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    Description: The original Elensalites were organic and humanoid, great scholars and scientists that sequestered themselves on their homeworld to study the secrets of the world around them. Not interested in space exploration and viewing the Force as at best a curiosity, they focused on robotics and artificial intelligence to answer one of their biggest questions: can a synthetic being attain the same mind and feelings as organic beings could? Was ‘humanity’ something that could be created and programmed into a robotic frame? With these and many more questions as the basis of creation, they designed and built the first of their robotic charges who shared the name of their race to live alongside. For centuries, they observed each other and learned from each other, the simplistic intelligence created evolving over time to become closer and closer to how the organic Elensalites saw the world.

    This grand experiment came to a tragic end, though, when a virulent plague was brought to the world by a small meteorite that managed to land on the planet. While a cure was eventually found it was too late to save the organic Elensalites from being wiped out. Now left to just other robotics as their race, the Elensalites interred their fallen fellows with great honor and tried to continue their research and experiments. Soon a depression came over the race, though, as they now didn’t know what their future would entail. What purpose would they have, and who benefits from the answers they would find about existence and the world?

    This search for purpose, instead of driving the Elensalites to despair, instead became the fuel for a new kind of desire about the world. Finally researching spacecraft and hyperspace travel about 75 years ago, they turned to becoming explorers and adventurers, finding out as much of the galaxy as they could while trying to find their place among the stars. Every Elensalite had their own destiny that they would find, some even finding it by staying on their home planet to care for and repair others of their race. It wasn’t long before they ran into another organic race, as well as they learned of such things as war and combat.

    At first humans and other races tried to control the Elensalites that they found, using them in their war to try to gain an edge. Resistant to outside control, some Elensalites were either scarred or intrigued by what was happening and chose to either flee to safety or fight for what they thought was right. In the final years of the great war until peace was found the Elensalites learned a great many things about themselves and about the other races. As peace finally settled on the galaxy they began to invite any others who wanted to learn more about them to their world to settle and mingle, all in the pursuit of experiencing new cultures and learning as much as they could. They were not pushovers, though, and would defend themselves with the combat skills learned in the war if others tried to steal their technology or destroy their way of life. They traded knowledge for knowledge, using their resources and connections to improve their spacecraft and become a potent force in their region of the galaxy, if perhaps just a small one. That presence has gotten even smaller with the Elensalites having gone into a kind of hermitage at the end of the Hundred-Year War, though the centuries of little contact since that decision has started to wear down the feelings of danger and re-engage the sense of wanderlust. They just need a peaceful encounter with another society to spark this change, as for now they are still afraid from those wanting to destroy them.

    Cultural details: Elensalites place a lot of value on learning and discovery, making many of the cities on their homeworld open to other races to visit and live to mesh as many other cultures together as they can. They also celebrate life of all kinds and respects when one passes away. In some cases, a ceremony is done to inter the mind of one who has ‘died’ into the great database while they celebrate the creation of a new mind, either in a new body or in an inert body that has returned home. They try to find any reason they can to celebrate, however, as nearly all Elensalites love life and enjoying every second of being alive.

    Elensalites at their most basic level are all equal, though that does not mean they have equal skills or personality quirks. When a crisis or problem arises, either on a large scale or small, the Elensalite with the best qualities to handle the issue is elected the temporary leader until the issue is resolved. Their complete trust in themselves has not caused any problems with one refusing to give up their power, though as they interact with the galaxy at large such feelings may start to take hold. These worldly Elensalites then behave more like whatever culture they interact with the most, becoming a kind of outsider to the usual Elensalite leadership selection process if they return to their home planet during a crisis.

    On their home planet or when traveling in groups, Elensalites work together for the greater good of their race and of those around them that they care about, willing to give just about everyone a chance. The concept of castes and societal divisions is foreign to them, allowing for any member of their race to move from job to position in search of their place and as their skill dictates. If an Elensalite is ill-suited for a role they are usually asked to find another, with others of their race helping them to find their niche in society. The more an Elensalite becomes like a race or culture that they spend a lot of time with, though, the more they take on their views and ways which makes interacting with their native society more awkward.

    The main desire for all Elensalites is to find their own unique place in the galaxy. Due to this, most are filled with a wanderlust to explore while being inquisitive and open to new people and experiences. Even if they feel that it is not their destined purpose, an Elensalite can empathize with a person or cause and fight for it if he believes it is the right thing to do. The more they travel the more affected they are by the greater galaxy, sometimes turning this seemingly innocent goal of searching into more pragmatic views on life to create criminals or hedonists if they so happen to choose those ways of life. Overall, Elensalites can have any kind of behavior depending on their experiences with others. After a paragon of their race returned with warnings to the future, the Elensalites abandoned the above-ground for creating underground cities to inhabit instead, protecting themselves from invaders wanting to steal their secrets or just cause outright genocide against them.

    Due to the nature of their construction, the Elensalites are above average in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. While only having discovered hyperspace travel near 600 years ago, their involvement in the Hundred-Year Darkness made them bring their other tech levels up to current levels. The Elensalites went underground towards the end of the Darkness, around when Andraste annexed the Republic, and thus technological advances have slowed as they focused on surviving and keeping hidden beneath their seemingly wild world.

    The planet Myrhen lies on the Outer Rim, fairly secluded from most major hyperspace lanes. It is a verdant planet with four large continents and an archipelago of smaller islands amidst them. The very picture of a garden world, it is an easy thing for most organic races to live on its surface without need of too much alterations to survive. The former main city on the planet, Terminus, has become something of a death trap to outsiders due to the protections the Elensalites set up towards the end of the Hundred-Year Darkness with the robotic people having moved underground in excavated cities that are fiercely protected. With it's location in the Unknown Regions and the sudden death of normal visitors, the location of the planet has been lost for a few hundred years with no new Elensalites having left during that time.

    Intent: I wanted to bring back a culture from last TL, properly updated for this TL, that pairs with a tech submission I made to allow more choices for droid characters. Once this and the tech submission are approved, if they are, then I will update the world this culture is located on for a plot to 'rediscover' them.

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