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    Czerka Corporation

    Czerka Corporation is a pan-galactic conglomerate that primarily acts as a defense contractor, but also consists of a multitude of subsidiaries which deal in research and development, private security, arms manufacturing, droid construction, and starship construction. Czerka's headquarters are on Vardos in the Czerka Tower, but it also holds interests on Anoat, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Trandosha, and Dantooine.


    Czerka Corporation first arose on Vardos shortly after the Hundred-Year Darkness. It began as an arms manufacturer and was notorious for not siding with any of the factions that emerged out of the Darkness but, instead, sold to whomever had the credits to purchase their products. As a result, Czerka profited from the chaotic aftermath of the war and became enormously successful, allowing it to pursue other profitable venues and establish new branches.

    By the time of the Great Galactic War, it had a number of subsidiaries: CzerkaArms, which produced droids and weapons; CzerkaSec, which provided private security for the corporation and anyone else who could afford to contract them; CzerkaStar, which dealt in starship manufacturing; and the more shadowy CzerkaTech, which did research and development for the corporation and also provided a variety of miscellaneous products.

    • CzerkaArms
    • CzerkaSec
    • CzerkaStar
    • CzerkaTech


    Czerka Corporation was, in its earliest days, publicly known to be a vastly successful corporation. It did not take sides in war and sold to whomever had enough credits to purchase it's products. Over time, however, it became embroiled in criminal activity. It was deeply involved in the slave trade, particularly of Wookiees, but was also involved in slave ventures on worlds such as Ifrane, Ryloth, and Hoth.

    Czerka sponsored sports such as swoop-racing on Anoat, Ando Prime, Atlas, Malastare, and Tatooine. It also sponsored Hutt Ball on Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa, giving it a reputation of being associated with criminal ventures, even if, publicly, it denied such connections and criminal intentions.

    Acting on purely financial motives, Czerka was not above using smugglers, hiring mercenaries, participating in money laundering, theft, bribery, and a whole host of other corrupt activities to further its own ends.


    Czerka had a few known (public) ranks. It was known to employ smugglers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and criminal enforcers for its backroom activities.
    • Czerka Representative — Representatives were put in charge of representing Czerka's interests on a single world. They were the public face of the company, but they also cut deals, bribed officials, and undertook missions to ensure that the corporation's interests were achieved by any means.
    • Czerka Enforcer — The next step up on the corporate ladder. Enforcers were veterans of dealing with Czerka business and were used to protect the company's assets, buildings, and interests on a multitude of worlds. Enforcers were known and feared for their ruthless and brutal tactics.
    • Czerka Executive — Czerka Executives were the leaders of the corporation. They oversaw one of the four subsidiaries along with part of the corporation's territory. Executives had vast political clout and were often sent to meet with prominent political figures when it was required.
    • Czerka CEO — The CEO leads the corporation and oversees all of its operations. He or she is tremendously wealthy and politically powerful, making them among the most powerful beings in the galaxy, alongside the heads of the major crime cartels and the Sith Emperors.

    Due to its wealth and power, Czerka controls a great deal of assets across the galaxy:

    • Czerka Tower (Vardos)
    • Czerka Building (Atlas)
    • Czerka Bunker (Trandosha)
    • Czerka Manufacturing Plants (Balmorra and Hypori)
    • Czerka Embassy (Anoat)
    • Czerka Listening Post (Hoth) -destroyed-
    • Czerka Outpost 0337 (Dantooine)
    • Czerka Outpost 0398 (Ifrane)
    • Czerka Outpost 0497 (Tatooine)
    • Czerka Outpost 0623 (Kashyyyk)
    • Czerka Outpost 0666 (Ryloth)
    • Czerka Safehouse (Wayland)
    • Czerka Shipyards (Vardos)

    Employees and Ships

    Czerka employs several hundred thousand employees, enough to staff its various outposts, manufacturing plants, and security ventures. It also employs smugglers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters "off the books," even if these criminals are affiliated with other organizations. They also maintain a small fleet of merchant ships, and light starfighters to protect these ships, in order to move their goods and employees about.




    With Czerka being name dropped in tech and plots now, I thought it was important for the site to have a write up. It is an NPC organization.
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