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    ► 21
    ► Chiss
    ► 6'4"
    ► 227 lbs
    ► Red
    ► Black
    ► Csilla
    ► XY
    ► Republic Judiciary Forces
    ► Lieutenant
    ► No

    Born on Csilla and raised in the isolationist environment of the Chiss, Hlac'utte'raze was initially born as a force sensitive male. A rarity amongst his kindred; nobility and virtue were disciplines bred early and while his fate likely would have been to force into military core, his family had been exiled several years prior to his birth. As they traveled through the known galactic space and eventually took residence on Coruscant, where he was eventually discovered by the jedi. His parents knew of the harsh reality that would face him as he matured into adulthood, though despite these shortcomings, it was best that he learned to be an exemplar of everything good and true, maturing into a weapon of righteousness. Harboring a deep seated hatred towards Exiles and their new found Empire, the young Chiss believed that he could be everything the galaxy needed to fight their growing corruption.

    However, as he matured, he realized that his gifted intuition soon began to wilt away from him, leaving him without the benefits of its grace. Once believing himself to be a strong duelist, he saw his abilities dwindle and pale in comparison to his force sensitive brothers who grew to easily surpass him. This harshness was difficult to swallow and as he left the Order feeling that he would become more of a burden than an asset, he relocated back to his homeworld. As the alliance of core worlds grew and coagulated into the Republic, he set out with an alternate agenda. He could never become a Jedi, but his hatred for the Sith cannot be relinquished. The young lieutenant joins the Republic Judiciary Force, with grace and promise, and the dedication to serve the light.


    The chiss male is full with haughty bravado, but he sure has the physique to support such confidence. While no longer with the benefits of his precognition ability, Cutter is still an exquisite physical specimen. Broad shoulders, chiseled jawline, and muscular definition bred to withstand the harsh punishment. Attire can change from circumstance to circumstance, though his most unique wardrobe is an ebony officer's uniform. The actual armor is of light quality, breast plate made from duraplast and covered by a tightly fitting black cloak. Frequently suffering from racial bias and an inferiority complex of being considered an ex-Jedi, Cutter will always wear a black hood over his head. Symbolizing the departure of his former self in exchange for the rise of a new man, one committed to the Republic.


    Cutter is a young officer, arrogant and overly confident in his abilities. While a capable fighter, his gravitation towards the Republic was his natural affinity with aerial combat and his desire to excel in military strategics and tactics. He carries a professional but courteous demeanor with those both above and serving underneath him. He does not however extend his courtesy to his rivals; his deep seated hatred for the Sith can often times cloud his better judgment and could potentially force hasty actions. Fundamentally against the NAP, he secretly wishes to help build the GAR to a position where it can globally and openly destroy the Empire.

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    Hey there,

    I have a couple of things but I am sure it will be worked through easily enough. An FS Child on Csilla would not be sent away to the Jedi. They are a very isolationist group of people, and they press all of their children discovered to be FS into their starfighter core. I think an easy way around this would be to say his family was exiled and they traveled to known Galactic Space where he was discovered by the Jedi. This changes nothing about the character and lets you keep his Jedi Past. You need to link his armor to an approved armor set from the tech boards.

    Also, if you are going to link images in your profile, please link them to hosted images somewhere so it doesn't automatically download a file to your computer. I would suggest uploading to imgur or something similar.

    Lastly, the name Brawn is really a little too close to Thrawn for my taste. I would be more comfortable with you choosing another name that feels less like a rip off of a Canon character.

    Tag me when those edits are made and ill pop back in.
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