful.

    The Company of Mercenaries

    "Everything has a price. Men want money, fame, even love. Nature, well she will just take your time, soul and life."

    Finding the Mandalorians was not what Hakon had originally expected. He found them in a rough spot having lost significant numbers in a recent fight. They were not in any mood to deal with anyone from a ten year old job. However Hakon offered his services as a doctor and cybernetic specialist. They agreed and he proceeded to work with them, maintaining their equipment for the following year. He used this time to learn more about them from close proximity. The Mandalorians were all members of clan Tenau or allied members under House Kryze. The ones that had been around for the Onderon engagment confirmed Hakon's suspicions and feelings towards the Onderon governement. The mandalorians had even spoken up during the insurgency letting the nobles know there were lives at stake. This only inflamed Hakon's disdain for the other noble houses he previously aligned with.

    Overtime he would earn the trust and camaraderie with the mandalorians. They adopted him into the clan and warband as a brother. He learned the tricks of the trade and from time to time even going into the field with the others. However he remained primarily on as support, healing the other members of the group.

    On one particular mission they needed to extract information from the opposition. The others had not had much luck in their interrogation so Hakon offered himself as to try. He requested he be left alone for a an hour with the man. The following hour the other mandalorians heard blood curdling screams, begging and other noises one hopes never have to hear come out of another living thing. A few minutes before the hour was up Hakon exited the room and provided the details of the intelligence he gathered. It was during this interrogation that Hakon would first learn of something about him was different. Later on Hakon would realize it may have been his first unintentional use of the force.

    Unifying Transition

    "This may hurt a lot."

    Over time Hakon would continue to spearhead any interrogations the mandalorian outfit needed. His results spoke for themselves though some of the mandalorians that were not part of the clan were unnerved by the methods. In this time he was nicknamed Demagol. The mandalorians would start to work with the Exile faction more and more. He used this time to get random lessons on the force from various Exiles. Spotty and inconsistent he still was able to piece together a moderate amount of skill from the patchwork teachings.

    What he learned was but the tip of the ice berg. One particular Jedi Exile noticed him and took it upon himself to teach Hakon. This somewhat estranged him from other Mandalorians for a time. Years went by and he became skilled in the dark side of thhe force, studying the possibilities of the melding of dark side magick with modern technology. When Leviticus unifed the mandalorians Hakon did not hesitate to accept it and neither did the rest of clan Tenau. Now with the closer relations with the Sith Empire he continued his training until his master considered him strong enough to become a Sith Knight.

    Personality and traits

    No matter his current status in the galaxy Hakon is still significantly influenced by his upbringing. He was raised in the environment of nobility and as such acts the part of a gentleman. Furthermore his father being an accomplished intellectual made others to expect his offspring to share in his genius. Even after the loss of his family Hakon continued this image and took pride in learning a plethora of information in all areas of life. He continues to amass knowledge, from the smallest details of corellian brandy distilleries to the architectural nuances of Alderaanian city structures. This makes him a well informed conversationalist.

    Hakon enjoys solitude and does not require the company of others. He has seemed to forgo the unnecessary presence of crowds since he was a child. He has chosen to be introverted to keep others from making judgments on him and choosing to exclude him. This way he is the one that holds the power. It was a reflex as a child and it is just part of him now. He cannot be hurt by others if he does not let anyone get close.

    While he is comfortable in isolation, reading books and traveling alone, he can be the life of the party if necessary. But he sees social interaction as a means to an end most of the time. Well mannered, even when provoked his wit and insults are usually intelligent and not debased slurs like common everyday civilians might say. Everything Hakon does is above average, even his anger.

    Perhaps one thing that stood out to his master was the dormant fury that was deep inside him. It had been amassing ever since his parents had died and eventually found an exit among the mandalorians. It has twisted him over time and now his instrument with the will of the dark side.

    Hakon is known for his skill at interrogation even though it can be considered cruel and terrfying. He does not take pleasure from wanton pain and torture. It is about control and power, a means to an end. While some people are masochist and like the pain or what they have wrought upon others Hakon is generally indifferent towards it though in the moment he can come off as very passionate.

    He does consider both Onderon to still be a part of him. The same can be said for Clan Tenau and the mandalorians as a whole. However he puts the Sith Empire at the forefront of his agenda for the time being.

    Powers and abilities

    Knowledge is perhaps Hakon's greatest skill. His cunning and tactical knowledge about subterfuge, manipulation as well as the amalgamation of various subjects collected over the years give him an advantage in the general since that few can match. Developed over the years he continues to learn everyday by listening to tapes, studying texts or getting others to research subjects of interest on his behalf. Most particularly is his knowledge of biology and cybernetics. His father being an expert on the matter has him wanting to continue the man's legacy.

    Among the mandalorians he has learned many things but first and foremost is survival. He has plentiful knowledge of physical hardships, the art of being knocked down and getting back up again. Perhaps stubborn to a fault, Hakon does not quit.

    While his force powers are only recently perfected he has a lot of room to learn. While on par with other Sith Knights he is keen to advance them in his power. The same can be said for everything associated with the Sith. His lightsaber skills are only slightly above average given his previous knowledge of combat among the mandalorians. When he does utilize the force extensively his sclera turn black and his irises turn yellow.


    Voice Log: 1200-300-6990

    "Common, get back up. Can't have you bleeding, not that way at least."

    "Nuhnuhnuh. Catch your breath lad. You want a cup of water?"
    "Here ya go."
    "There. Now, where were we?"
    "Ah right, of course. I was about open up your spine. Are you a fan of fortune cookies?"


    Peripheral/Dump Thread
    All weapons have 2 reloads

    Personal posessions:


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