Firaxa Seafront

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    Firaxa Seafront was the name of the building and office complex from which the galactic holding company known as 'The Exchange' was operated. A small cluster of offices, it was in effect a corporate head office that served the legal and illegal undertakings of the criminal network. Its main business focused around the administation of the companies the Exchange controlled, and it was therefore staffed with adminstrative and legal personnel, doing a large number of reasonably mundane jobs.

    Spread over several levels, the building commences on the ground floor, which is sealed behind a simple glass door bearing the Exchanges logo. Once inside, a small lobby, and a receptionist can be seen, with two doors at the back wall, leading upstairs and downstairs respectivly. Downstairs can be found an underwater observation deck, and meeting room - which is normally used to impress visitors, whilst on the first floor can be found mundane office space.

    The second floor is the location of the CEO's office, and their supporting staff, as well as a board room - all coming with encrypted long-range communication equipment. On the third floor can be found a large gallery, which contains some artwork, and the history of the company, whilst on the roof the CEO and other executives landing pad can be found, alongside a communications dish.

    Like most corporate offices, it is staffed by employees and droids during the day, with corporate security and the local law enforcement protecting it when a call in is made. At night, it has a night guard, and cleaners coming in to do their jobs. Other than that, it is pretty unremarkable.


    To provide a place of work, and meeting point, as well as HQ for the Exchange, serving as a 'legit business' office on Manaan.

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    @vamp as Exchange FL.

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