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    Hello, new fellow here.

    Found this mainly through Google when I was curious if there were any Star Wars forum rp going on and lo and behold this site was the first on the list. Probably because it literally has Star Wars rp in the name. I've been a fan of Star Wars stuff since I was a kid (Like many here I imagine) and I am largely a fan of the the Legends era of Star Wars although I do like some of the new 'Canon' (mostly later seasons of Clone Wars).

    My joining here was an impulse admittedly but I hope its an impulse that pays off. Time is not exactly a luxury I have however and such its quite possible any RP I do is slow-moving. Regardless I hope to get along with you all and see if this is the place for me.

    Thank you and best regards,
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    Welcome! If you need anything or have any questions just let us know :)
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    Welcome to Fires of Rebellion! Looking forward to RPing with ya.

    And psst! Join the rebellion, we have malfunctioning assassin droids who think they're 18th century aristocrats cookies.
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