Independent Dusti Streebek

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    ► 20​
    ► Human​
    ► 5’6”​
    ► 128​
    ► Dark Brown​
    ► Red​
    ► Corellia​
    ► Female​
    ► N/A​
    ► Pilot/Driver​
    ► No​
    Dusti was born Dustina Reva Streebek to well-to-do parents by the names of Darala and Marcum Streebek. Marcum Streebek is the owner and proprietor of Streebek Courier Corps, a legitimate business with a few unscrupulous connections (Mafia included). Darala is an infamous social climber who is obsessed with status and appearances. Due to irreconcilable differences, they divorced when Dusti was six years old.

    Mother was strict and tried to raise Dusti as a society girl, but Dusti found this pompous and stodgy lifestyle to be confining and torturous. Father would often buy her things and take her places against her mother’s wishes, and indulge her need for excitement and thrills.

    Dusti began to rebel as a teenager in an effort to establish independence from her mother’s controlling nature and need to keep appearances. When she visited her father during these years he took the time on those occasions to teach her how to pilot a ship and drive land and airspeeders. Her father also bought her a super fast landspeeder, which she used soon after to speed through the streets and inadvertently cause several accidents. When she was arrested by local authorities her mother used her influence to bail her out but then told her to pack her stuff and leave, because Dusti had “ruined her mother’s reputation” and that the humiliation was too much to bear. For perhaps two days, Dusti was homeless until her father got word of the incident and gave her an offer to work for his courier service. He also used his influence to retrieve her landspeeder from the impounds. As for her racing habits, he turned a blind eye.

    As the next few years went on, she turned to underground landspeeder racing for prize money and thrills, while using her courier stint as a means to supplement her racing.

    Just recently, Corellia experienced a takeover by Mandalorian troops and is now under their rule, which means that law enforcement has been lax due to the chaos. The racing community is taking advantage of this opportunity while they can… Dusti included.
    Typically unkempt ginger hair, light Caucasian skin with freckles, and espresso-brown eyes. Usually wears her favorite brown leather aviators jacket with steel studs, a light shirt with tight ripped pants, and leather platform boots.
    Rebellious, impulsive, thrill-seeking, and fun-loving but is also tactless, loud, and sometimes a braggart. She parties hard and races even harder. Sometimes she doesn’t understand why some people can’t take a joke or an honest jibe. Generally doesn’t pay attention to any of that faction business unless it directly impacts her. She may act tough, but she has a guilty conscience when it comes to someone in need, so she may be forced to help, albeit grudgingly.
    She has decent arm strength from tinkering with her landspeeder. She has been known to bruise a guy or two if they get “fresh” with her (that’s her job, not theirs). She has above-average reflexes which she applies toward racing and piloting… and maybe kicking someone in the head. Her physical stamina is also peak due to her constant need for stimulation or movement. She has presence and charisma… she knows how to get attention. However, there is a flip side to this.

    The flip side to her charisma is that she can sometimes be a bit overwhelming or irritating to those who take life far too seriously. In fact, she tends to draw a lot of ire… not that she notices. She has average intelligence but doesn’t put it to very good use, as she tends to be willfully ignorant in certain respects. Her mental stamina is poor unless she has consistent stimulation. (If you try to tell her a story that doesn’t involve a lot of action she will lose interest quickly.) She would probably make an excellent marksman but she lacks the patience to take her time with a shot.
    Piloting/driving, interplanetary and hyperdrive navigation, street brawling, improvised weapon proficiency, knowledge of firearm use (but not marksmanship), landspeeder and airspeeder mechanics, repair, detail work, streetwise, courier industry knowledge, black market information (Corellia-specific), gambling (racing-specific).
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