Family Great Houses of Serenno

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    The Great Houses of Serenno were the major noble houses that ruled over the planet Serenno. Among the Elder Houses (the galaxy's collective nobility), the houses of Serenno were the richest and had the most influence. However, they were also the most reclusive. Each Great House was led by a "Count," a position which commanded totally respect both on and off of Serenno.

    Known Great Houses:

    • House Comprassi: House Comprassi is one of the oldest known families on Serenno, tracing their roots back over a fifteen hundred years. Their holdings are vast and comprise of entire market districts, vineyards, and shipping companies, to name a few. Because of this, it has been extremely difficult for any other Great House to undermine Comprassi’s authority and influence, and a dangerous House to openly defy.
    • House Demici: House Demici controls a significant portion of Serenno’s banking and finance industries. They are an old family, and used to a life of luxury and worldly pleasures. Whenever galas are thrown for Serenno’s elite, the Demici family can always be counted on to be some of the most lavishly dressed guests. Demici is one of the easier Houses to get in good graces with, but are notorious for being terrifyingly ruthless in executing grudges against those who wrong them.
    • House Nalju: House Nalju’s fortunes took a steep dive once the Jedi conflict erupted. Nalju had been investing large sums of money in shipping and trade enterprises with the Republic for some time. They were unable to divest from their commitments before trade with the Republic ground to a complete halt. House Comprassi poached several of Nalju’s shipping companies at dirt-cheap prices. Some smaller companies vanished, along with their assets, only to reappear under less than legitimate enterprises operated by Nalju.
    • House Palerma: House Palerma has suffered a long period of steady decline over the past century. While Palerma used to be on the leading edge of culture and innovation, their laboratories and research centers have been shuttered and sold. Where science once reigned, people now shop for clothing and food. Great works of art, and entire libraries have been burned or sold to private collections. Only by diversifying into finance, industry, and shipping has House Palerma remained financially solvent.
    • House Vemec: House Vemec is one of the youngest houses, yet their rise to dominance has been ambitious and swift, partially in thanks to their iron-fisted control over many of Serenno’s courts, law enforcement, and mercenary groups. Vemec has been able to rewrite laws, garner favorable court opinions, and use mercenary groups as violent battering rams to problems that can’t be solved in more subtle ways, or by using other Houses. They trade armed strength for favors and (usually) relatively short-lived alliances with other houses.
    • House Dooku: House Dooku is a newcomer, having risen from the ashes of House Teramo, and has quickly become a rising force on the Serenno political field. In its short tenure as a Great House, Dooku has amassed tremendous wealth and has secured political connections on both Coruscant and Korriban, ensuring that it will weather any storm, even one caused by the current civil war.