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    Darius Alexander


    Darius believes in two things: the United Protectorate project and the Preeminence of the Empire within it.

    FACTION: United Protectorate
    RANK: Senator
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 35
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 6'0"
    WEIGHT: 75kg
    FORCE SENSITIVE: negative

    Tall with curly brown hair that is starting to thin at the top. He is often seen in a traditional imperial suit; at nearly all other times, he wears an old hunting jacket and boots. He has a desert hound named Norman that accompanies him almost everywhere.

    Born an only child to wealthy lawyers in Coruscant, he was sent away at an early age to the planet's most prestigious boarding school on one of the less populated moons.

    Although his upbringing was privileged, it was far from comfortable. Parents of the Imperial upper echelons expect their offspring to be trained in hardship. Instructors with high expectations, hierarchical boarding houses and a lack of creature comforts all add up to an atmosphere of competition and self sufficiency.

    Darius largely survived the experience by concentrating on his studies, pretending not to care what other people thought of him and not taking the beatings from the older boys to heart. He made a specialty of being good at things that no one else really cared about - that way he had the best shot at being the best.

    He always made as if it didn't bother him that he was passed over for head boy. In reality it still drives him today.

    Following school, he took a year out, helping refugees in Jakku. He lived among the nomads and gained a love for the lifestyle. Here was where he picked up his first desert hound, Ronald. Since then he has almost always had one - and given them names normally associated with old men.

    From a young age, he had promised himself he would never follow his parents and go into the law. However, through a combination of natural inclination, a desire to help the common man and a lack of imagination for anything else, he ended up going to law school and volunteering at a Coruscant law clinic for people facing eviction.

    On graduation, Darius enrolled almost immediately into the Imperial Legal Services. By his view, it was the best way to help the largest number of people. Given his love of the itinerant life, he found himself on a number of different planets, supporting local governors. He was one of the last to flee Bacrana when the civil war resulted in the collapse of the Republica, finalising paperwork for the Empire by day and displaced people by night.

    With the reunification of the Sith Empire, Darius was one of the countless officials making the transition as smooth as can be. It was at this time that Darius first got his taste for politics: it's capacity to sow discord on the one hand or promote unity on the other.

    Therefore, when the protectorate was first formed and the powers that be asked him to stand for election as their representative in Shili, he jumped at the opportunity (albeit in his characteristically outwardly reserved way). It appealed both to his adventurous streak and his desire to help (and to be seen doing so).

    Given that it was made clear that the Empire would not suffer the Togruta people to elect one of their own, he was seen as a moderate candidate and was approved by the planet's population largely out of fear of who else the Empire might inflict upon them.

    Darius sees it as a high honour to represent them and takes his responsibilities seriously and has turned out to be popular with all but the most reactionary inhabitants of Shili.

    The quintessential Imperial patrician in many ways.

    Reserved: the worst thing for a gentleman is to be visibly emotional; his ambitions, his desires and personal relationships are all veiled under a mask of affected indifference.

    Polite: even to his enemies, his voice is never raised, he never indulges in vulgarity and does not engage in personal attacks; in fact, when under stress or in anger, his studied politeness only increases.

    Self-assured: taught from a young age only ever to rely on number one; natural ability, rigorous coaching and generational wealth have meant that he has rarely heard the word "no"; the few failures he suffers dog him and drive him to perfectionism.

    Privilege-guilt: aware of the advantages he has in life he wants to give back; when this is coupled with his own self assurance, this can manifest itself in a saviour complex.

    Eccentric: his personal tastes are old school - opera, ballet and classical literature; he is out of touch with popular culture but that is part of the appeal to his followers.

    Modest: he makes it a policy of his always to be underestimated by the opposition; moreover, it is better to show one's brilliance than tell - and if you can't show, don't tell.

    Honourable: fair play and honesty are very important to him - he holds himself and others to high standards.


    Logical: the finest education in the galaxy means good critical faculties are as sharp as anyone.

    Languages: likewise, given his training, he is conversant in most space-going tongues - at least in the Empire.

    Piloting: with access to top of the range flyers and speeders in his youth, he has a good skill in these. He rarely likes to show it, however.

    Marksmanship: he understands the theory and principals perfectly; his natural malcoordination, however makes the practice a completely different story.

    A simple hold out blaster - mostly left in his desk drawer.

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    Link to the blaster in the tech boards please

    The Sith Empire doesn't institutionalize humanocentalism (because the non-xenophobic Old Empire was the winning party of the civil war instead of the xenophobic Republica) although there are plenty of options of having a human representative of a world with aliens (like being appointed by the governor or something, who himself could be xenophobic on a personal level or sees your character as a 'Yes-man')

    Tag me when edits are made, should be easy ones.
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    Sorry, I hadn't picked up on the inclusivity of the old empire...

    It's not so much about xenophobia, more about the Empire exercising control (and for Darius to be able to exercise his saviour complex, when in reality the best thing would be to allow the natives to choose their own representative)
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