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    Sometimes when a force sensitive has a child, they are born as a Force blank. Those who are force blank are an abnormality; cut off from the force. Its doesn't flow through them and they are not connected to it. As a child, a force blank would have trouble feeling or expressing any emotion. Their eye sockets would be dark and their skin paler and clammy. Growing up, the person will seem cold and disconnected. This does however develop a sense of focus and logical thinking in the individual. Being cut off from the force does have a number of benefits and drawbacks.

    -Someone who is force blank has their mind cut off from the force. This means their mind is safe from detection and manipulation though use of the force. Force sensitives are unable to use their abilities to mind trick Force blanks and cannot sense their presence. This also applies to seeing a Force blank's future or futures which they are a part of. This lack of connection to the force can create invaluable advantages to those who wish to kill force sensitives through stealth.

    -Those who are Force blank can often be cold and emotionless. This makes it a lot easier for them to focus and learn new skills. They can also become excellent tacticians as their emotions do not hinder their decision making. Having little to no emotion is also an advantage when it comes to trauma or blackmail. It is very rare to see a Force blank develop mental issues because of events they have witnessed or even caused themselves.

    -Despite Force blanks being cut off from the force, they can still be effected by physical manifestations of it. This applies to force lightning, pushing, telekinesis, blasts, ect. Pushing a Force blank with the force will have the same effect on them as any other person. Hitting them with lightning will still char flesh.

    -As mentioned above, Force blanks are very likely to have suppressed or no emotions. While this is can be a boon, it can also make them very unpopular and even hated. It is very difficult for someone who is Force blank to trust another being, let alone form any kind of relationships. This makes Force blanks very lonely people which can make them vulnerable and often outnumbered.

    -One of the prerequisites of a child being born as a Force blank is that one or both of the parents are Force sensitive. In a normal case the child will also be Force sensitive and can be taught to control their abilities. Force blanks, however can never be sensitive to the force, despite having parents who are. This means they cannot learn the wide variety of skills and abilities they would normally have access to.
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    Unfortunately i'm going to have to Reject this submission. As far as we are aware in Canon, connection to the force is crucial to life. The Yuuzhan Vong are Legends, and there is no other precedent in canon for someone to be "dead" in the force.