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    ► 33
    ► Klatooinian
    ► 1.92 Meters
    ► 93 Kilos
    ► Brown
    ► Greenish-Brown
    ► Klatooine
    ► Male
    ► Hutt Cartel
    ► Basadi Enforcer
    ► None
    Dekkar was never given much of a choice in how he was to live his life, but for a Klatooinian that was hardly surprising. His species having signed away their freedom to the Hutt in a bygone era, Dekkar followed in his ancestors footsteps when he came of age and was sold to the Besaddi Clan as an indentured servant, only one step removed from a slave. Considered relatively unremarkable in his formative years, he was put to work as a grunt and guard aboard one of the many spice smuggling ships and later on the ground in big-credit spice deals. His life expectancy was guestimated in standard months. Perhaps the only thing surprising about him was that he somehow just seemed to survive. Despite serving on the frontlines so to speak of many a deal gone bad, suffering through countless raids and dog fights in ruthless sectors in space, and at one point simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting caught in the middle of a Jedi confrontation, he was still standing at the finish line.

    Now, simply surviving wasn’t really enough to get him noticed, until some book-keeper paying his wages in the cartel noticed he’d been hanging on for over ten standard years. Almost everyone else who lasted that long was promoted to either increasingly safer or increasingly more lucrative and dangerous positions by that point, but Dekkar had somehow been overlooked. The book-keeper, assuming Dekkar must have some form of hidden talent beyond pure resilience, put him forward for a position as an enforcer. He’s only been in his new role for half a standard year, but the relatively greater freedom seems to suit him.
    Dekkar is a fair approximation of most of his kind. A dog faced (specifically bulldog faced) humanoid of noticeable bulk and above average human height. His upper lip droops slightly and is almost comically oversized, forming something not unlike a big hairy moustache. This being somewhat less striking when considering his whole body is coated in a thick greenish brown fur. Despite living rather dangerously, most of his scars are small and unidentifiable, mostly around the knuckles and fingers. Only one small patch of fur over his left eyebrow is bald and evidently marked with jagged scar tissue, a reminder of a close encounter with a vibroknife.
    Equipment & Technology

    Armour: Cobbled (Reskinned Clovoc without a helmet, see reference picture) Medium Armour composing of following:

    Durasteel Chestplate and Arm Guards, Plasteel Shin and Knee Guards, Thermal-weave underlayer and hardened leather clothing/boots.

    Coverage: Chest, Back, Legs, Forearms,

    Additional Functions: Filter-Rebreather, attached as a face-mask. Attachment points for weapons, Thermal-Underweave for moderate temperature protection.

    Weapons: One-Handed Vibro-Axe, 4C Blaster Pistol, 2Lc Compact Carbine
    Current Assets/Relationships/Other Information
    Taxi Service: As an Enforcer, Dekkar can request a lift on any of the numerous smuggling vessels at the Cartel’s disposal, provided they are already passing somewhat close to where he needs to go.
    Dekkar would probably be best described as laid-back. He is not prone to fiery bouts of temper, nor melancholy or introspection. He just does things. Perhaps his greatest gift is that he is not inclined to overthink problems, acting by instinct and intuition where others might be impeded by intrusive thought or doubt and indecision. Though not unintelligent by any means, he simply rarely finds himself analysing a situation from every angle, living by the philosophy of Occam’s razor, the simplest solution is usually the right one. He enjoys good food, the odd bit of excitement, and watching holo-vids at the end of a long day. Fiercely loyal and respectful of the elderly, if not for the fact that for the last decade of his life he has been saturated in violence and criminality he’d almost be a stand-up citizen. That said, he is still an enforcer, and when it comes to protecting his life or his income, he is not afraid to put someone down, even for good.

    Skills and Attributes


    Strength: Athlete

    Dexterity: Above Average

    Durablity: Above Average

    Endurance: Athlete

    Senses: Acute sense of smell and hearing, average eyesight. Above average sensitivity to debilitatingly loud sounds, intense dislike of cat-like animals and humanoids.

    Steady: Dekkar, perhaps as a by-product of his laid-back personality, is difficult to emotionally rattle. Physically displayed in the lack of any nervousness or shaking in his hands, even in situations of great stress, it also gives him a degree of resistance to any attacks on his mental.

    Learned Skills

    Marksmanship: Proficient, Dekkar can utilise his weaponry with commendable accuracy and speed, though far from super-human, his natural propensity to remain steady under-fire means he can usually place his shots where he wants them.

    Close Quarters: Proficient, Dekkar can and often will fight with formidable skill in close quarters, either with his appropriated vibro-axe or his heavy knuckles. Emulating a boxers style in the latter scenario.

    Turret Gunner (Ship/Land): Proficient, forced to learn on the job while on board spice smuggling ships and in spice deals gone bad on the ground, Dekkar has learned to lead his targets by instinct alone and can use any form of turret with competency.

    Climbing/Rough Terrain Traversal: Proficient, mostly a by-product of a mispent youth, Dekkar can traverse all but the most difficult terrain with relative ease.

    Engineering/Jury Rigging: Novice, far from gifted, Dekkar has had a few on the cuff training sessions with criminal tech-specialists, and can jury-rig damaged sub-systems on starships (and patch up holes in land-cruisers) to keep them running a while longer.

    Criminal Knowledge: Proficient, Dekkar has been a member of the syndicate for over a decade, he’s learned a few things specific to that sort of lifestyle.

    Explosives: Proficient, Dekkar can set a breaching charge, cook a frag grenade, and knows how to make an assortment of things explode, though making them not explode is a little out of his grasp.

    Weapons Tech: Proficient, Dekkar likes knowing what makes his weapons work, he can strip his blasters down to the barebones and build them back up again in short order, as well as cleaning and patching up any surface damage. He couldn’t make a blaster from scratch though.

    Languages: Hutt, Klatooinian, Basic, can understand some Gamorrean, all by-products of his life up until now.

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    First of all, I'd like to apologize on behalf of the administration for the delay.

    The bio, appearance and personality sections are great. You have a really interesting character on your hands. The skills and attributes are adequate for a level one, so kudos on that.

    The only issue I can see is that you'll need a gentech profile for your armor (read the tech rules for more info on armors). All other equipment (axe, blaster and carabine) will also need to be linked to the correlating tech profiles.

    Let me know when your edits are done and I'll gladly approve your profile.
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    Edits all done I believe, thanks.
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