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    NAME: Defel

    DESIGNATION: Sentient

    Defel are from Af'El, a large, high-gravity, seldom-visited world orbiting the ultraviolet supergiant Ka'Dedus. Since Af'El has no ozone layer, ultraviolet light passed freely to the surface, while other light wavelengths were mostly blocked by the heavy gases in the planet's atmosphere. Thus, all lifeforms on Af'El could see in ultraviolet light ranges, but were blinded by all but the dimmest light in other wavelengths. This is why Defels normally wore a visor when they left Af'El and expected to be exposed to daylight at their destination.

    Defel were short, stocky beings, averaging 1.3 meters tall and nearly as wide. Though they were nearly invisible in normal light, Defel were actually colorful beings. Viewed under ultraviolet light, their fur appeared in colors ranging from yellow to blue. Their snouts appeared green, with orange, gill-like slits at the base of their jawlines. Elderly Defel lost their ability to absorb light, fading to a dull dark brown under visible light. With their eyes, their pupils and iris glow red, while their sclera is pitch black.

    Defels reproduce by way of sexual reproduction. Their offspring are born blind and they do not open their eyes until the baby’s eyes are strong enough to withstand bright light without being permanently blinded. Infants kept in dark places open their eyes much sooner than those constantly exposed to light. Their physical maturity is comparable to humans. Even though Defels are sexually compatible with many species in the galaxy, due to their unique physiology, they are only able to reproduce with other Defels.

    Due to their unique physiology, Defels are able to absorb light around themselves greatly enhancing their ability to remain unseen. While this is not complete invisibility, it is an anatomical camouflage that is legendary around the galaxy, often called “Wraiths”. The speed that the Defel travels has an effect on the effectiveness of this ability. When they are standing still, they are nearly invisible. If they run, a blur effect can be made out quite easily if looking for it. In order for them to fully take advantage of this anatomy, they need to be completely naked, in clothes or at the very maximum, light armor. Defels can still wear medium armor, but it lessens the effectiveness of their natural camouflage ability. If a Defel wears heavy armor, it will completely negate the anatomical stealth gifts.

    Although Defels make excellent scouts, spies and assassins, their species is just as well-known for their metallurgy techniques and their advanced mining technologies.

    Defels have an acute sense of smell, able to smell blood from up to six miles away. In addition, Defels possess excellent eyesight in dark conditions.

    Defel are extremely light-sensitive. They are vulnerable to bright lights, which cause them intense pain and temporary blindness if viewed without protection, usually in the form of googles or a similar eye protection apparatus.

    At this point in time, for balance reasons, the Defel are unable to become Force-Sensitive.

    Defels are carnivorous creatures, gaining no real sustenance from foods other than meat. They are able to feast on sentient species, but prefer traditional meats found across the galaxy, but the meat must be raw and liquified.

    The typical Defel is a tough, independent being, with a strong sense of honor. Defels stand by their word, refusing to associate with anyone who breaks a promise. They are honorable to a fault in this regard. Most Defels are confident and honorable, typically possessing level-heads. However, their grudges are legendary, much like their stealth ability…

    Defels speak their own language, which is a quiet, guttural tongue. Many of them are also taught Basic if they expect to go off-world. They have their own form of sign language that hunters use anytime they need to hunt. It was necessary due to some of the predators on Af’El being much stealthier and more dangerous than Defels…

    Due to the harsh conditions of Af'El, Defel have a society based on communal resource sharing. Cooperation is vital for their survival. This means that Defels do not measure personal space quite like most human societies, typically they will come much closer to those they are speaking to than is comfortable. In addition, they do not view theft quite like most of the galaxy. Coming from their society, they see nothing wrong from taking something they need from an individual who has that resource in excess.

    As a species of carnivores, they are a bit numb to blood and gore. Since they are strictly carnivores, their palette is geared toward different types of meat as their menu of items. Most all Defel do not eat sentients as a practice, but will not hesitate to do so if it is a matter of survival.

    Due to the Defels slow technology advancement, little us known about the origins of this species. Defels have dwelled in their underground cities for as long as Defel historians can remember. While technological advances have reshaped the underground cities with technological advancements, they are still many years behind the technology of the Core Worlds. Defels have very few ships that are powerful enough to escape the planet’s gravity well, so not many Defels are seen offworld—they see no reason to leave anyway.

    Af'El is the homeworld to the Defel, who dwell in underground cities. It was a high-gravity planet with no ozone layer, and it orbits the ultraviolet supergiant Ka'Dedus. Because of the lack of ozone, ultraviolet light passed freely to the surface, while other light wavelengths were blocked by the heavy gases in the planet's atmosphere. Thus, all animals on Af'El could only see in ultraviolet light ranges. A main export of the planet was the metal meleenium used in durasteel.

    Due to the tremendous velocity necessary for a starship to escape Af'El's gravity well, the planet is rarely visited, also contributing to the galaxy’s overall ignorance of the Defels’ existence.

    Their subterranean society has developed highly advanced mining and metallurgical technology, though they have not developed space travel or agriculture on their own, aside from other species' technology. Besides their mining and metallurgy techniques, they are not highly advanced species compared to most of the civilized galaxy.

    Defels are a part of the Star Wars galaxy. They have a special place among the aliens, which have a fleshed out description of who and what they are. Defels are here for those players who are not interested in the Force, but would like to play a species that is interesting, honorable, stealthy, and with a rich background.

    P.S. I am happy to explore other options if necessary to get the species approved :)
    P.S.S. I took liberally from the Defel entry in Wookiepedia to supplement this canon species submission
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    As I said in my PM, besides the nerfs I talked about and added to the approves species list, this race is just fine to go. Since it's mainly just info from Wookieepedia, I'm going to archive this so you can use the info from there to make one so as to not create confusion between this and there. I'm going to Archive this, nothing against you as I said.

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