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    The doors to the shuttle opened, and Keth stepped out into the brightly lit bay that she called her front doorstep. She ran a hand through her hair and soaked in the familiar sight. The mission had been a success--with a few near misses, to be sure, but still a success. Nonetheless, the Chiss apprentice was glad to be back at the Jedi training base he had come to love.

    His Jedi master simply patted Keth on the back and walked past him to meet up with the other Jedi. Keth looked past him to see an even more welcome sight coming toward him. He didn't realized quite how much he had missed his friend until he was right in front of him. Keth rushed forward to meet the friendly face in an enthusiastic greeting.

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    Another day at the training base. Although he rarely returned here for much training nowadays, Vardon still came back to learn from other padawans or even knights if they had the time. Speaking to them and exchanging stories often seemed to give him information which he would find useful sooner or later. Sometimes, the Thyferran would even consider sparring, although those occasions were more rare. After having spent some time in the library, he considered returning back to the Solange and started walking towards the hangar at a leisurely pace. The large freighter was, naturally, in orbit of the planet whilst the Leger was docked nearby. Upon entering the large hangar, he saw his smaller light freighter to the left and a shuttle which had just arrived to the right.

    Curious to see who the new arrivals could be, Vardon approached the other vessel. Dressed in a fluffy white shirt, his lightsaber and two vibroknives which hung at the belt were barely covered beneath it. Numerous people stepped out of the shuttle, making the young man slow down as he observed the people who disembarked from the ship. He seemed to recognize a few of the faces, many of whom seemed rather busy or having their minds set on other things. He did, however, see a young Pantoran. The blue-skinned alien was rushing towards him happily, or at least so he thought - they could also be looking for someone behind him.

    With and outstretched arm, Galland waved at the approaching figure. Thinking that he remembered them from his time on Jedha. "Hey!" he exclaimed happily, clearly affected by the other padawan's enthusiasm. "How has your day been?" he asked, returning to his usual calmer manner whilst keeping a friendly tone and smiling and them kindly.