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    • [​IMG]

      Davis Jan

      • NAME: Davis Jan

        AGE: 31 G.S.Y.
        SPECIES: Human
        HOMEWORLD: Atlas

        LEVEL: One
        FACTION: Galactic Alliance
        RANK: Rebel


        HEIGHT: 177 cm
        WEIGHT: 84 kg
        6429 BBY (469 ABC) Born as Davis Jan on Atlas
        6398 BBY (500 ABC) [start of timeline - Medriaas Incident]
        6397 BBY (501 ABC) Joins the Galactic Alliance


        Completed threads

        Ongoing threads
        Farm Patrol [Mission]
        Pirates! [Mining Guild]​
      • You cannot be born to pirates on a pirate world without having some natural disregard for other people's property and general well being. Davis is a self-dealing kriffer who will always value his own hide above anyone else's and despite all his considerable character flaws he did choose to join the Galactic Alliance. Why? Perhaps because he hates the restrictiveness of Imperial law, or perhaps it had something to do with the Empire wiping out the last crew he flew the star systems with. Truth be told, Davis himself doesn't really know, but right now, he has nowhere else to go.
      • Holo-log #1 'Prologue'
        "Crewman's Log number one-hundred and twelve.

        I got myself on the crew of a new ship. Steady pay this time, but still have to dodge Imperial patrols whenever we come across them. They're not as uniform as I'd have guessed when I signed up, which is good, ofcourse, but with the recent loss of Hoth I'm having to doubt the chances of this Galactic Alliance to withstand against Imperial counteroffensives. Doesn't help the Mandalorians went silent after reclaiming their worlds, kriffers, could never do good trade with those religious fanatics. Always trying to take your cargo and call it "fair in Haran's eyes". I'm not saying I'm a saint, compared to that Commander Ion at least, but who is after growing up the way I did? Stealing and then selling other people's cargo was the trade of my parents and their parents before them. Bloodless, usually, but when they shoot to defend we shoot to end conflict. That's right. I'm a conflict-stopper at heart. Always have been.

        Anyway, we were meeting some smugglers on Hoth when that Imperial fleet popped up and starting firing their heavy lasers on the planet. Kriffed the Kark out of me, them doing that, indiscriminately. Who says they won't do that to Atlas when they ever find it? Or any planet where we honest pirates can sell our merchandise? I say it again, it kriffed the karking kark out of me, that thought. First thing those Imps did when they landed was eradicate potential rebels, which apparently included smugglers and pirates. Kriffers. Made it out there with my datapad and only two blaster marks on my armor, which makes me the luckiest pirate on Hoth that day.

        If the Empire sees me as a rebel I figured I might as well be one."
      • COMBAT GEAR*
        R-5 Blaster Pistol **Not Adv.
        Vibro-bladeNot Adv.
        Rebel Trooper ArmorNot Adv.
        Nerf-Class FreighterNot Adv.
        * this is his default gear.
        ** He carries [2] extra powerpacks.

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    In my opinion The Meg was a pretty dumb movie but Rainn Wilson's performance is great in anything he does. Also comic sans.
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    I just had to look at the faceclaim and I knew this guy is the hero the GA needs.
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