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    Sweet music poured from the speakers as people poured out of a service. Some new kind of religious fervor popped up overnight. Astrid tried it out one night to see if it might have some answers or at least mark something off her list. Unfortunately the service seemed to be more into getting peoples credits than finding something of true value. Enlightenment was too rich for her blood so she dipped before the heavy saucer made it to her.

    Feeling just a bit emptier than before Astrid let out a heavy sigh. Again her eyes went down the list methodically. One by one and each less obtainable than the last. Perhaps in another life she'd find comfort in the magical phrase, 'you still have time'. She didn't have time though and neither did the people who said it to themselves. All they had was the life they got and whether you drew the long or short of it they all ran out eventually.

    Crowds to push through kept Astrid's mind busy. It was in those mundane moments that she found some peace. Simple things like cleaning clothes, checking fruits, and sifting through the hoi polloi. Boring kept her sane, but crazy kept her alive. It was keeping that balance that kept Astrid on this tight rope walk even though the end of the rope was so very dark yet so very close.

    Smells in a city were a lot like colors. In theory a mix of many beautiful and pleasant things should make something even more beautiful. Theories don't always hold water and that metaphorical dingy gray was exactly the smell wafting off the streets.

    Nose crinkling in disgust and flaring to push the offensive murk from her senses, the tepid young woman rushed to the next attempt at crossing off a mark from her list. At the threshold of Tasha's Palace, Astrid looked within at the grinding of bodies and engulfing of smoke. A wry smile hanging upon her lips as she silently mouthed, 'do a drug'
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    Kyi had never been to Corellia before, to be honest he hadn't been to many planets since he spent most of his adolescent years training with the Jedi Order. It was only until recently that Kye had proven himself enough to be capable to go out on his own missions and leave the refuge of the Jedi, it was strange, after so many years of being doted on by the Jedi; "Don't do this", "Don't do that", "Showing any human emotion leads to the Dark Side". Kyi was being a little too hard on them, they were pretty much family to him and he was thankful for all the things they had done for him.

    Corellia was different, vibrant, so much alive, completely flowing with the Force - probably due to how crowded it was. The young Padawan's empathy had been strongly enhanced through the Force, he could feel everyone's thoughts and was almost suffocating but he was used to it, years and years of honing his abilities with the Jedi had prepared him for this. As Kyi wondered aimlessly through the crowds, not exactly sure why he was even on Corellia, he felt a strange calling. Like he needed to be there.

    "The Force works in mysterious ways" he thought.