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    Biographical information

    6419 BBY

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    1.65 meters
    65 kilograms

    Chronological & political information


    Galactic Alliance

    Dev Kyrrex

    Dev Kyrrex (also known as Deadeye) is a male vulpine rebel who fights on the Galactic Alliance side and for a good name of Amaran whom he wants to set free of Imperial affiliation.


    After Amar has fallen under Imperial control, most of Amarans had stayed on their native planet become either a prisoners of Imperial labor camps or those who has had a better luck - an exclusive slaves for a wealthy Imperial citizens because the Empire hasn't considered the vulpine people as those who deserve the same right as the humans. The rest of Amar the Empire was obligated with high taxes and those, who couldn't pay were enslaved including sexual slavery. Kyrrex's family was able to avoid such fate and has left Amar before debt collectors were able to visit the family. Dev's father Onyx has sold their house and for the raised money they bought a small freighter. The family planned to settle somewhere in the Outer Rim and start the business which almost every Amaran do - salesbeing. Basically, it was father business who couldn't anything else, but who cares? The planned wasn't supposed to happen anyway.

    Upon passing the Mid Rim, Kyrrexes were stopped by the Imperial forces for an inspection. Because Dev's mother was some sort of witch-doctor who has been producing medicine drugs without a proper license, the family property were seized in the favor of the Empire and the family itself were sent to the Nar Shaddaa. There were much less pressure and affection by the Empire and Dev's parents with the help of others aliens were able to restore their business. Quite soon Dev had joined to a local criminal thief gang (actually they was people who were suffered by the Empire at Inner and Core worlds) and together they were plundering Imperial properties at nights and making fraudulent transactions with Imperial traders. As the gang performing more and more offensive actions toward the Empire representatives and some other criminals, the more troubles they get. Nonetheless to say, that there was no a single week without shooting or a fight, but it was profitable for the gang. Being in the criminal group, Dev with some other guys had also developed some sort of martial art which was combined elements of dance and combat. And being accompanied with energetic music. In a free of robbing time, the gang has been developing the art and Kyrrex was the best from those who were practicing it due to his natural flexibility and dexterity. And meanwhile, he was learning how to make explosives with an old man who was a chemist before Nar Shaddaa.

    He was even able to use his personal skills several times in a fight before the gang was betrayed by a bribed member. Crimes against the Empire has reached Imperial military forces and they conducted a well prepared special operation. In the massacre initiated by the wealthy Imperial trader (an Imperial agent actually) most of the gang was slaughtered, only a few had survived. Dev was covering his gang by making traps and only thus stayed alive. After that event, Kyrrex decided to leave the planet. He has taken only what he needed and with several other friends from the gang has flown away on the ship they bought.

    During his trip across the Mid Rim Dev has heard that Rebels were detected in the Outer Rim systems. After the Amaran has got information about the Alliance, he asked his friends to deliver him on Tatooine where he started to look for a Rebels to join. His desire was simple - make Empire pay for all troubles they had brought at his homeworld and prove to the Galaxy, that Amarans might be good not only at a beingsales.

    Personality and traits

    Dev is a peace-loving Amaran with diplomatic treats, he values life in all its manifestations. That said, Kyrrex is a disciplined and result-oriented team player. But unlike of people of his kind, he loves the fairness and discipline, but rarely forgives personal offenses. He understands that sometimes you need to use a gun to point a person to his place, but first he tries to negotiate, and only then enter into an unpleasant phase of negotiations. Despite the fact he is an alien of the specimen which isn't easy to meet with, he is a sociable person and easily gets used to a good people, a sense of humor is not alien to him, he can also laugh at himself. Even at the fact that there he is Amaran, he does not take offense at this, since he is already used to the fact that for people in the galaxy he is a strange object. By nature, he is an incurable pragmatic, but he is far from being naive, and can see things in their real "color."

    But nevertheless, there are in Kyrrex and their contradictions. He likes to insist on his, he is stubborn, when he feels that he is right, and is ready to prove his point with foam at the mouth. It is very difficult to convince him if he has set himself a goal. Perseverance he just does not hold, as well as hard work. Does not panic, knows how to get together, calm others down, give hope. Kyrrex might be very self-confident in his decisions, but if the decision has led to an error, then he blames himself only. It is difficult for him being in the society of egoists and greedy people to endure because they irritate it. The fox values sincerity, adherence to principles, the ability to defend her point of view, a sense of humor with the ability to laugh at herself, courage and dedication towards loved ones.

    Because Kyrrex is an alien himself, he usually friendly toward any other alien until the last one shows complete hostility. Kyrrex is also opened for any type of romantic relationships because his sexual orientation is undetermined and as he usually says "I have no time for such useless questions". Deep inside he wants to find someone who could
    love and take care for him but will never it say until he completely sure in his choice.

    Powers and abilities

    In the past Dev was a professional thief and plunderer. Today he doesn't do it as used to do, but the traits as using dexterity and agility as his main defensive skill still persist. His martial art relies on that after all. Add to that a cunning mind and that will be Dev. He is also well familiar with many weapons types and can use almost any, although a repeater his favorite. Alongside thieving, Kyrrex is also good at making traps and ambushes because Dev believes that Rebels can win only by outsmarting the Imperials.

    Amaran Agility — the physiology of Amaran body allows Dev to be extremely mobile and nimble in close combat even against enemies which are bigger than him by using different tricks and acrobatics on the run. Dev knows, the faster you take a good position, the more chances you have to win.

    Trapper — the ability to make traps from an improvised means has come to Dev arsenal in years before he has to leave Nar Shaddaa. Because his gang usually was outnumbered and technologically less advanced, Kyrrex has got some skills to equalize powers by making surprising weapons. It doesn't require too much intelligence to make a trap, rather a cunning mind. This is why Dev is good at making traps.

    Thief — Having started at a pickpocketing, being in the gang Dev was able to develop skills which helped him to steal loads of things and even being captured, he managed to return his stolen things back. This ability also helps for the team his working on by using special language and tools to tell the place where Dev has hid stuff. He also uses his methods in a battle called "baiting".

    Explosion master - Being a trapper work with explosives was an essential part because most of his traps were utilize it. Except he knows how to use grenade or mine, he is able to create his own handmade explosive, although not every one of them is lethal and serves only to "prank" or confuse an enemy.

    Deadeye - Used to shot at long ranges, Dev is a good sniper and leaves no chances for his enemy once his head appears in the rifle scope. A blaster bolt from nowhere is the last thing which foes usually see being on the same battlefield with Dev.



    Ranger Scout Armor
    A10 Long-Blaster with 2 additional power packs
    "Quickdraw" Blaster Pistol with 2 additional power packs (reward for 3 GA missions)
    SP2 Stardancer
    HH-69 Adhesive Grenade (1 unit)

    Roleplay Threads

    Rumble in the Sand - The Alliance has sent a small team of Rebels to aid the mercenaries in protecting the town as well as to defeat the Tusken Raiders and take out the Warlord. In exchange for the assistance with Raiders, Rangers have agreed to help the Alliance

    Ruusan: Supplies of Hope - A truckload of critical supplies needed to be transported through town. Alongside with Tycho, Dev helped to defend from Attack as it moves from one side of town to the other

    Underwater Negotiations - Together with Sharlon Kruger, Dev Kyrrex has had take participate in the negotiating with the Gungans, offering technology and aid and convinced them to let the Galactic Alliance establish a presence on the surface of Naboo.

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