Sith Empire Gooran Hagba

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    NAME: Gooran Hagba
    FACTION: Old Empire
    RANK: Sith Acolyte
    SPECIES: Chevin
    AGE: 30
    GENDER: Male
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes and trained​

    Gooran is a 2.3m tall 150-kilogram monster. His skin is hard and milky in colour with very light blond hair and black eyes. Gooran likes to wear colour full robes and loose clothing

    Like all Chevin, Gooran is a big brute and strong yet somehow far faster than people think he is. His large size all so means Gooran is able to endure hardship and injuries far better than a weak human. Though a brute Gooran is not stupid and is able to study and plan his actions but he is a bit rash and impulsive. Even by Chevin standard Gooran is not nice. He dislikes all that are weaker than him and sees most as nothing but slaves meant to aid him in his goals. Gooran struggles when it comes to speaking with others due to this

    Many would call Gooran a bully through most, not to his face. In truth, Gooran would not care since he already sees anyone weaker than him as a mere slave or tool to be used. Those stronger than Gooran are obstacles for Gooran to overcome so he can become stronger and have all beneath him as a subject. Gooran only cares about his own survival and is willing to sacrifice everyone for his own plans.

    Gooran hatred for the Imperial Republic is deep. Weak humans dare to not only rule him but think they somehow better means that Gooran takes great pleasure in enslaving them and other. Gooran only follows the leaders of the Old Republic because they can prove they are stronger and for this reason, he all so respects the Mandarlons and kills any he meets in battle rather than enslaving them

    To Gooran there is now only one master he will bow to and that is the darkside of the force. All gooran now does is in the glory of the Darkside

    Born to a small-time clan leader on Vinsoth Gooran was raised from birth to the fact he is better than most and would enforce this fact on those around him regardless if they were Chev or Chevin. It did not take long for Gooran force powers to manifest when in an act of anger Gooran pulled a slave to his hands where he broke her neck. On witnessing this Gooran's Farther contacted the sith academy. If his son would be a sith it would greatly benefit his clan down the line.

    Gooran had a hard day adapting to live in the academy where his status meant nothing. But it did not take the brute long to regain status through power and strength. Though far from the smartest or most skilled Gooran was the strongest in his class by a big margin and he was smart and skilled enough to use that strength and size to ensure himself the best student in his class.

    Following his acceptance as a full-on sith even if it was as an acoylit Gooran returned home. When his father came out to great him Gooran greeted him with a crimson red blade. For Gooran now severed only the darkside and to prove to the Force, to himself he killed the only thing he ever loved. His own family and family name. Now all that was left to him was the dark side.

    Arriving on Korbhan the civil war erupted and Gooran knew what side to follow it was the side the dark side of the force followed. with a new purpose, Gooran readied himself for this war against the weak pretenders.

    Light saber combat. Gooran is far larger than most and uses reach and pure power in combat

    Hand to Hand. few could ever match an adult Chevin in his prime in a physical fight. Able to endure blows and dish them out

    Force powers. Gooran is trained in all basic force powers but focuses on enhancing himself

    Marksmanship. Gooran knows hat way to point a blaster and how to turn the safety off

    Lightsaber Pike. This oversized weapon is able to be used as a blunt weapon even when the blade is not active and most of it is coated with Phiric

    Data pad




    Vector shuttle

    Custome ranger speeder bike
    Built for Goorans size

    5u droid called 5U-1G or just 1G
    Primarily armed with a javelin light repeater and 3 extra mags


    Drenk a chev slave mechanic


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    Tagging @Sreeya for the lols.

    But Christ, he's big. Nine feet, 550 pounds... and that profile picture is terrifying.

    Tagging @Malon for thoughts.
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    Chevin are big. I am actually not sure how heavy a 3m beast like this should be. I was actually thinking making him 350kg since they wide as while as tall
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    He is pretty large for a Chevin. Almost twice the size of a normal one. That will cause complications for you if he ever enters PvP. I'd recommend reducing his size and weight a bit. Check Wookieepedia for more concrete details on what is average for this species!

    Tag me when edits have been made.
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