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    NAME: Dravix Kaneesh

    FACTION: Sith

    RANK: Acolyte

    SPECIES: Human

    AGE: 20

    GENDER: Male

    HEIGHT: 6'2

    WEIGHT: 215

    FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes/Trained

    APPEARANCE: Dravix has pale white skin with dark green eyes and brown hair. He wears a dark gray shirt with black pants. His wrists are wrapped in a tape like cloth, along with his lower legs and feet. He is equipped with a utility belt that holds his lightsaber and a holster for any type of small blaster.

    ATTRIBUTES: Dravix is known for his speed and agility, causing him to lack in the strength and durability department. He may be weak and fast, but he is also known for being great with close combat. When Dravix figured out that he was a good fighter, he wanted to learn how to wield a blade, so he is also known for being balanced with all types of swords. His main weakness would have to be his stubbornness, but don't let that fool you because he is clever and naive as well.

    PERSONALITY: Dravix Kaneesh is a gentleman to most, but he has a short switch, which causes his temper to flare when angered or upset. The man is known for being a joker, always cracking jokes in the most inappropriate of times. His trust is hard to gain, but he is loyal to those he has full trust in. Dravix also has sadistic tendencies, like eating those he kills, tearing their limbs off, or even leaving his initials scarred upon the body of his victims.

    BIOGRAPHY: Dravix was born and raised on Tatooine by his parents. His father was a former Sith, who became tired of the Sith ways, so he began to seek out the lightside of the force, and his mother was an excellent scavenger. With their unique skills and abilities as a team, they decided to teach Dravix everything they knew. When the parents found out Dravix was force sensitive, his father began to teach him the ways of the jedi.

    After years of training with his father, Dravix became more adept in his own abilities and those he was taught. After his basic training was finished, there was a being who swept through their small village, destroying all those in its path. Dravix was lead to a small cavern to hide out by his father, but his father made sure to never return, as this would be the very last time he would see the man. Moments later, Dravix's father was heard screaming in pain, but the teenager ran and escaped the tunnel to never return back.

    After a year of living off the land of Tatooine, Dravix's managed to come across an old abandoned Krayt Dragon liar. With the beast missing and piles of bones just laying about, the man thought this would be the perfect home for him and with only a few hours of cleaning to do, the place would eventually feel like a home to the man.

    With his father taking his own life to save Dravix's, the pain and anger had built up within the man so much that he had tendencies to do bad. Killing those who got in his way when scavenging was the start of it all, but then it got even worse. Dravix began dwelling in his thoughts of what he would ever do to the man who killed his father, wanting to cause him nothing but pain. As time passed by, Dravix become more reliant on this anger and wanted to search out for someone who would be able to teach him the ways of the Sith..This is where his story will begin..

    SKILLS: Very good at picking locks. Handles a lightsaber fairly well offensively and defensively, but lacks focus in his force abilities. Force Sense/Force Corruption/Force Lightning/Memory Walk/Force Choke (Every Force Ability is below average in Skill Level)

    GEAR: http://www.thestarwarsrp.com/forum/index.php?threads/makeshift-jawa-blaster.90268/ (Jawa Blaster)

    Basic Lightsaber with Green crystal.



    -- The Content Below is Optional, but Encouraged!--

    RELATIONSHIPS: None right now

    SHIP: N/A

    DROIDS: DR-47 (Combat Droid Dravix designed and put together)

    PETS: N/A

    KILLS: N/A

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    Hey! Cool to see you got a character up. I'm not a mod, but something I noticed that maybe a issue is that you mentioned you father being an exiled Jedi. The Jedi were basically wiped out and the start of this timeline was their resurgence. Many of the first new Jedi being PCs if I recall correctly so you may need to modify that bit.

    Also generally you should post character profiles with your OOC account, once a char account gets verified their access to the forums gets heavily restricted

    Edit: Just thinking about suggestions for backstory if the mods confirmed what I say, if you want your character to still have that initially in the light side aspect. Your character's father could of been a Sith that became disgusted with himself, they could of defected and try to seek out the light side with Tatooine being a quiet remote planet he went to evade the watch of the empire
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    At that point in time, the Jedi were considered extinct. There wouldn't be any way your character's father could have known the ways of the Jedi. Sure, he could have embraced the Light Side, but specifically Jedi teachings? No

    Also please link the droid to a write-up in the tech boards

    While this is fine in regards to cannibalism ,etc people have done these things before, just be sure that doesn't become too explicit and graphic

    And lastly His biography reads more like an independent character, it ends with his on Tatooine. If you want to start out as a Sith Acolyte please expand in the biography how he became one. (Also do note that if you are going to be a Sith Acolyte his lightsaber color should be red instead of green.) If you are going to start out as an indie, no more changes have to be made but you'd have to drop the lightsaber until you would join the Sith in the roleplay.

    Force Corruption is a legends force power and needs an approved lore write-up before it can be used. Omit it or submit the force power through lore. Memory Walk, the ability to relive their painful memories is covered though

    Tag me when these is addressed.