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    Fenris are smaller sized humanoids, characterized by their vulpine anatomy. Their anatomy includes pointed ears that stand erect on their heads, fur on their heads instead of hair and three long bushy tails said to be for balance purposes. Usually standing between 4 to 5 feet.

    Males are slightly taller than females, however both genders have very high metabolisms and lithe frames from favoring vegetation over meat. While they're on the smaller side, they're double-jointed and fast to make up for the disadvantage.

    The species has very fair features; light brown or white skin, fur colors ranging between pure white, platinum blond to copper. Their eyes are red, white, yellow or light blue. They mature at eighteen years old and most live until their eighties with a very rare few making it to one hundred.


    They require a male and female to reproduce offspring and mature sexually at eighteen years old. By their forties females start to lose the ability to reproduce and by or before fifty they go into menopause and lose it completely. They're able to reproduce with some species that are compatible with the vulpine gene, which excludes felines. While not all of their vulpine genes are dominate, their smaller size and tails are almost always passed on to offspring of mixed heritages for generations after the original pairing. It is dangerous for a female to procreate with a larger male outside of their species as there can be complications at birth.


    The species does not have very many strengths, but they're fast and double-jointed making them flexible. Mixed with their good hearing and for some their ability in the Force, they're hard to catch. Originally developed in order to run away from larger species.


    Since they evolved deep in the forests of Celanon and set up most of their homes in caves and burrows, the species have an under developed melanosome, which is a celanon organelle and the site for synthesis, storage and transport of melanin. This means they're sensitive to sunlight as melanin protects skin from the ultra-violet radiation in sunlight.

    While the species have a strong metabolism, they're on the smaller side and do not develop much muscle mass.


    Fenris are omnivores and scavengers, willing to eat whatever they come across. Though on their home world a large amount of their diet consists of vegetables and fruits due to how readily available it is.


    Usually not aggressive, but they tend to be more wary and could even be considered skittish. Oftentimes they're full of energy and like to keep themselves busy with something, even if it's as simple as fidgeting with an item in their hands.


    They're capable of speaking basic without any limitations. Most fenris speak the language of whatever world they grow up on, but on their home world they have a language called Ky'lua. A decent amount of it includes chattering and grunts.


    The fenris society is primitive and clan based. They live in caverns and burrows deep in the forests of Celanon. Their principal occupation is to gain a better rank in their clan's hierarchy and to stay alive. They have no trust or interest in outsiders; though they're not aggressive towards outsiders and prefer to avoid or run from them if possible.

    But after being discovered by aggressive off-worlders a large amount of their species were trapped and enslaved due to their aesthetics, then sold across many worlds. Now many fenris do not have any connection to their home world or culture, instead speaking or accepting whatever language and traditions the world they grew up on has.


    There is very little recorded history of the species, as the species itself never developed a written language. What is known is they lived for a very long time separate from any other humanoid species in an extremely xenophobic society.

    While the species itself are more skittish than anything, they have been aggressive towards one another in the past. There are tales of great wars between clans over land and resources. Not only for the land and resources themselves but the power it gave their clans.

    However, sometime in their history peace was forged between the clans that survived war and it lasted. War however was the least of their worries as an unrecorded invading species discovered the Fenris soon after and came to the conclusion that they'd make them bank on the slave market. As the Fenris were feral and so they did not have energy weapons or any advanced technology, they were easily captured and forced into slavery.

    Now the large majority of Fenris are either slaves or free decedents of slaves. Very few know their mother tongue or live on their original planet. Most speak whatever language of the planet they were born on is, or basic. There are whispers between some free Fenris about freeing as many of their people as possible and returning to their home planet, but so far no such movement has happened.




    The species does not have any advanced or notable technology of their own.

    Intent: To make a more humanoid looking vulpine species, opening up more FC options. I've also ALWAYS wanted a species like this one and only recently got off my butt to make it.

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