Reviewed Dark Deeds, Dark Arts

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    Character Name and Level:
    @Mid Samekh (level 2)

    Character Rank:
    Rank 2: Sith Crusader

    Name of Plot:
    Dark Deeds, Dark Arts

    Participants in the plot (Character accounts):
    @Algarus (@Kalanda Tishire)

    Intended Outcome of Plot:
    For Mid to learn Sith Alchemy

    Actual Outcome of Plot:
    Mid and Kalanda committed genocide, Mid learned Sith Alchemy

    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved?

    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used:

    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:

    1. Whiteout: Mid and Kalanda arrive on Ziost, but after their speeders were damaged in a snow storm they were forced to continue on foot. After braving the brutal storm and defending against a wild pack of Tuk'ata's they finally arrive at the village they sought out.

    2. Peace is a lie: Mid and Kalanda are asked by the chief of the Pureblood village to execute a rival village for their land in exchange for the art of Sith Alchemy. After hesitation, Mid agreed. Him and Kalanda did the deed, emerging from the chaos with a lust for vengeance.

    3. Devil's due: After returning to the village, the chief had a change of heart and no longer wanted to teach Mid the secrets of Alchemy. After defending from the betrayal, Mid 'persuades' the chief to give up the secret. With all that said and done, Mid and Kalanda board the Logos and leave Ziost behind with a lighter heart, bloody blades and their goal accomplished.
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    Credits awarded and plot reviewed. Looks good.
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