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    Nick walked into the Casino, smiling as he tightly gripped his case of credits. Today was going to be his lucky day, or Mr. Yorkis’s lucky day should Nick lose the betting money to the Casino. But Nick was an excellent gambler. He was even better when he was cheating, but tonight he would’nt be cheating, there were harsh punishment that were dealt to those who cheated. Instead Nick would gamble against the slightly altered games with luck. It didn’t matter whether he lost or won, what mattered was surveying the Casino, while looking completely inconspicuous. He had heard the rumors of bad things that happened inside the Casino. Walking up to the exchange booth, he slid his case through the steel gate, and waited to receive his chips. The accountant lady smiled, took the case and went to the back room. Then, out of the back door, one of the floor managers appeared with a big burly security man holding a case filled with Nick’s chips. The manager handed Nick the case, and also handed him a data card. “Complements of the House, happy gambling.” Nick accepted the gift, nodded, and walked towards the gaming tables, pocketing the keys to his free suite room. He was starting to actually like this place. What a shame for it to have to go all down he thought, as he chose a table, and watched.

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