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 Droid D3-RP Pet Droid

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Caught in Strangereal, Aug 31, 2019.

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    D3-RP Pet Droid

    Open Market

    Cybot Galactica

    Protocol Droid/ Droid pet

    2 legs
    Power Supply:
    Rechargeable Power cell, 36 hour charge

    2x Audioreceptors
    2x Photoreceptors

    1m Tall


    Tools and Equipment:
    • 2x Manipluator arms
    • 1x Variable pitch vocabulator
    • 1x Standard I/O socket
    • 1x Language databank
    • 1x 'Fun & Play' Databank

    This droid is a peculiar venture by Cybot Galactica. It doesn't have an official designation yet as it's currently in the final stages of development, after a considerable amount of R&D work invested in it. In fact the current D3-RP designation is actually just an internal code used by Cybot Galactica(Standing for DIM series, model 3; Robotic Pet), Though marketing had just decided to actually use the internal designation as it's official market name.

    The goal of the D3-RP is to be the first of a new marketed class of droids known as Pet Droids. Pet droids are in theory meant to serve as a low maintenance alternative to owning a animal pet or child, while still serving the emotion support, playfulness, and other stress relieving activities that it's owner may desire. As a result the personality matrix of the D3-RP is very unique, the droid exhibits the behaviors and mannerisms of a human child aged around 5-7, Except with more capability with language, and mathematical skills. D3-RP droids are extremely impulsive, forgetful, and displays what seems to sentient onlookers as an unstable amount of emotions. D3-RP droids are prone to extreme 'mood swings' capable of going from crying, to laughter, to excitement, panic and to simulated sleep within minutes or seconds of operation. D3-RP Droids often struggle with carrying out designated commands like other droids, they will frequently misinterpret, or drop their task to do something else.

    As a result of this behavior In focus group testing D3-RP droids were given extremely negative feedback by adults (Although it was reported that they were well liked by children). They were reported as loud, obnoxious, insufferable annoying, constantly bothering their owners, and creating large messes. There were some cases where the actions of the D3-RP even lead to the accidental injury of their owners. Oddly enough despite all of this the droid kept getting pushed through development with very little changes made to their personality matrix. While many within the company had called for the entire project to be scrapped those people would often be fired to serve as a chilling effect for any contrarians.

    The true reason for the devlopment of the aesthetically adorable D3-RP is much more nefarious. The DIM part of it's internal designation stands for Dynamic Intelligence Modifier. The DIM project in Cybot Galactica was to serve as a module and personality matrix that would 'dumb down' the intelligence of a droid brain and processor by constantly feeding the processor junk data and forced intrusive, illogical thoughts. Originally developed as a possible cognitive limiter that could prevent droids from getting too smart to start displaying sentience as processor technology kept getting more and more powerful. It was found however that it was difficult to have the matrix bottleneck Droid processors without being put into a positive feedback loop that made Droids become incredibly erratic.

    The project however saw a new use for the matrix in cyber warfare and sabotage. Cybot Galactica engineers repurposed the project into an uploadable personality and virus that could be used to subtly render droids useless by slicers. With dedicated viruses having elaborate methods to infect networks of droids.

    The D3-RP droid relates to DIM project by serving as a smokescreen in order for Cybot Galactica to mass produce the matrix and potentially leak the code to Slicers to be used in industrial sabotage and military uses under the guise of a cute fun pet droid.

    D3-RP droids are legal anywhere that allows ownership of droids, though their behavior if not under supervision of the owner could result in negative consequences

    I wanted to make a droid that could serve as a similar character to GIR from Invader Zim. A Cute childlike but really dumb droid that could be a source for plot conflict and comedy potential. It could also even serve as a PC droid, if someone really wants to roleplay that kind of character.

    Also I wanted to use the droid's personality as a basis for a virus that Slicers could use to sabotage droids and create mischief while giving them more tools to use in RP. I will write a dedicated write-up for the personality virus to be reviewed by the Tech team, if this droid gets approved

    NO While these droids are brand new and on the brink of being released to the general market there is nothing especially special about this droid's functionality or construction. In Fact this droid may even serve as a detriment for anyone that owns one. Cybot Galactica wants these droids to be widespread to normalize the personality so when the virus is used it's seen as the work of crafty slicer repurposing the droid's personality than a purpose-built tool of cyber warfare.

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    Approved. On the condition that at some point, one of these things is retrofitted with a sammich launcher in its head.
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    [​IMG] I'll get to work on the prototype
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