Advanced  Vehicle  Droid H-Type Assault Tank

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    Automatic Conquest Corps.


    Heavy tank.

    Armored assault vehicle.

    Cast kiirium.

    Length - 10 meters.

    1 droid control brain.

    5 Mark II Automatic Conquerors.

    5 standard tons.



    An H-Type Assault Tank with stock specifications can reach up to 35 kph over level ground, and has ponderous maneuvering characteristics.

    • 1x heavy disruptor cannon, mounted in casemate.


    Long ago, in the days before the Republic championed the light of peace and civilization, the empire of the dictator Agorander ruled the stars. Dominating a quarter of the currently known Galaxy, his empire was won - and held - by a nigh unstoppable army called the Automatic Conquest Corps, one of the first and most successful droid armies ever fielded. For centuries, the ACC was rightly feared, and worlds which saw the shadow of its vast transport rockets knew they were doomed.

    But despite the ACC, Agorander's empire eventually fell; rocked by rebellions, the empire contracted to a small collection of systems. The power-mad Agorander dreamed of the day he would reconquer those worlds which had betrayed him, and commissioned an update to his forces, breaking the economies of his remaining subject worlds in an effort to build it. This, ironically, led to the riots which eventually toppled the empire.

    One of the "super-weapons" designed for the planned reconquest was the H-Type Assault Tank, a super-heavy vehicle meant to augment the already formidable power of his new and improved Mark II Automatic Conqueror droids. The H-Type was meant to batter its way through the static fortifications that were a common element of warfare in this period.

    For its time, the H-Type was quite formidable. Thickly armored with blast-proof kiirium, it was basically invulnerable against contemporary weapons, and would probably stand up well even against modern armaments, although they would probably prove only annoyingly durable rather than downright impregnable. Propelled by heavy segmented tracks, the tank had excellent cross-country performance for its day, but was slow and ponderous by modern standards, unable to exceed 35 kph even on level ground.

    The H-Type's main feature was of course its armament, a huge energy cannon similar in design and functionality to modern disruptor weapons. Able to basically ignore armor, it could reportedly reduce a charging platoon of enemy infantry to windblown ash with a single blast, not to mention the crews of pillboxes, repeater nests and enemy vehicles. What did not fall to its blasts was simply crushed beneath its tracks; at 10 meters long and weighing over 200 standard tons, very little could get in its way. Formations of such machines were basically unstoppable, rolling over trenches and mono-wire to punch holes in the enemy lines.

    Like almost all elements of the Automatic Conquest Corps, the H-Type Assault Tank was controlled by an integrated droid brain, adapted from that used by the Mark II Automatic Conqueror infantry droid. This aided in coordination between an H-Type and its supporting infantry, which was vital given the tank's shortcomings.

    Indeed, though massive and extremely powerful, the H-Type Assault Tank did have some flaws. Given that it was designed for frontal assaults against fixed positions, the tank's designers saw no need to incorporate a rotating turret, instead placing the main gun in a casemate-style mount. Although the gun did have some limited traverse from side to side, up and down, it could effectively only shoot at targets that are straight ahead, or else traverse the entire hull. In a frontal assault, this was no great issue, but in other environments it could be a problem, such as dense forests, mountains or urban areas. Because of this, the H-Type relied heavily on infantry support to cover its blind-spots. To ensure this support is always available, the tank did have space for up to 5 Mark II Automatic Conquerors to be carried into battle, as well as up to 5 tons of other cargo.

    In the present day, H-Type Assault Tanks are vanishingly rare. Only relatively small numbers were actively deployed before the fall of Agorander's empire, and even the ruined hull of such a vehicle is considered a priceless antique. Running examples are basically unobtainable, although rumor has it that vast stockpiles were produced and horded on the lost planet Agorax, held in reserve for the reconquest of the empire.

    Restricted. H-Type Assault Tanks are undeniably military vehicles, not to mention technically combat droids, and thus are not generally legal for civilian ownership. Under certain jurisdictions, they would also be considered valuable antiquities.

    To create a tank for use by the Automatic Conquest Corps.

    Yes. This vehicle is inextricably linked to the ACC, and would not likely be allowed to fall into enemy hands without a serious fight. It is likely not possible for any character or faction to acquire one except under extraordinary circumstances. Any plot to acquire one would require at least 5 threads of exceptional difficulty.