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    ► 29
    ► Rodian
    ► 1.64m
    ► 142lbs
    ► Blue
    ► N/A
    ► Rodia
    ► Male
    ► Independent
    ► Level 1
    ► No
    Born and raised on Rodia, Kodee fell into the life that many Rodians find themselves. The apex hunter. His young adult life was spent exclusively on the jungle world, where he trained under his father as a bounty hunter, though often found ways to disappoint him. It quickly became apparent that Kodee was special, only in subjects that he considered special. His ability with a blaster, camouflage, and disguise drew praise and condolences, while his hand to hand combat, linguistics, and basically everything else drew laughter and humiliation. Kodee never seemed to really notice as he continued about with things he found interesting.

    It wasn't only his lack of certain bounty hunting basics that drew criticism, instead it was his personality and decisions that drew it. Known to wonder around in dresses, or swap several home made wigs a day just to mix it up he quickly stood out as an odd ball.

    In his young adulthood he left Rodia under the lie of becoming a bounty hunter. While in reality his true aims was to leave his apex society for something more of his interests. However this quickly became more challenging than he had originally thought. Working as a cook in a variety of worlds never left him with enough credits to live on, and quickly found himself becoming destitute. In an effort to keep his head above water he fell back into his only other known skill.

    Taking some lesser jobs to supplement his income the bounty hunter life was proving to be even less fruitful than his fruit salad. His break came when he met up and took a job with several others under the code name "Su'na Invasion". The job was little compared to others in the galaxy, but after getting captured and then making off with a mark and several gallons of contraband liquor they were able to make enough money reasonably split. Now working with the same group Kodee finds himself still looking for his big break, but until then the credit come at the end of his long rifle.

    "Kodee" is of average height for a Rodian, though leaning towards the taller side. Likewise his weight is of average, though where some Rodians are trained killing machines with rippling muscles, Kodee has enjoyed to much of his own cooking for such a thing. While not overly fat, no one would mistake him for a bodybuilder either. His skin tone is a lighter green, with yellow striations across his body. He has no hair, but a fondness for wigs in which he favors brighter colors. As for his eyes they are a very bright blue, so bright that if one is close enough they can see their own reflection, the absence of any iris making the bright color more than a little disconcerting. With the yellows and bright blues, his colors seem at home with the jungle world Rodia matching a more venomous creature.

    As for dress, Kodee has taken a liking to fancy clothes, wigs, and jewelry when he can get his suction cups on them. Times being what they are however, these have come few and far between. Matching his personality, while his fancier attire might be perfectly pressed, the flight suit he is often forced to adorn hasn't seen a scrubbing in several missions.

    Chaotic is the best description of Kodee's personality. Looking for a good time, and making rash decisions has led him to trouble on more than one occasion. Often times picking the most fun or interesting option rather than the simplest. Often changing topics mid conversation, or announcing something that was better left unannounced. His raising in Rodia however did not fully come without its influence. When Kodee seeks out a mission, or a skill that he finds of interest/worth he will not cease until he has mastered it. The only downside to this for his parents, was that after he had mastered his rifle his next interest was cooking.

    A large flirt Kodee has been known to flirt with anyone, and on more than one occasion anything in the event of some unlucky droids. Feeding into his chaotic nature he simply finds the act fun whether he is actually interested or not. Coming with this come a streak of vanity for his equipment and property. While he has maybe let his personal appearance go, his knives, blasters, and bike maintain a certain amount of care rarely matched.[/justify]

    Kodee is an excellent marksman, and is able to utilize a variety of firearms for his aim. His focus has always been towards using firearms from a variety of cultures and manufactures. An excellent negotiator, Kodee is usually able to charm individuals or able to find out information that he is out for. Finally, he is excellent at stealth, hiding and finding his perch to snipe, slight of hand, etc. As bounty hunter he relies on taking out his target either from a distance or without them knowing.

    As for weaknesses Kodee lacks any real coordination in hand to hand fighting. useless with a vibro sword, and even more so fisticuffs. Kodee lacks a lot of technical knowledge. While he is a good pilot and shot, he has to rely on others to fix broken pieces. His other weakness is that he has never spent much time learning languages or other cultures. This leads him to often lacking decorum around other species, or simply knowing the location of worlds. His language abilities are severely limited to droid, Rodian, and galactic common.

    Finally, both a strength and weakness is his chaotic nature. This can lead him to be unpredictable and escape situations in ways his opponents would never guess. However, this can at times lead him to picking actions that have high risk and low reward merely because of the "fun of it"

    What has set Kodee apart as a bounty hunter is his marksmanship. Not only with a rifle, but also blasters he very rarely misses his mark. Able to pick up a variety of firearms, he almost has a 6th sense on their use and firing capabilities. Along with this his is piloting abilities. His keen eyes have aided him in putting ships where others wouldn't have tried it, though he's paid in one or more paint jobs for it. His final most impressive skill, is his ability to cook. His current fascination and long con obsession he is well practiced in many otherworldly delicacies. This has given him mastership in preparing and serving, though fitting into his bounty hunter line he has learned to hide the taste of more than one poison.

    With his positives there are also negatives. Always having found marksman ship fun and enjoyable, he poured many hours into their practice. That being said, his abilities to throw hands leave more than to be desired for. Preferring to be hidden, or very far away from the mark until they are subdued, if he is caught up close and unable to shoot he finds himself less than worthless. He also finds his mechanical abilities to be subpar outside of polish and making things look pretty.

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    Completed and reposted for approval in appropriate section. This topic is now void as I added and changed a lot of information in the official post