Information Directives from the Emperor: Vol. I

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    Badger the Badgers

    It is readily apparent that the Mandalorian clans have moved past discontent into open rebellion, and it is doubly clear that there is one clan at the heart of this insurrection. Henceforth, let there be declared a bounty against members of the clan Solus, for their continued role in the disruption of galactic peace and their thoughtless slaughter of innocent, non-combatant civilians on Onderon and Kuat. Members may be taken alive for investigating the individual’s role in galactic terrorism, or a bounty may be claimed for their helmet in any reasonably intact state, with a preference for the iconic Mandalorian “T” as intact as circumstances allow.

    Authorized Imperial Agents and Sith acolytes will claim credits enough to purchase a single piece of advanced tech for rank-and-file member of the clan and credits enough to purchase two pieces of advanced tech (or a non-capital advanced ship of choice) for their Alor and Verde. Both sums will be awarded for bounties rendered dead or alive. Independent contractors will be awarded half of this sum. Reprisal will be offered for any attempts at chicanery.

    The Greater War

    In addition to these Mandalorian raiders and their wanton pillaging, we must needs contend with the traitorous legions in the east. They have no talent in statecraft nor any commitment to the good of their people and we must focus clandestine efforts on their territory as we organize our resources to fortify our own eastern fringes as a bulwark against Mandalorian and traitor incursion. We must forge new factories and shipyards to assemble a mobile force ready to defend against any threats. We must solidify loyalty to galvanize the mighty war machine of the Empire. Any sabotage plots carried out against Old Imperial assets will only strengthen our position as open war looms nearer and nearer and any improvement made to our relations with Imperial Hutta will allow us to outmaneuver the turncoats who follow the Pretender.
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