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    E D E N

    System: Vashtyr

    Region Wild space.

    Coordinates It's precise location remains unknown to all but a few, hidden somewhere in the bottom left corner of R-18, nestled within a massive nebula and behind a sea of gravity wells.

    Hyperlane(s) N/A

    Suns Vashtyr I, Vashtyr II
    ~ Spectral Class(es) Vashtyr I, K1V; Vashtyr II, D8.
    ~ Note Vashtyr II has an incredibly wide, elliptical orbital period around the Vashtyr system.

    Planets Vashtyr I a, Eden (formerly Vashtyr I b), Vashtyr I c, and Vashtyr II a.

    Other Notes An incredibly rare frequency of large gravity wells orbit around the Vashtyr system in a cyclical fashion. This makes travel to and from the system depend heavily on the current rotation of the gravity wells. Thus, a poorly timed entry can have you and your ship shredded into quarks and less than quarks in mere seconds.

    Planet: Eden

    Points of Interest
    Khy'n City - Clan Korssa's base of operations and the planet's Capital city, which they founded over two-hundred years ago. Whereabouts unknown to all but a few.
    Raenn - The closest thing the Vashtyri have to a capital, easily the biggest tribal camp on the planet.

    Orbital Period Roughly 333 standard days.

    Climate The climate on Eden varies from place to place. Due to the large planet's lack of rotation, one half of Eden is permanently in the light; and the other permanently in darkness; which makes for an extreme variation between the light side's weather and the dark side's. For example, there is far less rain on the dark side of Eden than on the light side, due to it's lack of heat from the system's star to cause evaporation. Concurrently, there is also a scarcity of 'oxygen-based' life on the dark side ~ instead it has far more unique and terrifying creatures (which will be delved into later).

    Guardian on the Hunt

    Atmosphere Mostly Type I (breathable), though some parts of the Dark Side are Type II.

    Sky The Light Side can vary in colour depending on how close you are to the dark side: from periwinkle blue to bright yellow, deep purple to vermillion ~ Almost always near-pitch black on the Dark Side. Night-vision accessories are often required for non-natives.


    Light Side~
    Few mountain ranges.
    Many castle ruins.
    Countless beautiful, dense forests; colours of foliage range throughout and beyond the visible spectrum.
    Most of the Light Side is dappled with Overlands.
    Fresh-water hot springs are common.

    Dark Side~
    Lava lakes are common.
    Many cave systems.
    Predominantly rugged, rocky terrain.
    High mineral density.
    Volcanic activity high.

    Vashtyri Landscape

    On the dark side of Eden, the geography of the planet is rugged and black, covered in sharp rocks and riddled with lava pools and complex cave systems. On the other, the ground is covered in foliage and rich soil (fuelled by the radiant, golden hot springs heated by the dark side's volcanoes {see top}), with a lack of topographical movement, and makes for one of the most habitable planets known to any race. However, on both sides, many of these things will vary. Some places on the Light Side have very rugged terrain, for example, and some parts of the Dark Side have flat, and on rare occasions, even fertile landscapes.

    However, hidden behind it's stunning beauty - although nowhere near as dangerous as the Dark Side - the Light Side is riddled with predators and pitfalls of every kind. Most of Eden's Light Side terrain could be described as (slightly) similar to that of Endor, but far more exotic ~ beware of the man-eating plants and colourful, poisonous plant-life.

    Arguably the most visually stunning aspect of Eden is it's aptly-named Overlands: mountains, covered in foliage, floating high above the planet's surface, seemingly locked in an eternal battle with gravity. The reasoning behind the gliding mountains is nothing ethereal; the rocks float due to the planet's unique magnetic field from it's unusual metallic structure.

    The Overlands of Eden

    Rotation One of the things that makes Eden such a unique planet is it's lack of rotation. As it orbits the star at the centre of it's system, Eden's relative rotation is fixed to the star ~ rendering one side of the planet permanently in darkness, and the other permanently in the light.

    The Dark Side of Eden

    Inhabitants Due to it's massive surface area, Eden is inhabited by many, many non-sentient creatures ~ locals speculate only ten percent have been documented so far.

    Some of the known creatures include:
    Pa Rrhoda ~ usually Light Side ~ massive, albino, Liger-like creatures with impressively sharp teeth. They are ferocious, but the Vashtyri quite enjoy putting them on the table at their feasts.
    Valkyri ~ usually Light Side ~ often white; scaly, winged beasts whose skin is impenetrable to blaster fire. Only the most courageous of Guardians and Wanderers dare tame these wondrous beasts.
    Thrai'ekka ~ usually Dark Side ~ rare, mind-blowingly gigantic and extremely hostile monsters. The kind of things your nightmares are made of. One of these could put up a fight against even the most powerful of Force-users.

    A brave (or perhaps incredibly stupid) Guardian attempting to tame a Thrai'ekka

    The dominant sentient society that inhabits Eden are known as Vashtyri ~ a native, force-sensitive, near-human race. However, there are also rumours of another sentient race that lives solely on the dark side of Eden, known in the native tongue as Ghosts, or more officially, Endians. Although very few credible sources have ever seen them, the Vashtyri have discovered many rock formations on the Dark Side that look an awful lot like sculptures and statues. Vashtyri mythology is also riddled with tales of Endian-like creatures: only time will tell if they prove to be as volatile as the myths suggest.

    An Endian "Ghost"

    Culture In Vashtyri culture, the general population lived simple lives before they were overcome by the culture of the stars. They would often work as craftsmen, smiths, hunters, cooks, as well as poets and historians, Guardians (grand, often-Force-sensitive warriors trained to be as crafty as they are skilled with a blade) and Wanderers (wise elders, often proficient with a form of Force foresight), etcetera. Art was among the most loved topics for the Vashtyri, and many great poets, writers and musicians would gather for a variety of festivals dedicated to their respective arts.

    Resources The interesting thing about Eden's rings are their high density of kyber crystals and endium (the ultra-lightweight alloy that makes up much of Eden's size, explaining the planet's small relative mass), leading some to believe that Lyrin was a very kyber-dense planet before the collision. This is also thought to be why Eden itself has such a high amount of kyber, although near all kyber found on Eden can only be found on it's treacherous dark side. Aside from Eden's kyber and endium, specifically on the mineral-rich dark side, it is also has a moderate-to-small presence of chromium, platinum and bronze.

    Besides their mineral deposits, Eden also has all sorts of edible plant life. These range from simple fruits to some that can be used for narcotic purposes.

    Government Given it's sheer size, most of Eden's vast forests and beautiful landscape remains to be explored and governed. However, a little over two hundred years before the current timeline, a Capital Ship containing the survivors of the Mandalorian Korssa Clan crash landed on the world after a hyperdrive malfunction. Since then, they have forged a steady alliance with the native Vashtyri (even welcoming some Vashtyri into the clan), and, with the help of the natives, built a small city around their initial landing site. As such, while there is certainly no planet spanning government, the most powerful people on the planet are Clan Korssa's "Twin Alors" (or "Ada'valore"). With the exception of the Vashtyri capital of Raenn, everywhere else on Eden is anarchical, and because no major factions have attempted to gain control for the planet yet, it has become somewhat of a secret hideout for smugglers, and those running from authorities or bounty hunters.

    Vashtyri Encampment

    Technology Before the Korssa Clan's crash landing, the Vashtyri were nowhere near as advanced as most of the galaxy. Their prime weapons were elongated daggers (and related tribal weapons), bows and arrows, and the Force. This changed significantly with the introduction of outside technology by the Mandalorians living there. Now those Vashtyri who are closest to the Mandalorian clan members have primitive blasters and vibro-weapons to hunt with.

    Traditional clothing worn by a female Guardian

    The Vashtyri's inability to build spacecraft was another reason the planet remained unknown to the rest of the galaxy. This is also heavily to do with the fact the system is full of asteroids and the occasional stray gravity well, and as such it takes a skilled pilot to find his/her way to the planet alive. The only people with a system that calculates the exact position of the orbiting gravity well clusters are Clan Korssa, and since it is their best interest to keep their headquarters whereabouts close to their chest, the planet's location remains unknown to most of the galaxy.

    Moons ~ Three ~ Kyth, Lyrin and Mythrae.

    Lyrin ~ the smallest of the three, Lyrin is the main source of light for the Dark Side of the planet ~ orbit length: 0.5 standard days ~ size: 0.05 of Eden

    Mythrae ~ although slightly bigger than Lyrin, Mythrae seems smaller in the sky due to its vastly wide orbit ~ orbit length: 37 standard days ~ size: 0.1 of Eden

    Kyth ~ Moon of Eden

    Kiht ~ the biggest of the three moons, with a very wide, elliptical orbit that passes by Eden causing occasional volcanic activity on the Dark Side. Unlike Lyrin and Mythrae, Kiht is a fertile, habitable planet with plants and animals ~ orbit length: 111 standard days ~ size: 0.4 of Eden

    Many, many millions of years ago, Eden ~ a very wide orbiting and therefore hostile planet at the time ~ was struck by a dwarf planet named Lyrin. This collision caused Eden's orbit around the system's star to become more circular (and therefore habitable), as well as bringing about it's kyber-filled rings and it's smallest moon: Lyrin. While Eden's mass is incredibly small considering it's sheer size (three times the size of Earth and one point three times the weight), it still has a relatively strong gravitational field, which means that it can hold onto moons that are very far away; for example, Mythrae ~ a tiny circle seen wandering Eden's magenta skies.

    Typical Vashtyri Household

    History The history of all life on Eden is all thanks to its collision with Lyrin. But the epic novel that is Eden's history was only just getting started. In much more recent history, the Vashtyri's tribal equivalents of barons and lords vied for territory, clashing in massive battles. Tribes rose and tribes fell. A small group of honourable warriors who became known in the native tongue as the Guardians of Eden gathered their friends and family, and built walls around their small village, to keep out the attacking warriors and barons, as well as the highly-aggressive prowls of savage Pa Rrhoda. This village would, under many, many years of protection by the Guardians, grow into the planets capital, Raenn. It is thought other Vashtyri tribes continue to survive out in Eden's wildlands, but it's unlikely much of a society has developed from these offshoots.

    Intent Eden will be perfect to become an hideout for people in hiding / on the run from authorities (as in, smugglers, people with bounties on their heads, etc.) to make Eden a well-concealed safe haven, as it's invisible to near-all authorities. One could hide out here and wait out their bounty, as it is hidden within not only a nebula (and the gravity well clusters that accompany it), but the asteroid cloud that fills most of the system.

    Eden will also be the homeworld and base of operations for the (former) Mandalorian Clan I am actively creating.

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    Please let me know what you think! Any help with getting it approved'n'stuff is really appreciated. Sorry if I missed anything! Also, if anyone wants to use my planet in whatever RP, please let me know you're going to because I'd love to see what you do with it :P​
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    Hey there, interesting place! Before this can be approved, though, we'll need a few things. Basically, the Fanon parts of this planet need to be written up in their respective boards to be approved. That would be the Creatures you listed on the planet, the race of people that lives there, and the resource Endium, as none of those appear naturally in Star Wars and thus don't have any other information on them. Once those are approved, this planet can be approved, as if something isn't approved then this would need to change. If you have any questions, feel free to send me or the other Lore team members a message here or on Discord. I look forward to seeing your other articles!
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    Awesome! Thanks, Insalius, I'll get to work on those other articles soon.
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