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 Galactic Alliance Evelyn Fest

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    NAME: Evelyn Fest

    FACTION: Galactic Alliance

    RANK: Force Sensitive Rebel

    SPECIES: Human

    AGE: 25

    GENDER: Female



    Short black hair, brown eyes, angled features. Evelyn is a bit on the short side at 5'0 and a bit dainty, but is hoping to change the latter part soon enough.


    One of Evelyn's primary strengths is that she’s a determinator. She always believes there's an out and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. More practically however, she is a crack shot. She took up sport shooting back home and ranked up a pretty decent score, being among one of the top shooters in her town.

    However, Evelyn's membership with the Galactic Alliance isn’t voluntary. She is with them to seek safety from the Empire after being branded a conspirator despite not having done so until now. Because the rebellion has forced her to leave her life of pamper and luxury, she does not wholeheartedly believe in the Alliance’s work and does not give herself completely to the cause.


    Evelyn tries to make the best of whatever situation she's in, looking to get the most fun she can out of it. Although she does usually know better, sometimes she slips up and assumes that most people had the same luxuries she took for granted leading to occasional confusion. She doesn’t really take most things seriously unless the impact of the situation practically slaps her in the face.


    Evelyn was born to Travis and Cassandra Fest. The Fest family were on their way up, starting to build up a valuable Doonium mine. However when the Sith heard of this mine, they decided it would be put to better use for the Empire. They nationalized it and when Travis Fest complained, he was killed on the spot with the rest of the family marked as criminals.

    Evelyn was forced to flee her pampered life to the only place she knew of that could protect her from the Empire. The Galactic Alliance was always looking for soldiers, and what better than one that already knew how to use a blaster? Her path forced onto her, she met with the local Cell and was sent off to serve the Alliance.


    Due to her hobby of sport shooting, Evelyn definitely knows her way around a blaster, both rifles and pistols. She also has a mechanical appreciation for them, able to disassemble and reassemble weaponry in no time at all. Because of her family's background, she also has some knowledge with economics and accounting.


    Armor: Rebel Trooper Armor

    Recently, after showing her chops as an Alliance Soldier, Evelyn has been granted a Nerf-class Freighter as a transport to grant her more freedom and greater ability in carrying out missions for the Rebellion instead of tagging along with their main force.

    In addition to the freighter, Evelyn recently came into a sum of credits after assisting the Wookies of Kashyyk in their Life Day celebrations. Not being much of a pilot herself, Evelyn used the funds to purchase a 3T Series Astromech Droid to assist her with hyperspace calculations and ship management.
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