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    Exile Inquisition Armor

    The Exile Inquisition armor was designed to confuse the population of the galaxy with lighter color tones, thus allowing the actions or atrocities any Exile might take to potentially be blamed upon their Jedi rivals. With it's duraplast composition, it accomplishes this while providing some margin of protection against blaster fire should combat situations arise. That being said, this armor was never designed with the intent of battlefield usage, instead it was designed to defame the Jedi and demoralize the general population of selected worlds.


    The legality of the Inquisition armor varies upon an individual world's outlook on both Jedi and trained Force Sensitives. The armor itself possesses no advanced technological mods that could potentially be banned on any worlds.


    It gives the Exiles some armor to use in combat against Jedi, to commit some atrocities and cause the blame to potentially shift towards their rivals, or to gather intelligence without drawing too much attention to themselves on Jedi aligned worlds.



    Type and Coverage

    Type: MEDIUM


      • Torso: Chest, abdomen, and shoulders.
      • Back: Upper and lower back.
      • Hands: Hands, wrists and forearms
      • Legs: Groin, front and back thighs, and knees
      • Feet: Feet, shins and calves.

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