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 Reviewed Forging the Forge

Discussion in 'Completed Plots' started by Nefieslab, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Character Name and Link: @Lucian Volante
    Character Level: 3
    Character Rank: Jedi Knight
    Name of Plot: Forging the Forge
    Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Ralaa Talus @Marina Giulestei @Austin Wolfe @Galahad Vult
    Intended Outcome of Plot: Lucian Volante and Ralaa Talus (and maybe other Jedi) will gather a stockpile of materials and tools for constructing lightsabers and hide them away for future generations of Jedi to find.
    Actual Outcome of Plot: Materials were stockpiled and a lightsaber forge was created in a hidden location.
    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved?
    If yes, please highlight the relevant threads below
    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:
    Lore for the Forge submitted to @Malon
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    Love the set-up for the next timeline. I'm excited to see where it goes from there!

    Credits dispersed.
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