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    Eclipse are a mercenary group second and a criminal organisation first.

    Unlike the Blue Suns, who operate almost entirely within 'civilized' space, Eclipse runs almost entirely out of the Outer Rim. They are devoid of any sense of pretense; they know what they are and what they are is a criminal band with a thin veneer of professionalism. In battle they are brutal and ruthless to make up for the fact that they majority of their combat experience is against poorly armed militias and other criminal operations.

    This isn't to say they they are unskilled or poorly equipped however as they are some of the best armed, best trained and best armoured fighters in the Outer Rim. Their membership is open to any and all who are willing to do whatever it takes to make credits. They regularly smuggle weapons, spice (other drugs as well), commit acts of terrorism and slavery.

    If there is something you need done in the Outer Rim, no questions asked no matter what? You call for Eclipse.

    And if you don't pay them what they are owed? Eclipse will take it from your hide when they enslave you and your family and work you until you die.

    Key Historical Moments;
    • Formation - Jodara leads a slave revolt against her captors, kills the captain of the ship and immediately takes his place and subjugates her fellow slaves. Syd welcomes her as the new captain.
    • Ryloth Terror - Eclipse's first big slave raid was on a small town on Ryloth. Using some clever tactics, Eclipse emptied the entire town in the space of four hours, getting in and out before any of the neighboring towns and villages could even think
    • Eclipsing Tatooine Suns - Hot on the heels of their major haul on Ryloth, Eclipse struck Tatooine. This time they worked with a Hutt to take on a rival. Rather than simply damaging the Hutt's operations, Eclipse drew the Hutt himself out into the open before capturing him and his family before selling them to their employers as slaves.
    • Trouble on Zygerria - Jodara and Syd were captured selling their slaves on Zygerria and were brought to trial for crimes against the Zygerrian slave trade. In a rare showing, Syd was the one to 'save' the day. His impassioned speech convinced the judge not only to release them but to hire them on as contractors.
    • Uprising on Nar Shaddaa Docks - As implied by the name, Eclipse came to the aid of the Hutt slave masters when the dock-worker slaves rose in revolt. This 'police action' helped to solidify the idea that Eclipse had scope outside of slave running.
    • First Official Merc Contract - The first contract Eclipse received as a mercenary band rather than a slaving band was in protecting the spice mines of the moons of Iego, a contract they still hold to this day.

    Eclipse is upfront about what it is; a criminal organisation. Even their ranks and hierarchy make it clear that they operate outside the law and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to gain what they want.

    Official Hierarchy;
    1. CEO: Jodara
    2. Commander: Jodara, Syd
    3. Sub-boss
    4. Handlers
    5. Agents

    Known Assets;
    • Several thousand operatives and officers
    • Moderate pool of APCs
    • Small number of tanks
    • Moderate fleet of dropships
    • Moderate fleet of hyper-drive equipped support starfighters
    • Several dozen Galleons for pirate boarding action and slave trafficking
    • Bases on Zygerria, Iego, Rylot, Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine

    • Jodara, CEO
    • Syd, Commander
    • Unnamed NPC Officers
    • Unnamed NPC Operatives

    Intent: The intent is to create a large NPC group of mercenaries for people to plot for, against and around, rather than simply relying on 'pirates' or 'guards'. This way I hope to bring more flavour to the world rather than keeping it too generic. The group will also post bounties using the Bounty Board against people who disrupt their operations regularly IC. A more openly deadly and 'evil' version of the Blue Suns.

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