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    Biographical information



    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color

    1.93 meters
    225 lbs.

    Chronological and political information


    · Force Sensitive
    ___· Bounty Hunter

    Oatu Mensah

    Excerpt · Biography · Personality · Skills and abilities · Miscellaneous

    Oatu's upbringing in the harsh deserts of Iridonia has shapen his battle-hardened appearance. His force abilities and fearless attitude have made him a formidable and highly respected bounty hunter, completing some of the most daunting bounties. He seeks to gain revenge for his father's death by bringing death to the Jedi Order. Oatu is always on the move, looking for the next available job.



    Oatu was born in the harsh plains of Iridonia. He was born into a warring clan that was constantly involved in conflicts with adjacent clans. His father was a fearless warrior, while his mother worked as a merchant for the clan. When he was a child, Oatu was visited by the Jedi Order as they knew of his force sensitivity. The Jedi were met with hostility by the Zabrak clan and were unable to recruit Oatu into the order. During the conflict, The fleeing Jedi murdered Oatu's father. This event caused Oatu to grow a strong hatred against members of the Jedi Order.

    All members of the Oatu's clan were required to complete military training so they could be able to protect the village. Oatu had a strong affinity towards combat and was one of the most feared warriors in his clan at a young age.

    As Oatu neared maturity, he was forced to complete a rite of passage, which involved him having to kill a warlord of an opposing clan. During the battle, Oatu tapped into the dark side; using his hatred for the Jedi, he crushed the skull of the warlord and brought his severed head back to his village as a trophy. He received his customary facial tattoos, signifying the end of his adolescence.

    After reaching maturity, Oatu left the village and began his life as a galactic bounty hunter. Oatu's dedication to learning the extent of his force powers allowed him to become an influential force user without any formal training.


    As a child, Oatu was always training to become a warrior and spent little time with the other kids in his village. He was taught only to speak if necessary and to follow orders. His militarian childhood caused him to lack social skills and become a quiet, blunt person.

    Once you broke Oatu's hard shell, he was noted to be a friendly person. He often enjoyed discussing futile matters and was quite talkative once you got to know him.

    Oatu found it hard to make connections with people and generally had trust-issues with others. He had little interest in ethics and politics and believed them to be useless. One redeeming quality of Oatu was that he was very trustworthy, and he would always stick to his word - an essential trait for a bounty hunter.

    Oatu's upbringing in an impoverished village as a result of war had made him a very humble person, and he hated being given compliments.

    Oatu was also very gung-ho about things and often gave little thought into the outcomes of his actions. Oatu was very much capable of planning, but he usually got caught in the moment and made rash decisions.

    Skills and abilities

    Combat Expert - Oatu's upbringing as a Zabrak warrior has made him an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He is trained in many forms of martial arts and is an expert in staff and blade combat. Though preferring close-quarters combat, Oatu is an elite marksman who is able to take down his targets from long range.

    Inhuman Agility - Oatu's affinity with the force combined with his warrior training has made him impossibly agile and extremely quick.

    Force Affinity - Oatu is naturally gifted in the force and has a powerful connection with it. He's able to tap into both sides of the force, but he is more comfortable with the dark side of the force.

    Death Stare - Oatu's towering stature and muscular build give him a very intimidating look, allowing him to persuade others easily, despite his lack of charisma.

    Language - Oatu's experience as a galactic bounty hunter meant that he had visited many parts of the galaxy and had a rudimentary understanding of many languages within the galaxy. He is particularly fluent in Huttese.

    Possessions include;

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    Based on the Imperial Covert Dress. As the name suggests, this dress was created exactly to blend in. It would be impossible to recognize someone's affiliation solely by these clothes. The dark pieces suggest nothing out of order.

    Duraplast plates cover several parts of the body, but it is far from being heavy. The head is not covered at all, but a rebreather is at arm's reach, should the user need it. The dress allows agents to move easily and conceal the equipment they need to complete their mission. An operator belt along with an inner belt keeps the user's waistline intact. Rigid enough to support any and all gear, yet has enough flexibility for comfort and fluid movement. No itching, even after hours of motionless hanging from the roof.

    Oatu had this specific set modified to fit his agile combat style and to minimize weight.

    Developed by Imperial scientists, heavily based on agent's feedback to meet their needs.


    This set is legal anywhere. So long the functions remain hidden, thinking of military presence would not be reasonable. The black plates might be frowned upon where armor is an uncommon sight.


    To create an unmarked set for my agent, other soldiers, who wish to handle stealth missions with comfort and decent protection.

    The four functions are completely optional, they are up to changes and can be easily modified to fit your character's taste. The default setup for imperial covert military or political operations use is below.


    No. This gear is meant to be used in field deployments by every day special agents.

    Type and Coverage

    Type: Medium


      • Head: Duraplast helmet, specially made to accompany Oatu's horns.
      • Torso: Duraplast plates from the crotch to neck.
      • Back: Duraplast plates from top to bottom.
      • Lower Arms: Cortosis weaved armguards.
      • Upper Legs: Duraplast plates around the thighs.


    Function 1: Rebreather

    • Rebreathers allow for a person to survive underwater or in space for brief amounts of time by scrubbing CO2 from their exhaled breath. Generally, this lasts for 3-4 posts, but heavy exertion can shorten that time.
    Function 2: Computer Spike
    • Computer spikes are electronic interface tools used to forcibly decrypt or unlock computer terminals. Most unencrypted civilian systems can be cracked in one full posting round, while most military or hardened systems take two or more.
    Function 1: Grapple Line (right hand)
    • Grapple lines are capable of supporting the weight of 1-2 people and can launch up to ranges typically up to 15 meters away. Once no longer in use, they are detached from the launcher and left behind. While hand-held grapple guns are capable of auto-winching, armor or wrist-mounted devices lack this ability. Grapple lines must be manually activated and controlled by a button or switch.
    Function 4: Armorweave Accessory
    • Most often in the form of a cape or underlay beneath the armor, modern armorweave provides protection against the penetrating effects of shrapnel from explosives, basic slugthrowers, and unpowered melee weapons using a tightly woven lattice of the material. It offers no protection against kinetic impact or energy, and vibroweapons (or similar "powered" weapons) cut or burn right through. Having more than one accessory (example: Cape + underweave) provides no additional effect.

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    Oatu's Beviinir/Lancer Armor

    This lancer armor set is modified by Oatu and is based on the original design for the Beviinir/Lancer Armor. First designed for both Mandalorian boarding parties and then taken on by pilots and most notably the cavalry of bes'uliik or basilisk war droids. The beviinir means "lancer" in a manner to state the role in which their wears usually fall under as 'cavalry' or spearheading of assaults in boarding actions. Favored by shock troopers as well they are pragmatic for their wearers when based in vehicles but equally terrifying if faced with a daring assault.

    Designed for the rigors of limited or no atmosphere the Beviinir is protected from the waist up with little to no protection down. This is because pilots and basilisk riders are usually seated most of the time and their lower parts protected. In addition, being seated for extended periods of time usually makes lower body protection quickly more of an annoyance as it pinches the body and causes discomfort.

    Beviinir is sometimes still called Beskar'gam colloquially by their owners since for many warriors that is their second skin but it can obviously be different from medium or heavy beskar'gam and should not be considered the same in many respects.

    The life support box is a smaller version of the one found in EVA civilian suits. It can only last for a single hour but since this is usually coupled with open-topped basilisk war droids its strain is less extensive. The lifeline, however, is far shorter than civilian models.

    Mandalorian armor- typically defined as anything bearing the cultures iconic T-visor- has been banned in Sith space as a part of the Mandalorian Cultural Repression laws meant to curb the peoples individualistic and rebellious tendencies. Outside of Sith space, the armor doesn't tend to invite any further scrutiny than other armors in its class, and local jurisdictions vary widely.


    There are plenty of pilot/EVA focused individuals out there and as time goes on Basilisk war droid will get used more. The flight suit and the EVA suit are not on the same level as Mandalorian style combat so there needs to be a middle ground for pragmatic void based combat and what has already been produced.


    Type and Coverage


    Coverage: (Coverage regions for Light armor is 1-3 regions, Medium is 4-5, Heavy is 6-7)

    Head: Front and back of the head and neck.
    Chest: Chest and abdomen.
    Back: Upper and lower back.
    Upper Arms: Front and back of upper arms, elbows, and shoulders.
    Lower Arms: Hands, wrists, and forearms.


    Function 1: Combat Life Support
    full life support system built in the suit. provides 1 hour of oxygen in the suit with a 30m long air line that can be connected to the ship for extended periods of use. the system is built within the suit and weighs around 10 kgs.

    Function 2: Life Support Box
    Life support boxes are emergency gear designed to be worn in conjunction with other safety equipment, such as vac-suits and rebreathers. The device can be manually activated via a switch on the chest box, but most also automatically engage when exposed to a vacuum. When activated, the device projects a small mag-shield "bubble" around the user that is just strong enough to contain a tiny amount of livable atmosphere. Life support boxes double the protection provided by vac seals and rebreathers. Without other protective gear, the life support box itself provides only 3 rounds of protection. The system also contains a high power distress beacon that broadcasts the pilots precise coordinates to any ship within a parsec. The distress beacon can be manually deactivated and can broadcast for s much longer time than its wearer can survive.

    Function 3: Gription-Boots
    Gription boots are a catch-all term for footwear that contains electromagnets, repulsors, or other tech in the soles and allows for steady movement on ferrous surfaces in microgravity, steep gradients, and even upside down. This functionality must be turned on or off manually by a button or switch.

    Function 4: Whipcord Thrower
    The whipcord launcher was a personal weapon that fired a thin fiber cord whip which then wrapped around and ensnared the target to restrict mobility up to 7 meters away while remaining attached to the mount point. It was detachable with a second use of the firing button. The whipcord launcher was favored by bounty hunters, as it was easy to carry and use, it was species-nonspecific, unlike poisons, and it virtually always ensured a live capture, though it could be cut by a vibroblade with ease.
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