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    Former Imperial Shipyard 2A7, Planet Mon Cala, Calamari Sector

    “Make sure to work those kriffing Fishes until they drop dead. If any of them get out of line execute on the spot. I don’t care how you do it.”

    Overseer Ionia Ro sat in her office with utter shock before the hologram of her superior. Admiral Sozen was proving to be a stubborn man when it came to priorities.

    “Lord Protector I understand the need to make some examples and staying true to the Empire. However, we need to have at least some of the workers alive to help us keep building and repairing ships.”

    Shaking her head she added

    “Killing them all off would set back production for months if not years.”

    The warlord’s tone grew colder as he retorted. “Spare me the useless commentary. They will be replaced with droids soon enough. Do as I command or you will share their fate.”

    A shiver went down Ro’s spine before she readily nodded. “Understood. It shall be done milord.”

    Once the hologram turned off the overseer slumped in her chair. For the hundredth wondered she ended up in this mess. For the first time Ionia muttered a curse toward the Sith.

    I had a good job here until the disbandment. Now I’m taking orders from a mad man. At least we made sure the workers are isolated and not aware of what’s happening down below. They need to be eliminated the truth is found out.

    As she was thinking of that, several transports under limited fighter escort flew toward the shipyard’s hanger bay. Supposedly the transports carried new equipment and droids for production. In reality the ships had been recently hijacked and carried rebel troops instead.

    Their objective, secure the shipyard for the Mon Cala and rescue the local workers held captive there.

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    The transports made a controlled landing in the hangar bay and everything seemed like it had been going for the past decades, but as the Imperial inspector and hangar crew lined up to take the transport's cargo they were greeted by a closed ramp. The inspector was visibly ignored, "What's this? Another cheap hire that can't find the kriffing ramp button?" he cried in a mild anger that nevertheless turned his face pink.

    Davis stood on the other side of the ramp, holding his pistol and breathing irregularly. They were about to finally strike against the Empire in a way he'd been waiting for for years. Only, wait- he turned his head slowly and noticed the button that controlled the ramp. Oh! They were all waiting on him! He was the cheap hire. Hitting the button with his right elbow, Davis opened the comms to the raiding party that was scattered over the transports. "Showtime"

    The ramp seemed to lower at an embarrassingly slow speed and yet the rebels in his transport managed to shoot before the gathered Imperials quite realized what was happening. Davis had been too late to down the inspector, but fired twice at an approaching officer of inventory and killed him.

    Their surprise attack was an astonishing success -so far- and in the moment of calm before the rebels scattered through the shipyards in search of Imperials to kill, Davis hailed two from his own transport (@Darius @S K I P S). "Let's get to the control room and shut off the defensive cannons." That way the Rebel fleet could get in close enough to load parts, fuel and foodstuffs to their desire.

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    Jarrefre in his seat thumbing a necklace his mother made for him before he left to become a Jedi, it seemed like only yesterday he was just taking his first flight lesson, now he was a party to a station-wide culling of empire personnel. Jarrefre knew the empire needed to be stopped, but from what his research he felt the main enemy was not the people but the doctrine that was used since they were born. These thoughts left Jarrefre conflicted, few had suffered more or as much than the people of Mon Cala, their fleet yards were priceless to anyone who wanted to bite a chunk out of the galaxy, for the success they had been subject to many horrors. Jarrefre would do everything he could to make sure the shipyard came under GA control, while they were not perfect themselves they would at least not turn the guns on the people as they retreated.

    Landing on the shipyards was surprisingly easy, and form the looks on the faces of his fellow attackers, many must have expected to be blown into stardust. Jarrefre made his way to the front of the group and ignited his green lightsaber in front of him, ready to defend his comrades if the hatch was charged. The ramp dropped slow, once Jarrefre could move he stormed down and cut a blaster out of a solders hand as he began shouting orders to cordon off the area; if anything was to go wrong this sip would be the best place to deal with the wounded until they could get access to the infirmary. Jarrefre turned around as an older man offered a very good idea to deal with the defensive systems of the station, "Agreed, we can deal with the internals defensive systems as well." Jarrefre nodded as he followed behind the man lightsaber in hand. This plan would give them more breathing room all over the station, and hopefully, make the entire attack go a lot smoother.

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