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 February 2019 Newsletter

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    Site Changes & Information

    There have been changes to the Plot System. The key points that you need to know can be summarized as follows but a break down will be included;
    • Open PvP threads cannot be closed without opposition
    • Plots can have a maximum of 6 threads included
    • More freedom will be given for plots to include Self-DMing
    • DM and Dice will be rarer but more strictly assessed upon completion
    • Character Plots have been removed
    As you can see, these are going to be changes that effect every single player and the way you play, post and plot going forwards. For some of you, this will be a major change and for others it will be barely noticeable. As stated before however, here is further explanation behind the changes we are looking to implement.

    Open PvP Threads Cannot be Closed Without Opposition

    This always used to be the case anyway but recently we changed the rules so that an Open PvP thread could be changed to Ask with dice opposition after the first 72 hours if no one joined as opposition.

    We are removing this rule now however, encouraging people to self-DM during open PvP threads until either opposition arrives or the objectives of the thread are met. Once opposition has arrived, the thread may be changed to Ask. However, the thread must take at least 72 hours to complete an objective with consistent posting. These will be scrutinized during submission time. If it's clear that there was a deliberate effort made to keep from bumping the thread, the thread will be rejected outright.

    We hope to see more of you getting stuck in with the PvP side of things here on the site!

    Maximum Plot Thread Count

    Until recently, the maximum number of threads per plot has not been an issue - it has unfortunately become so. It has come to the staffs attention that people will make plots and deliberately inflate them with threads that are not needed or linked in order to boost the number of credits that are awarded at the end. This has no place on this site and the plot team will be on the look-out for this moving forwards - plots submitted suffering from this bloat will be immediately rejected.

    From now on, the maximum number of threads for plots of ANY kind will be 6. Gains that would usually expect a larger plot will either need to be reworked to include greater risk to lower the number of threads required or the gains will need to be achieved over multiple plots.

    The goal is to have less threads per plots in general, so don't be surprised if you submit a plot and are asked to cut out a few. It won't be as simple to farm credits anymore.

    This will mean that plot submissions will need to be more concise, with more attention to detail and well-reasoned threads included to be approved. Retroactive plots will be scrutinized more carefully when they are submitted to match this.


    The site is, first and foremost, for creating a story.

    The dice, plot and mission systems have served to make the site feel a touch too close to a game than is preferred and this is the counter. As said in a previous plot update, Self-DMing is not only allowed for plot threads but it is actively encouraged. Personal and tech plot threads that might now use dice, now can be done as Self-DM instead, giving the players the chance to craft stories within each and every thread.

    Self-DMing will, of course, be reviewed upon plot completion by the plot team but hopefully we will begin to see a return to the storytelling days of TLs past!

    DM and Dice

    Dice, Player and Staff DMing aren't going anywhere either though - they will still be there as options for your plots, your threads and your stories. The difference is that now they are going to be requested by the plot team on a much more infrequent basis. Only threads that truly require heavier resistance will be asked to fall under Dice or DM.

    When using Dice, however, we shall continue to monitor the dice rolling activities for each thread and upon plot review we shall evaluate whether or not the Dice have been used to create actual danger. Gone are the days where, when you roll badly, you just roll again within the same post to save yourself.

    Dice will be expected to be rolled only for significant moments and actions within threads going forward as well - no more rolling the Dice for things your character should have no issues doing, like waking up or being able to open a door using a keypad lock.

    The Dice will be requested to be used sparingly but they will be respected.

    Character Plots

    Another change is that Character Plots are no longer going to be accepted - it is our hope that everyone will start having threads for the sake of their own story, rather than planning out how to interact and how to thread in order for it to fit a plot.

    We have also become very aware that Character Plots have become increasingly abused, with very vague goals being stated so that as many threads as possible can be considered part of the same plot.

    From now on, the only plot types that will be allowed are the following;

    • Espionage Plots
    • Tech Plots
    • Faction Plots
      • Independent Factions will have their own area within Faction Plots where they can submit plots for significant faction assets and directions.
        • Plots for personal assets can also go here so if your character wants a shop or a bar (for example) then it is submitted here

    With all of these changes made, we hope that everyone will be happy to move forwards in a more story-driven manner and we can continue to grow the Site-Wide story and our own, personal, stories within our shared world.

    SWRP Trivia - Special Edition Exclusive [​IMG]

    @vamp won the trivia! Congratulations!

    The first to PM @Dread all the correct answers to the ten below questions gets 30 credits towards a character of their choice! Members may ask others for answers or share answers! It's a free for all but only the first person wins!
    1. What are the names of the first five Jedi of the timeline?
    2. When the rebellion gained momentum, what was the first planet they took over?
    3. Who was the first Galactic Alliance member to be exiled?
    4. Who became House Solus' leader after Raz Solus became Mand'alor?
    5. What is the name of the newest mandalorian house?
    6. Which characters fought in the first kaggath of the timeline?
    7. Who was the shortest reining Imperial Republica Emperor?
    8. The bombardment of what planet triggered the Great Galactic War?
    9. Who moved the original Empire's home world to Coruscant?
    10. Five hundred years have passed since what battle?
    SWRP Trivia Rules & Guidelines (MUST READ)
    1. Answers must be PMed to @Dread on the site. The PM's OP must include all 10 answers when originally sent or it will be considered invalid.
    2. If a PM has incorrect answers the sender will not be told which are incorrect.
    3. If you sent a PM with incorrect answers and want to try again, you must send your new set of answers in a fresh PM. They cannot be added to the old PM.
    4. You MAY search for answers, ask others for answers or share your answers.
    5. Only the first person who sends in all the correct answers will win.
    Current Story Updates


    General Time Update
    • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    PVP Updates

    Wins and Losses

    (CPvP NOT included)

    PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

    These characters are now Level 2:

    1. @Darth Vrael
    2. @Hugo Ion
    3. @Burkhart Kelborn
    4. @Tyler Ward
    5. @Toland Vult
    6. @Tycho Draykon
    7. @Arianna Marris
    8. @Koil Solus
    9. @Arda Breaux
    10. @Castor Chumeda Volante
    11. @Lyanna Drast
    12. @Valar Dohaeris
    13. @Saorise Kallig
    14. @Narir Solus
    15. @Valentine Rayth
    16. @Greybok
    17. @Mig Cabra
    18. @Horus Tempest
    19. @Eriana Fox
    These characters are now Level 3:
    1. @Leah Reach
    2. @Leandros Solus
    3. @Vuthari
    These characters have ranked up:
    1. @Ayasha Waya ranked up to Jedi Knight!
    2. @Pho Gorcru ranked up to Jedi Knight!
    3. @Mig Cabra ranked up to Rebel Captain!
    4. @Eisa Swan has ranked up to Jedi Knight!
    5. @Raz Solus ranked up to Mand'alor!
    6. @Narir Solus ranked up to Field Marshall!
    7. @Koil Solus ranked up to Field Marshall!
    8. @Jarek Ysirath ranked up to Sith Crusader!
    9. @Merrick Helmsdottir ranked up to Sith Crusader!
    10. @Artarion Sekt ranked up to Sith Crusader!

    Plot and Events Updates


    Completed Player Plots

    Common Ground [Retroactive]
    Alexandra Thul Drast was transferred from the custody of Daniel Solus to the custody of Greybok. The alliance between the Mandalorians and Galactic Alliance has been solidified.

    The Shadow Enclave Mando Mission Pack
    The Mandalorians secure the favor and help of the Umbaran government and citizens, as well as establish their hidden enclave in a mountain. The Umbarans helped build the base and have a liaison from their government inside in order to make sure that the base remains hidden and our friendship remains strong.

    The Rimma Effect
    Following a series of operations Alliance members were successful in its efforts throughout this trio of worlds

    Tackling the Clans
    After the Imperial Republica's (the victim) peace offer and the disgrace of Narr Noft due to the Aks-Ree debacle, the investigation was stopped. (Plot Failure)

    House Solus
    Clan Solus is now House Solus.

    A Better Way - Retroactive Plot

    Castor has been accepted as the Jedi Padawan of one Leah Reach and begins his attempts to leave the Empire behind for good.

    The Shock Doctrine
    While the KDY has now been fully rebuilt, and House Dalaigh now controls a drive yard, Saorise's public image has fallen after the revelations released by Jacob Tagger.

    Under Their Noses - Phaeda Cell
    The Rebels successfully took down the crime syndicate known as the Phaeda Triumvirate and established a cell base on one of Phaeda's moons. They also successfully stole plans to complete a shield generator to protect the headquarters.

    Sol'yc's Sharpened Claws - Mission Pack completion
    Deals are struck with both legitimate and less than legal businessmen. Pirates and nifarious indviduals are defeated in various theaters of combat. Ultimatly earning the faction's stollen Audacious class corvette, the Sol'yc Mer'sheb the upgrades of an adapted Comet sublight booster (based off of the XXX sublight booster for reference) and also add two Taim & Bak quad cannons to the ships' armament.

    Breach of Faith
    Cato Neimoidia is taken. But due to the greater length and opposition, far more than it should require to take a single world, I aim to make @Sergei Petrov an Imperial Director and the planetary governor of the world, as he took it. Approved by @Nefieslab, still FL, and as this plot takes place before his demise.

    Null and Void
    The Old Empire has assissnated the Governor of Null at the cost of the mission leader, Acolyte Weechee's life. Boora Sun was captured by the remnant of Imperial Republica forces on the world and taken into custody. Though the cost was high, the mission was successful.

    Negative Press [Retroactive]
    Jacob Tagger through his fiery articles and stories, with the assistance of Nastia Vant was able to deal a number of massive political blows to the Empire. Their image, even before the assassination of Emperor Elix and the death of Empress Lyanna at the hands of Darth Vrael, had been compromised in the public eye.

    When he finally pushed too far and was murdered by Empress Lyanna, his last act was to make sure the recording of his death was made public. In a desperate plea to the galaxy, Nastia Vant called for open action and rebellion. In her broadcast, following the tireless work of Jacob she was able to present the galaxy with knowledge of new, growing powers. Powers that did bow to the Empire and their iron fist. It was a devastating political blow to the Empires.

    (Retroactive) Strikes on Nar Shaddaa
    The Network Access is shut down and Imperial Hutta rises up against the Empire, as the most recent event entails.

    Dark Developments
    Bled Lightsaber, tamed two Sith Hounds, learned level 1 nightsister powers/magics

    For Whom Hope Blossoms
    Asha and Leah uncover Wyck's Jedi holocron and Ifrane joins the Galactic Alliance.

    Socket To Me
    Irma acquired the astromech socket and brought it back to her apartment.

    Still Waters
    Exactly as intended. Mandalore acquires access too.

    Gangland Disruptions
    All three got their pistols.
    On On To Onderon!
    Onderon left the Empire and join Mandalorians

    Violators will be persecuted
    Cuyan and Leandros all got their pistols. Wyatt died before able to get one so we needed less supplies and credits overall.

    Tree Fort of Friendship
    Rebels established a tree fort on Kashyyyk. Mig led the way and made it his home.

    Witch way to Dathomir
    Mandalorian control of Dathomir. Got witches to bow down so clan Ordo has access to magic.

    Important IC News

    State of the Galactic Alliance

    After years in hiding, the survival of the Jedi has finally been revealed to the galaxy by Valentine Rayth. Many saw the power behind revealing it—the revival of hope in the hearts of those who lost it—but not all saw it that way. He was subjected to a Galactic Alliance tribunal. The Tribunal ended in an unexpected way, however, when Aurora Blackwood showed up in tatters with a story that appalled many in the order.

    The older Jedi had let fear overwhelm her and she ran away from battle for a second time, but this time leaving behind a padawan to the mercy of the Empire. Valentine Rayth vowed to rescue the padawan, leaving during the tribunal, caring not for the outcome and only for the captured padawan. This turned the Galactic Alliances ire from him to Aurora Blackwood. Aurora Blackwood was stripped of the Force and exiled shortly after. This stirred up some controversy, and propelled a few Jedi, including Master Vuthari, to leave the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order.

    However, this did not to stop the Galactic Alliances march of progress. They continued to gain the support of world after world, and when the two Empire's leaders clashed in a kaggath they used the opportunity to liberate Imperial Hutta with the help of the mandalorians.

    State of the Old Empire

    The Old Empire has been on the move, finding footing in it's march forward by claiming a huge victory against the Imperial Republica's leadership. This victory was gained in a Kaggath. Empress Lyanna Drast challenged the Dark Lord of the Sith to one and subsequently lost to him. This tremendous victory means that, according to the Old Empire's traditions, the Imperial Republica now belongs to the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, that is not how many in the Imperial Republica sees it.

    This prompted the Dark Lord to get on the holonet and announce his plans to annex the Imperial Republica, vowing all that stood in his way would be destroyed. Shortly after, he sent large swaths of men and women to the Imperial Republica's borders. They began to press against it with might never seen before and with the ultimate goal of making it to the core worlds. The Dark Lord has his eyes set on the Imperial Republica's home world and the empty throne that lies within it.

    But that is not all. The Old Empire gained one of his first victories against the marauding mandalorians, killing one of the members of Clan Slous. Sith Lord Varyn Rask used this as an opportunity to reach out to the mandalorians, to try to convince them that this loss was the fault of the Galactic Alliance and to break their allegiance to them.

    State of the Imperial Republica

    During a live news report, Empress Lyanna Drast had reporter Jacob Tagger executed as a suspected traitor. The reporter had made multiple holonews reports on the failings of the former emperor, and attempted to do the same with Lyanna Drast, which was his downfall.

    In an attempt to unite the split empire, Lyanna Drast challenged the Dark Lord of the Sith to a Kaggath. During the fight, however, the Dark Lord stabbed her in the chest and won. Shortly after, he made a holonews announcement claiming that he would annex the Imperial Republica as it was now rightfully his according to the Old Empire's traditions.

    The Dark Lord found resistance to his claim, as expected, and now the Old Empire is attacking key planets in Imperial Republica space in order to make it to their home word. If he is successful, it will spell the downfall of the Imperial Republica. The remaining Sith in the Imperial Republica must stand up for their cause, or watch their empire crumble.

    State of the Mandalorians

    A new house has raised: House Solus. However, it did not just raise to existence, it also raised to power. It became the most powerful mandalorian house in the galaxy due to it's endless victories against the two warring Empires.

    But that is not all. For years and years the mandalorian people have cried out for a new Manda'lor. One mandalorian answered that call, but the people did not accept him. No, instead they clamored for Raz Solus to stand up and take the mantel. She stood up to take it, but was challenged by a member of her own clan. Raz rose to the challenge and walked away victorious when she stabbed her beskad into his throat.

    Now the people have their Manda'lore: Mand'alor the Chosen.

    Through the new Manda'lor's leadership, the mandalorian people prospered. They continued to slowly devour planet after planet, until they agreed to a joint attack against Imperial Hutta. Together, the two factions managed to free all of the planets from imperial rule and gained the loyalty of more planets than they have ever before.

    Unfortunately, not everything has went smoothly for the mandalorian people; one of clan Solus fell to a Sith's blade. This Sith sent out a message shortly after, blaming the Galactic Alliance for the mandalorians loss. Claiming that the mandalorians were being used as expendable war dogs for the Galactic Alliance. Mand'alor the Chosen took the news of her brethrens death hard, but will she break the mandalorians alliance to the GA over this?

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