Grimem Va'telarum

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    Grimem ”Grim” Va'telarum

    FACTION: Independent
    RANK: Bawse
    SECT: Mercenary
    SPECIES: Bothan
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 40
    HEIGHT: 1.6 Meters
    WEIGHT: 190 lbs
    HOMEWORLD: Bothawui


    • Early Life

      Grimem was born to farmers on his species' homeworld of Bothawui, clan Telarum was henerally ignored by other larger clans and the Va family was ignored even among them. Usually written off as lunatics for their odd ways and urge for adventure, Grimem's father was an inventor of sorts and would always be tinkering with something when he was not working in the fields -usually on something to assist with farming-
      Grim didn’t much care for farming, always running off as a young child to go on his own little adventures -usually just running around and exploring- instead of doing his chores. When he was ten years old Grim’s father began to let him assist with his tinkering, which took his attention from some of his adventures -though he still snuck off to explore and play in his hidden hideaways.

      Teen Years

      Grimem became more responsible as a teen, spending more time helping in the fields and less time exploring -though this was partially because he had already explored pretty much everywhere he could- he also spent much more time in his father's workshop perfecting designs of his own and creating new tools and devices to help his family do their work.
      At the age of eighteen a horrible accident occurred, one of his creations malfunctioned and killed his father. Blamed for his fathers death by his entire family and clan Grimem did the only thing he could think of to try and make up for his horrible mistake. He got a ride off-world and joined the Republic Judicial Forces.

      Service Career

      Grimem started off like any RJF soldier. In basic training. He quickly became an excellent marksman and showed an incredible aptitude for tracking, leading to him being assigned to a special task force that hunted down criminals. After a couple years however he was brought into the Republic Special Forces as an elite sniper.

      During one of his missions against the Exiles he came face to face with the target, only managing to get one shot off before he was struck with force lightning. The lightning caused some of his fur to turn white and grey and he passed out. Once he recovered he found that he looked much older than he was due to the damage the lightning had caused, he also left the forces all together.


      Now Grimem is a mercenary, he likes to use the term freelancer for what he does. He won’t generally work for the Exiles as a faction (he refuses to call them by their new name) though he will take contracts from individual darksiders on a case-by-case basis. He is fully licensed to do his work and to carry any of the weapons and equipment he requires.

    • Grim is a generally easygoing guy, he enjoys drinks and fights and jokes. But if you cross him he will make your life a living hell and -eventually- kill you. He can hold a grudge for years before even considering forgiveness, usually quick witted and sarcastic with his friends and comrades he is generally very respectful to anyone he is having official dealings with or is in a position of authority over him -which is pretty much no one in the case of the latter- he still blames himself for his father’s death but believes that in his time with the Republic he would have made the old Bothan proud and been forgiven.

    • Grimem has thick dark brown fur with patches of white and grey caused by the force lightning that ended his military career. He is of average height and build for his species. He has amber eyes and wears light brown pants, a white shirt and a long green coat from his time with the republic -the patches have been removed but the outlines where they were stitched on remain.- he wears black boots and his armor. He also wears a green cloth bandoleer that he keeps the blaster slugs for his modified Db-70 in and a green cloth belt with a few pouches for ammo and other gear. He keeps his knife sheathed on his lower back, his sniper rifle slung across his back and keeps his modified DB-70 in a thigh holster. He occasionally wears a pair of light brown leather gloves and -when he needs to carry more- a green backpack.

      • Marksmanship ---------|
      • Hand-to-hand combat -------|--
      • Piloting ---------|
      • Mechanical Aptitude ------|---
      • Tactics -------|--
      • Tracking ---------|
      • Survival skills -------|--
      • Trail finding ---------|

      • Bothese ---------|
      • Botha ---------|
      • Wrendui ---------|
      • Galactic Basic --------|-
      • Shyriiwook -----|----
      • Binary ---------|
      • Bocci ---------|
      • Ewokese ---|------

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