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 Canon Gizer

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    Astrographical information

    Grid coordinates
    Rotation period
    Orbital period
    Expansion Region
    Lantillian sector
    Gizer system
    24 standard hours
    365 standard days

    Physical information

    Primary terrain
    Points of interest
    Native flora
    13,498 kilometers
    Type I (Breathable)
    Deserts, Volcanic
    Gizer Trading Hub

    Societal information

    Native species
    Primary language(s)
    Major cities
    Various alien creatures
    Trade Council

    Excerpt · Description · History · Inhabitants · Flora & Fauna · Intent

    Gizer was a planet known for very little. It only had two things that made it worthy of a name at all. First of all, Gizer stood along the Perlemian Trade Route. With that comes a certain level of activity due to the number of ships that pass by it en route to more well known locations. The second thing that Gizer is known for is the only reason anyone ever bothers to stop, other that refueling. Gizer is famous for Gizer Ale. It is a strong drink that can only be made thanks to the specific liquids and gases that had developed under the volcanic planet's surface.



    Gizer is a hot, hostile planet that is nearly impossible to live on outside of the established Gizer Trading Hub. Most of the terrain is rocky and dry, dotted with geysers that spew hot blue liquid from underneath the planet's surface. This liquid is not toxic and tastes wonderful, but it has little nourishment for those other than the natural creatures that have adapted to use it as a source of sustenance. Touching this liquid as it spews forth causes serious burns that can even kill someone if they hit a vital part of their body because of just how hot it is.

    The planet is also home to many volcanoes that are spread out over the planet's surface. Many fo them are active, thought hey do no erupt with the same blue liquid. Molten rock and magma tinted slightly by the naturally occurring liquid leave the volcanoes when they do erupt and they wipe out all life around them each time they do thanks to the ash that rains down fromt eh sky and chokes the life out of creatures foolish enough to be close to them. The ever erupting volcanoes and the cooling magma that they emit constantly change the landscape of the planet with each new eruption.

    Far enough away from the these volcanoes are deserts that stretch on for as far as the eye can see at times. The Gizer Trading Hib is located in one of these yellow-sanded deserts, and though the geysers are less frequent in these areas, they still exist in smaller amounts. The edges of these deserts are almost always surrounded by small mountains that eventually lead to the barren landscapes of the volcano spotted lands.


    Gizer's history is short and sweet. When the Perlemian Trade Route was established, Gizer started off an a simple stop along the way that could anchor ships to the safest hyperspace lanes to travel. Thanks to the popularity of the route, many ships passed by the Gizer system, and eventually someone decided to take advantage of that. The young entrepreneur from Corellia laid the foundations of the Gizer trading hub, initially advertising it as a refueling station for ships travelling across the galaxy. Word of the station spread, and piece by piece the small refueling station grew into a trade hub that smugglers and legitimate merchants alike used as a stop on their long journeys.

    As more and more businesses cropped up, a certain woman that had opened a cantina at the Gizer Trading Hub discovered the delicious and completely safe nature of some of the liquid that spewed out of the geysers on the surface of Gizer. With a newfound secret ingredient, the woman opened up an official brewery and began creating Gizer ale. It is a well known and expensive ale that can be found all over the galaxy now, though not many people have every even laid eyes on the once humble trading post where it was discovered.

    Since then, the Gizer Trading Hub has grown. There are many merchants, multiple massive brewing facilities, and a big enough poert for ships of all kind that wish to stop for some respite on the ironically hostile planet. A small council made up of the wealthiest merchants at the Hib known as the Trade Council govern the Trading Hub and hired muscle makes up all of the security on the planet. Some people arrive at the Trading Hub and run off into the wilderness to live solitary lives, but it is a hard life that usually ends in a quick death because of the climate and the creatures that prowl the land.


    Very few would call themselves "inhabitants" of Gizer. Some people live on the planet thanks to the stop on the Perlemian Trade Route, but the Gizer Trading Hub is only home to enthusiastic brewers, merchants, and people who are just trying to get away from the prying eyes of the Sith. It makes for an excellent place to disappear for a while, and those hiding out have enough good drink to forget about what chased them there in the first place.

    Some alien creatures that can survive the harsh climate of Gizar make their homes in the arid wilderness. Most of them are carnivorous, surviving off of smaller creatures or people that venture too far away from the trading hub and try to make a live for themselves in the few villages that dot the surface of the planet.

    Flora & Fauna

    Some alien creatures that can survive the harsh climate of Gizar make their homes in the arid wilderness. Most of them are carnivorous, surviving off of smaller creatures or people that venture too far away from the trading hub and try to make a live for themselves in the few villages that dot the surface of the planet. Plants are few and far between, and none of them are nourishing due to the volcanic nature of the planet. The only exception to this are the cacti that grow int he deserts that are far enough away from the volcanoes and geysers on the surface.


    Gizer was fleshed out here since the only canon and legends information about it is that it is on a major trade route and is good for making ale. Bringing some established history and lore for the planet will allow for better plot use and expansion in the future. I plan to use this planet myself in upcoming plots as well, so it will not go to waste.
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