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 Independent Darth Kados

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    NAME: Midwan 'Mid' Samekh (a.k.a. Darth Kados)
    FACTION: Independent
    RANK: Exiled Sith Lord
    SPECIES: Sith Pureblood
    AGE: 63 standard years
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 6'5
    WEIGHT: 130kg
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, Trained
    LEVEL: 3

    Dark red skin, neck length black hair. Bright golden eyes. Tall, muscular, well toned, protrusions on cheeks and chin. Ridges on his neck, forehead and various other parts of his body. Piercings on his ears and bridge of his nose. Cybernetic left arm. Scar from stab wound on his stomach and back.

    Very traditional and religious.
    Views the tenants of the Sith as a way of life and tries to live them to the fullest.
    Physically very strong(and surprisingly agile) even among his own people thanks to his upbringing.
    Incredibly smart and well versed in not only galactic basic, but in the sith language as well.
    Loves his food and eats absurd amounts of food, even for his kind.
    He is a devout follower of both the Dark Side as well as the teachings of the Sith ways and sees himself as a 'keeper' of the sith traditions and way of life. This may cause some disagreements with anyone that don't believe in the tenants of the sith or that don't believe in the ways of the Dark Side.
    He is quite put off by the Jedi, but his curious nature almost compels him to try and learn from them and trade views about their different philosophies before killing them.
    Left handed as is quite common under his species.
    Loves to tinker and as such has studied the internal workings of many things thoroughly, be it lightsabers, blasters, vibroblades or speeders.

    Has a curious streak a mile long, and can come of as overly dramatic at times due to his view of the sith tenants.
    He takes the phrase "There is only passion" to the next level and tries to find passion in everything he does and feel, whether it be good or bad. This causes him to appear overly dramatic at times, as he tries to pour as much passion into everything in order to empower himself. This can cause him to be overly happy, sad or even extremely aggressive when fighting.
    He does a remarkable job at suppressing his negative emotions, despite his views of them, but is more than happy to throw control out the window when someone disrespects or mocks the dark side intentionally.
    Because of his upbringing he cares for others and tries to help in the best of his abilities in any situation and is always willing to talk or preach about the ways of the dark side and seeks to help 'misguided' individuals in any way he can to help them see the true ways of the dark side and help them out of their 'ignorance'.
    He is extremely talkative and loves to chat with others about anything that comes to mind.
    Rather dislikes seeing the blood of innocents spilled, but is willing to either turn a blind eye or even join in the slaughter if they disrespect, mock or refuse the ways of the Dark Side.
    Can almost be described as fanatical in a sense, given his views.
    Despite his fanatical views, he's surprisingly open minded thanks to his curiosity.
    He is a completely devout follower to the Dark Side and aims to spread its word to the rest of the galaxy.
    Fiercely loyal to the Sith Empire.
    Very patient and prefers to explore all options before acting on something.

    Born on Korriban to a Sith Crusader for a father and a priest for a mother, he was raised in a very religious home. When he turned 6 years old, barely out of the toddler stages of his life, his parents trained him in limited use of the force, blade and taught him as much as they could about the history, traditions, religion and lifestyle of his people.
    When he turned 10, he started to help his parents in the nearby temple where he and his parents cleaned, restored and maintained it as well as preached to the people. As part of a priest he was also taught to always lend a helping hand when he could, with a basic understanding of first-aid being taught to him by his mother to accompany this teaching.

    By the young age of 20, he had a fairly decent grasp and understanding of the force and was a formidable fighter with a vibroblade, befitting the title of a warrior and priest just like his parents. While he could use the force at this point, it was very limited and only used to worship and please the gods. We was also fluent in Galactic Basic as well as the Sith language to aid him in his duties as a priest and the self appointed job of 'keeper' of his people's ways. It was also at this age where his curious streak was developed, when he met an off-worlder for the first time. A twi'lek slave girl was purchased and gifted to his family to aid them in their duties at home as thanks for their service to the temple and gods. Fascinated by this strange and beautiful being he asked her tons of questions about the rest of the galaxy. After that he was driven by an insatiable lust for knowledge to learn and document as much as he could about everything he could find.

    By the age of 40, he was admitted into the Sith Academy and there he honed his skills further with the force as well as learn new ones as he was trained in the arts of lightsaber combat. Taking a liking for Form VII, as it was powerful and reminded him of his teachings with a sword and views it as a form fit for a sith warrior. He honed his skills and even dabbled with blasters, learning how to use and maintain them, making him rather adept with a gun. Though he preferred to fight with a sword over a gun.

    This is where we find him, at the still quite young age of 50 with a wealth of knowledge, extremely curious streak as well as a very odd fanatical and religious view on life and the Dark side.

    Being trained pretty fairly in the force for most of his life as well as hand-to-hand combat, both with a sword and lightsaber, he is a formidable opponent to fight against. The fact that he took to training himself with a blaster also only increases his lethality. His experience with healing and first aid helps give aid to anyone who needs it.
    The only thing he is absolutely terrible at is flying. With only basic knowledge on how to pilot a ship, he is by all accounts a terrible pilot and relies on his personal Astromech droid to pilot him around.
    With his training, encounters and development over the years, he has learned quite a lot. His piloting has increased significantly to the point where he's quite decent behind the controls. His medical knowledge also expanded widely, making him a decent medic. With his curiosity he naturally took to the library in the Sacellum and the temple on Korriban, where he learned a lot of other cultures and languages. To improve his combat readiness and tinkering capabilities even more he learned how to craft his own armour and weapons. He also found out that swoops can be 'souped up' and has written a few off through very unsafe speeds.

    -Lightsaber: Form VII

    -Blaster: Adept at using a blaster

    -Piloting: His piloting skills improved significantly and he has become quite a decent pilot

    Force flash

    disable droid

    force bellow

    Force Barrier

    Force Sight(Taught to him by the Confessor on Ilum)


    Force Stasis

    Force Fire

    Sith Alchemy (learned here)

    Mental subjugation

    -Medical: His medical knowledge has expanded well, making him a formidable medic


    2x Spiner Crossguard Lightsabers with red blades. On each pommel is a magnetic lock to lock both lightsabers against each other to create a saberstaff of sorts.
    1x Sith Knife that he used alongside his sword before he joined the Order. Though the sword is only an ornament in his room, he still carries the knife with him at all times.
    2x Lullaby pistol | 3 extra mags each (earned here and here)
    1x Sith Lanvarok mounted onto his right arm, currently loaded with Qorit discs (weapon earned here)

    Set of Rogue Armour to keep his identity hidden

    2x Rev-all
    2x K.O-squares
    Vor'yc Baar left forearm that he got after Tython. (custom paint job)

    2 Imperial troopers, clad in Ruffian Armour and armed with Gladius blaster rifles. (They work as the pilots on his ship)

    Yellow lightsaber that he took from a Mind-Breaker on Korriban, along with her skin as well as several pieces from her beast for later use.(Not carried on him)

    Blue lightsaber that he took from the Jedi Knight Sakadi Sinvala for later use(not carried on him)

    Mission/Faction Related:

    1.The Winter Offensive(PvP): completed | failed
    2.What a bust...: completed | successful
    3.Acquisitions Of Late: completed
    4.Grand Protector: completed | successful
    5.Skirmish in Jundland: completed | successful
    6.Ask Nicely: completed | successful
    7.A Slight Spark: completed | successful
    8.Fuels of War(PvP): completed | successful
    9.Breakout(PvP): completed | failed
    10.The Blood Princess: When the Knight Falls: completed | successful
    11.EOG: Breaking the Wheel: completed | successful
    12.Hub Activity: completed | successful
    13.T for Telos, B for breach: completed | successful
    14.All is fair in the Underworld: completed | successful
    15.A wet debt: completed | successful
    16.Nice Spread You Got Here: completed | successful
    17.Dug in good: completed | successful
    18.Absolute Unit: completed | successful
    19.Enemy of my Enemy(dice): completed | successful
    20.Unpaid Internship: completed | successful
    21.Battle of Tython: Mountain Forge(PvP): completed | successful
    22.Take Korriban Back: Valley of Dark Lords(PvP/DM): completed | successful
    23.Blackout: completed | successful
    24.A Sith in Runaway's Clothing: completed | successful
    25.Battle for Tython II: The Temple Ruins(PvP): completed | failed
    26.War Games(PvP): completed | successful
    27.The Bolt That Sticks Out: completed | successful


    1.A Warden in the Middle(cPvP): completed
    2.The Frozen Witch: completed
    3.Finding The Right Tool: completed
    4.Do you love me now?: completed
    5.My very own glow stick: completed

    Plot Related:

    1.Rule of Three: completed | successful
    2.Whiteout: completed | successful
    3.Peace is a lie: completed | successful
    4.Devil's due: completed | successful
    5.From bad to worse: completed | successful
    6.Unlikely Allies: completed | successful

    Mission Packs:

    1.Hippity Hoppity gimme your Property: completed | successful
    2.Temple on the Prairie: completed | successful

    -- The Content Below is Optional, but Encouraged!--

    Darth Parox - Served with him numerous times and considers him a friend Deceased

    The Confessor - His superior in the Sacellum as well as a good friend. Disappeared

    Darth Victress - Dark Councillor that he greatly respects and hopes to learn from. Deceased

    Hexad Kagortos - Fellow acolyte he fought alongside against rebels on Formos

    Shikari Gale - The former Arch Priest of the Sacellum that he had grown rather fond of. Disappeared without a word or trace.

    Darth Tagus - The remaining Sith Emperor that he now actively despises and hates with a passion.

    Rowan Harlow - Curious acolyte that aided him on a mission to Ansion. Disappeared

    Kalanda Tishire - One of his apprentices that he cares a great deal for. Sees her as a daughter, though now he's forced to abandon her

    Amur - His other apprentice. He sees a lot of potential in her but conflict as well. Forced to abandon her now too.

    Darth Perilius - The other of Victress' apprentices alongside him. Not very impressed with the man but still sees him as a close ally.

    Sakadi Sinvala - Jedi Knight that he fell for. Now his girlfriend

    Acranian Cutter MkV 'The Logos'(earned here) stolen

    Black and red XR-1200fp 'Scarlet Fever'
    Vector-class shuttle
    Nightsweeper-class Star Yacht 'The Salvation' (Earned here) | F.I.R.E system installed(Earned here) | Inflatable pontoons

    BN-9 Red Witch Swoop Bike

    MIA-01 droid 'Buddy'

    Varpa, his pet Tuk'ata.

    Viladous Ordo - Shot the man on Cardia

    Fight against rebels on Hoth
    Skirmish against a rebel as well as a Jedi he encountered on Hoth
    Fight in a prison against a rebel and jedi. Went south when a 3rd Jedi showed up (lost his polearm in this fight as well)

    19 April 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated combat list
    updated force powers(added disable droid/force flash/force bellow

    24 April 2019 updates
    swapped lightsabre out for lightsabre polearm

    25April 2019 updates
    added 'Sith Knife'
    added Tuk'ata 'Varpa' as pet
    updated roleplay list

    12 May 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated gear, added Sith Lanvarok and 6 troopers(with standard gear)

    13 May 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    added voice claim just cause

    18 May 2019 updates
    added Force Barrier to abilities
    added level

    27 May 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list

    5 June 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list, added 'mission packs' as well
    filled out relationships
    updated gear, replaced polearm with normal lightsaber again, added 40 troops and Acranian Cutter MkV from mission rewards
    updated combat list

    7 June 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated skills, added force sight and psychometry,

    8 June 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated level and rank
    added Force Fire and Force Stasis
    updated skills and age

    12 October 2019 updates
    -Updated roleplay list
    -updated gear, added Lullaby pistol and two captured lightsabers.
    -updated abilities, added Sith Alchemy

    15 October 2019 updates
    -updated gear, added second Lullaby pistol
    -updated ships, added shuttle and Yacht

    3 November 2019 updates
    -updated age
    -updated level
    -updated rank

    17 November 2019 updates
    -updated appearance
    -updated gear, added arm and earning of new Lullaby. Removed other pistols and grenades.
    -updated roleplay list

    26 November 2019 updates
    -updated rank and faction due to exile
    -updated gear. Removed troops and corvette
    -updated relationships
    -updated roleplay list
    -updated kills, added Viladous
    -too lazy to update combat list
    -updated force powers, added mental subjugation

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