Eskatos Castle

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    Eskatos Castle is the personal headquarters of of Dread Lords. It sits high in the northern mountains of D'Qar, far from the existing colony of ex-slaves the Dread Lords freed centuries ago. Constructed with numerous fortifications capable of withstanding a heavy siege. The Eskatos Castle has numerous facets that make it an excellent home and strategic position. It has lasted for the most part thanks to its efficient construction though with noticeable wear.

    While it does bear momentous defenses the Castle remains unknown to other members of the Empire. Only those that Cyzyn-Itza-Rus had told and his associates tell know it exists for even the planet of D'Qar is a mystery for the time being. Those hired to construct the fortification have been bought off, killed or brought into permanent service under the direct leadership of the Dread Lords. The Castle is readily guarded by numerous soldiers that live at the castle's location as well as numerous combat droids. Over time since its construction it would seemed its existence fell back into obscurity. Now it has been rediscovered and returned to its former glory for the most part and serves as a base of operations for the newest generation the Dread Lords with some minor updates.


    Mountains: While the castle is the main subject the surrounding mountain range is enough of importance to mention. The weather is not often to extreme most of the year. The rocky outcroppings and cliff faces make approach from any other direction other than the singular road treacherous. Since the planet's inhabitants do not posses any real speeders or large transports the path is small and winding, capable of having two land speeders pass each other slowly if necessary.

    Hangar: apart from the castle, following a series of tunnel for nearly a kilometer there is a hangar on the northern facing wall. It has all the shielding of a capital craft's hangar bay and has enough space to house anything short of a corvette.

    Courtyard: While still within the walls of the castle there exists a courtyard where staff and guests can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the safety of the castle. Here members of the Dread Council can train and pass time.


    Jail: While not intended to be of much use there exists several holding cells in the Eskatos Castle. They are meant to hold individuals for either testing on the Dread Lords' experiments or for later interrogation of information. It is because of these rooms that the local populace of D'Qar have avoided the castle with fear.

    Council Hall: The Dread Lords used to convene and hold audience with their subordinates. It is from the Council Hall, deep within the castle, that such events are held. A round table made of volcanic rock sits in the center, five chairs surrounding it, one for each Dread Lord. Carved ornately in the center is the five pointed star, symbolizing their order and each point ending with where one of the five should sit.

    Personal Quarters: Numerous private rooms exist in the castle. Many of which can be converted later on for the purposes of the Dread Lords. Upon rediscovery most of these were kept in a manner of rooms . These are relatively rustic compared to other place in the galaxy but can be comfortable and made personal by their inhabitants. Kitchens, bathrooms and even a few common areas are available for staff and members to enjoy.

    Medical: An independent medical facility exists within the castle. Meant not for research but just to keep the wellness of the staff in check. It bears the necessary technology to fit prosthesis but this makes it likely the most advanced technological part of the castle.

    Security Central: The northern most tower bears a connection with the castles castles sensors, early warning system, and communication for internal security. Throughout the ship there are alarm triggers and camera feeds allowing the security to be aware of possible intruders. Heavily guarded and always on alert the security office is ever watchful. It is also from here that the droid guards can be turned off and on. However codes are required to do so and reprogramming remotely is not possible. When originally discovered many of the droids were malfunctioning and in various states of disrepair forcing there to be a lack of military presence.

    Archives: Intelligence is key and the Dread Lords had gathered much. Under heavy guard they have a small collection of highly classified information. Chosen are allowed limited access but still permitted entrance. Anything from jobs, aliases of targets, blue prints of enemy fortifications, all are kept within the archives. It is from these archives that the newest generation of Dread Lords were able to learn from their forerunners and adapt where they failed.

    Intent: To create a reference to the past castle and a connection with the previous Dread Lords. They had an archive in the castle and that would be an in character way for those that want to be Dread Lords to learn about the former members and to walk in their foot steps but with their newer point of view. In addition this gives them a base of operations to work out from and as a hub for their agenda(s). The plot recovering castle is submitted to attain this.
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    Isn't this already posted here?
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    interesting. I didn't see that. But after the plot is complete it would be renovated back to some semblance of its former status.
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    Re-post this when the plot is completed and I will update the current lore article.

    Also, please read through all lore before recreating old lore from last timeline. A lot of it got transferred/edited. @Darasuum
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