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 Fynn Draygo

Discussion in 'Character Archives' started by Wit, Dec 15, 2018.

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    Biographical information​

    6929 BBY

    Physical description​

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color
    1.87 meters
    92 kilograms

    Chronological & political information​


    Sith Empire
    Annileen Thaney

    Fynn Draygo

    Sometimes a hypocrite is little more than a man trying to change.

    Fynn Draygo is a human male soldier from Coruscant and a former officer in the Imperial Navy who became a smuggler and freelance pilot after witnessing the destruction of Medriaas at the hands of the Empire. Hailing from a family claiming heritage from one of the First Sith, and loyal Imperials for generations, he left the Empire when he was forced to choose between the loyalty his family had known for so long, and the principles that loyalty was based on.

    His eyes opened to the true nature of the Empire, and realizing the role he played in some of the atrocities committed in the name of the Empire, he is trying to make amends and live a better life. He has wandered around the Galaxy and done his best to help those he can, with each passing day walking further away from the man he loathed.


    Fynn was born into a family of life-long Imperials, hard working middle-class people who believed in the Empire and the opportunities it presented. Many a Draygo had served in some branch of the Imperial government and through hard work and dedication earned success and recognition. It was on this belief of freedom and opportunity of all that the family's loyalty to the Empire was born. Fynn grew up learning this same loyalty, a sense of belief that the Empire stood for something good. So it came as a surprise to no-one when he applied to the Imperial academy as soon as he was old enough.

    He did well at the academy, graduating top of his class and earning a commission like he had always wanted to. Life was playing out just as he planned, and he was well on his way to earning a command of his own when rumors started to reach his ears. There was unrest in the Mandalorian sector, supposed rebellion brewing in the Core Worlds, whispers of the return of the Jedi, and worst off all was talk of a schism forming between Coruscant and Korriban. Fynn ignored most of it, almost turning a blind eye to what someone like him should have noticed. But as with most things, it is often easy to ignore something till it happens to you.

    In hindsight he should have noticed that the Empire was not what he had once thought it to be, what he had hoped it to be. It was only after Medriaas was bombarded by the Imperial fleet that his eyes were opened to the truth. There were attempts to cover up what had happened on Medriaas, but Fynn had been assigned to the fleet that blockaded Medriaas and there to witness it first hand when the bombardment began, and the truth forever etched into his mind.

    For a while he tried to make excuses for what had happened, coming up with some rationale for why the Emperor had done what he had done. But ultimately he realized that there was no way that he could justify what had happened. He had been avoiding coming to the realization that the Empire was not what he had thought it to be, and with his parents long gone, he had been scared to lose the one remaining constant in his life. But seeing the powers on Coruscant and Korriban treat Medriaas as nothing but piece on a sabbac board, he finally realized the Empire his family had lived for was dead.

    He resigned his commission, and taking what savings he had, bought a ship and began wandering across the Galaxy to seek something to fill the void that had been left in his life after losing almost everything he had cared for. It was during his wandering that he stumbled upon other refugees from Medriaas, left homeless like him with nowhere to go to. In helping them he finally felt some semblance of satisfaction, and finally realized what he could do with his life. The Empire he had believed in might not exist, but that did not mean that he could not live life to those ideals. Since then he has sought out others like him, survivors of Medriaas with nowhere to go, and tried to help them as best as he can. Along the way he has helped those he can, running into some of the rebels he had once only heard rumor off, though despite sharing many ideals with them, he has refused to officially join them. For now his path lies firmly in the establishment of a new home for what remains of the rag-tag population of Medriaas.

    Personality and traits

    Somebody has to start. Somebody has to step forward and do what is right, because it is right.

    Fynn is a roguish, lazy, and somewhat immature young man, his life experiences having made it hard for him to trust others and specially those in a position of authority. He is a gambler, and more often than not his love of gambling and drinking (often both at the same time) lands him in a great deal of trouble. But below the external facade of charm and brevity there is a man weighed down by guilt, and a strong desire to change himself.

    Powers and abilities

    As a former member of the Imperial navy, Fynn underwent extensive training and a great deal of education to reach that position. He is well informed about the inner workings of the Imperial Armed forces, and as used that knowledge to make himself a somewhat successful smuggler. He is a good pilot, a brilliant shot, and possesses a degree of luck and instinct that has made it possible for him to survive many a fight that he had no right surviving.

    Blastech DH-7 Pistol - 3 cartridges
    Blastech R5 Pistol - 3 cartridges

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    @Dread I just made a small edit to the profile to fix something I just caught. I had originally written his parents being on Medriaas during the bombing and him being on call with them when it happened and that's how he knew it really happened. That was part of his original bio, I had changed his bio to make him be from Coruscant and forgot to edit how he knew Medriaas really happened. Now he was on board one of the ships in the blockade and that's how he saw it happen, instead of via a call with his parents. Everything else is untouched.