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    Astrographical information

    Grid coordinates
    Rotation period
    Orbital period
    Inner Rim
    Something Sector sector
    Dobrini system
    Co-Ordinates Here

    Physical information

    Primary terrain

    Points of interest

    Native flora

    Asteroid Belt
    Type Something (Breathable)
    · Variable Dependant on Asteroid
    . Waypoint Satellites (Numerous)

    Societal information

    Native species
    Primary language(s)
    Major cities

    No Natives
    Elected Autocracy
    7.8 Million
    · Prime (capital)


    Excerpt · Description · History · Inhabitants · Flora & Fauna · Intent

    Dobrini (pronounced /ˈdoh-bray’ni/), is an asteroid belt within the inner rim, bordering with the Deep Core. Home to a collection of hundreds of habited asteroids, and several small planetoids, it is one of the most diverse locations in the Galaxy, with a multitude of climates to be found on the asteroids, many of which are custom outfitted for the owners they serve. Originally a mining settlement, the Belt was converted into a real estate project, and now serves as a resort world, home to the Galactic Elite.



    Dobrini is a sporadic collection of Asteroids, each outfitted with biomes and other forms of habitation control - subjected to varying methods of terraforming to reshape the asteroid at the whims of their owners. At its heart resides the only major population center of note, known as ‘Prime’ - which is the administrative hub of the Belt, home to the Presidential Palace, a Spaceport and various shopping centers and hotels for the passing tourist trade (which is a booming business center for the Belt).

    Transit between asteroids is carried out on a collection of shuttles, many of which private - with police patrols requiring transponder code checks at regular intervals to enable the occupants of the Belt to remain undisturbed by the outside world.


    Founded by Mining Mogul, Raxis Figg of Corellia, several millennia ago, the Dobrini Belt was, for a time, the fuel that powered the growth of some of the Core, its wealth stripped and exported to the benefit of the more affluent worlds of the Inner Rim. However, as centuries past, the resources of the world dried up, and soon the regional administration was forced to diversify in order to survive.

    Investing vast sums of its reserves into adapting the former mines into great estates, the Asteroid Belt opened for business as the most exclusive habitation community in the galaxy, selling its asteroids off as upmarket homes - only affordable by the top 1% of the Galaxies elites. With such an influx of currency and influence to the system, it was soon declared as its own governmental entity, electing a President and maintaining a Policing Force - holding its own Currency Reserves, and eventually making its own laws (based off the Core World Legal System).

    Due to its relative obscurity in the Galaxy, and its continued Governmental Effort to ensure that the System remains at peace, Dobrini was a lacklustre contributor to recent conflicts, preferring instead to offer its intelligence gathering assets (which are not inconsiderable), but otherwise to remain unmolested.


    No major population group dominates the Dobrini Sector, indeed it has such a diverse population that it is hard to pinpoint the exact demography of the belt, with the Government Citizen Privacy Laws making that even harder. What is known is that the Policing Force is made up primarily of humans - perhaps due to the origins of the force being from a Human Run Mercenary Group.

    On Asteroid Prime, many of the Government workers are notably Nemoidian, with a large Rodian Population and Duros acting as Administrators. A huge number of the entertainment workers on the asteroid, within the resorts, are of Twi’lek origins, with a vast numbers of the financial workers within the Banking Asteroids (a collection of asteroids off the western edge of Prime) being from Muun worlds.

    Flora & Fauna

    There is no native flora or fauna to the system, with all flora and fauna being imported. Much of the imported flora is housed within the personal homes of the residents, however the Dobrini National Park on Asteroid Prime boasts around four Biomes showcasing the worlds of Tatooine, Felucia, Hoth and Alderaan, and is a popular tourist destination.


    To create a Core World version of Canto Bight, a playground for the elites of the galaxy. It will also serve as the home for my Senator once made. A highly private playground for the best, and worst of the galaxy.

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    The elaborateness of the asteroid belt seems unlikely since asteroids are not really stable, nor are they planetary. You're better off using them for mining in part of a planetary system.