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    Ve'vut Ol'averde Karamylir
    Gold Company is a Mandalorian commercial raiding group that operates under the Mandalorian Government in an effort to negatively impact the Republica and Old Empire's ability to wage war. Gold Company can be found operating in several Sith held sectors of space and within the borders of companies who choose to supply the Sith with business agreements. Capable raiders in both space and on the ground they serve in a versatile role and as such are an effective fighting force taking the conflict closer to the Sith everyday.
    Gold Company first came to prominence during time of rebellion in which the Mandalorian people stood and fought the Sith to reclaim their independence. Gold Squadron, at the time was a fighter wing assigned to the planetary defense force and stationed within The Indomitable and at the time was a secret just like the corvette and its battle group. Built and assembled in hiding the Mandalorian's had prepared for open warfare with the Sith in their system and the time had come to show them they could and would force the Sith to retreat from Mandalorian space.

    Throughout the fighting The Indomitable suffered heavy damages and its bridge took a direct hit when its shields sustained too much strain and failed. The hit killed the captain and the battle groups leadership, but they managed to fight on and rally as reinforcing ships arrived and Gold Squadron led the attacks on the enemy flagship; it caused the enemy to retreat. In the time the battle group had to lick its wounds and assess the situation, the order was given that Gold Squadron's leader would be assuming command of The Indomitable once repairs had been made and it was ready to fight again.

    Once Sith forces had been pushed from the Mandalore System and the ship had been repaired, Gold Squadron and its raiding group was tasked with the disruption of local enemy supply lines. They were given direction for how to conduct their operations and Gold Squadron's leader was officially made the Tom'yc Al'verde and the raiding group was aptly named Gold Company in honor of his fighter wing who still serves as the support wing today.

    As part of the directive from the Mandalorian government, this organized raiding group's task is to disrupt the Republica and Old Empire's ability to make war on one another and Mandalore. With that in mind Gold Company only targets official supply convoys and shipments from those who choose to sell their equipment and goods to the two Sith factions, labeling the targets as 'war profiteers' before striking against them.

    Gold Company always looks to minimalize civilian casualties when striking against shipments and planetary targets. However they have a reputation for not taking prisoners and employing guerrilla tactics, faking distress signals, commandeering civilian vessels and many more ethically grey strategies in order to strike blows to the Sith war efforts.
    Gold Company enlists a wide variety of ship crew members alongside fighter pilots and bomber crews, but shows distinction among rank among its Privateers due to the need for a more granular approach to leadership when in the thick of combat.
    • Karamylir - a fully trained Mandalorian Marauder who has been trained since birth (or adoption) in the Mandalorian culture and religion. Karamylir in particular are well trained in a variety of combat forms, including how to effectively counter Force abilities, boarding operations, small unit tactics, hit and run style combat and many more skills that apply to the type of fighting that commercial raiding requires.
    • Ram'ika Alor - members of Gold Company who have shown potential as leaders both in and out of combat, well known faces around the ships and on the ground who can always be counted on to get the job done. Tacticians and feared warriors these Mandalorians can be identified by the Gold Company sigil sported on the left shoulder armor or helmet in place of the typical Mythosaur skull.
    • Alor'ad - these few individuals are responsible for a vast group of men and equipment, they either captain one of the four ships in the raiding group or are in command of one of the sections of raiders. They have been with Gold Company for a considerable amount of time or have influenced it in such a way that they have warranted the honor and distinction of leading a sizable force within the organization.
    • Tom'yc Al'verde - commander of the raiding group and leader of all ground forces, this person is directly responsible for all raiding activities and the procurement of new ships and soldiers to maintain peak mission efficiency. They maintain a direct line of communication with top Mandalorian military officials and are always ready to prep the attack group for its next tasking.
    Tom'yc Al'verde: NPC
    Alor'ad: NPC Ship Captains / NPC Section Leaders
    Ram'ika Alor: NPC's
    Karamylir: NPC's
    Gold Company being an officially sanctioned privateering group, they retain the ability to dock for repair and resupply within Mandalorian Space like all other naval vessels.
    Physical Locations
    Permanent Docking/Landing Space (Keldabe City, Mandalore)
    Company Barracks (Above Mandalore)
    Flagship: Nynir-Class Corvette Indomitable
    2x Starfighters (MM5, MM8, MM9)
    1x K/M Shuttle
    54 Naval Personnel
    15 Privateers

    Gold Company was created to give Mandalorian characters an outlet to participate in the more uncommon space combat (PvP/PvE) and the ability to freely interact with PC’s from houses that would otherwise be at odds outside of a formal structured organization. The group also retains the ability to be used as a backdrop piece in larger site events or as the enemy of the warring factions present in threads/mission packs/plots (etc.) It also adds to building out a side of the Mandalorian faction we do not get to see, being the naval arm of the people.

    Also by starting small it gives those who wish to be involved somewhere to see their actions pay off as the groups assets grow with completion of tasks and time.
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    I really like the write up alot. My only suggestion would be less assets. I'm in a new Rebel cell and half the fun is acquiring all of the assets. I understand how it was set up, but for it to be fairly new, it should be pretty limited in its assets.

    But that's just my opinion.
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