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    Biographical information

    Concord Dawn
    6429 BBY

    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color
    Force sensetivity
    1.75 meters
    65 kilograms

    Chronological & political information



    __Clan Solus


    Mandalorian Marauder

    Cressa Solus

    Cressa Solus (Tall), sometimes referenced as "The Flying Badger" (The Iron Swallow in the past), is a young Mandalorian female who serves as a weaponsmith for Clan Saxon for all her life. Cressa was known among the clan for her love to work with weapons and unique gun style with her blasters.


    Until five years old, Cressa has been suffering from the lack of activity with humans of her kind. Because her father was usually busy with his business, most of the time Cressa was spending with her mother who taught her daughter with the Galactic Basic language. However, her leisure Cressa supposed to make on her own because Tall's mother was helping to the head of the family as well. The girl's parents were Rebels who were working under the cover of the Imperial diplomats and in the day when they were revealed because of the captivity of a Rebel spy who under Sith pressure had given away all information about Rebel spies in the Empire. Luckily for the Galactic Alliance, the hostile had known only Cressa's parents. Quite soon they were captured by Imperial forces and bring to the flying Imperial prison where they cruelty tortured and probably were killed. For some reason, Imperials had left the girl alone on the parent's ship where she has been drifted for a week until the ship approached Concrodia orbit. It then was picked by a patroling Mandalorian squad where they found Cressa and after they heard what happened with her biological mother and father, have offered to join the family. For Kela and Ruk (new Cressa's parents), who were unable to produce a child for several years, it was a real gift to adopt an orphan who has become the victim from the hands of the Empire. Because Tall wanted to get the revenge upon the Empire for her parents, she agreed. And thus she has started her life as the Mandalorian and changed her last name to the name of her clan.

    Her burning desire to show the Empire what she thinks about them was the main reason why Cressa has passed the verd'goten with outstanding results, thanks to her ability to learn things fast. Concord Dawn still has places to explore and as such had represented a good point for Mandalorian kids for the rite. This is where Tall had got some surviving skills, but the major part of her "skillbar" was gotten after she started working with her father as a weaponsmith apprentice after passing the trial. For the next several years she was able to learn the internal working of the most common range weapons and this knowledge had helped to perform a dozen modifications to weapons. And meanwhile she was serving as a weaponsmith, in a free from her duty time, Cressa was practicing with shooting and close combat from her father and some friends one of which was a martial art teacher. She also has been participating in different Mandalorian's martial art contests and tournaments. Cressa hasn't taken any prize place, but it helped the girl to develop further her hand to hand combat skills.

    Being the part of the Saxon clan, once the girl has reached the age of sixteen, she slowly started to be involved in different activities of the clan. Started as the member of a squad who has been exploring the far Outer Rim systems, Cressa has continued her career as the weapon engineer and actively participate in battles, usually against the bounty hunters and other Saxon clan enemies. For her original combat style, Cressa has got "The Iron Swallow" nickname, albeit someone believes it's due to her psychological ability to stay normal in case of multiple unpleasant events. But despite the fact, that Tall had got a few followers of her style, the art of gun handling hasn't got a lot of popularity, yet it was known now and sometimes people asked the girl to teach them the style. Although none of them complained, that the art is bad or good, mainly because Tall do it for free and generally likes it. All in all, it set her off from the most of Mandalorians.

    Upon today the girl operate as the qualified Saxon operative and a mercenary working on her clan's needs. Mostly by earning funds or goods on behalf of Saxon. She also continues to develop her gun art and looks for new members of the art. However, as the Galactic war spreads she decided on her own to establish some connections with people beyond her systems and as such, she is the nomadic diplomat now who uses blasters instead of suitcases.

    Personality and traits

    The best adventures in your life start from the words "I know the shorter way", - Cressa Solus​

    The most notable detail about the woman, that she possesses more male traits than a female. Her approach to the issues solutions and her lifestyle and way of speech might surprise once you get to know that she is a woman. But Cressa hates that word and will allow using the word 'woman' on a date or if you're her partner. In other cases, you should expect tons of sarcasm about her femininity, especially when it comes about fighting skills. She will prove that she doesn't worse than any male Mandalorian fighter and even better. Needless to say, that she is the fearless woman. She is up for any type of activity where she can test her designed weapons in action.

    But she still is a woman and sometimes her features as a woman make themselves known. Cressa is the Galactic war victim and usually indulgent to the people who experienced the same fate, especially toward children. She can take care of them and will try to help them with what she can, even though you're Force user and helping you doesn't conflicts with the clan' interests. But if there such, Tall will try to find someone, who might take care for victims.

    Despite the fact she is single, Cressa' doesn't looks for a partner and she will rather an offer by herself. In most cases, they're non-humans which Cressa finds more attractive. Solus just afraid, that the marriage will cut down her passion for adventures and the life of weaponsmith. She likes to be on the run and Cressa wants to see the same traits in her partner which might be even a non-Mandalorian sentient. But you can be sure, if you get her heart, you'll get the most passionate and hottest Mandalorian woman ever where Cressa allows you to call her as a woman.

    For others, who don't relate to the Solus clan, she is known as a businesswoman often presented by her alias "Iron Swallow" and rarely speaks about something which doesn't have a direct connection with her business. Moreover, she contacts employers only when she needs. Her point is that the fewer people known her, the better, because she knows perfectly how sometimes messing with big guys can end up. As a rule, she picks bounties only when the clan doesn't need her services and she can be on her own, but when called she might abort any mission from the non-Mandalorians.

    Being the victim of the Galactic War her genuine hate is directed to the Empire and Sith, thus they're real Cressa's enemies. Even though her parents were convincing her, that Jedi were actual reason of what's going with Mandalorians, her own researches and her past has built very negative relationship toward to Empire. The girl will do anything depending on her to wipe out everyone who fights for the Empire with no exception. They must feel the same pain as she does. And they will.

    Powers and abilities

    For Saxon clan, Cressa was able to create an impression of the remarkable gunslinger with her own shoot technique which makes use of every limb and looks like a dance than a combat art. But this is just the one of her art major feature. Constant work with weapons and their usage in different scenarios make her an excellent fighter, but she performs better in small groups/squads. As Iron Swallow says it easier for her to work with the squad' weapons and remember their names. Moreover, she is weaponsmith who is capable to maintain her and her allies weapons and even perform an upgrade in the field. But even being disarmed she is capable to deal with armed enemies by using either hand-to-hand combat or another weapon, her arsenal of skills doesn't attach only to blasters. She's good with other ranged weapons (rifles, repeaters) and explosives.

    Weaponsmith — With the inherited love to work with weapons in any direction, Cressa is able to improve, repair and even make new weapons either from spare parts of other weapons or with the assistance of tools. She is capable to work with generic blasters, rifles and even repeaters, although about the last one she is not sure because she rarely was working with them. Basically, that what she is doing when there no any other job around. And that's what she really likes and makes her valuable team player.

    Gunslinger — Her solid experience with different weapons during her standing as a weaponsmith and the way how she fights makes her suitable for many types of tasks where could be activities which can be solved with blasters. Because of her style, she has got her alias. With her unique blaster combat technique, she can deal with multiple enemies at once in relatively close quarters. Alongside with that, Cressa has good aim skills with the generic semi-auto and full auto weapons (light repeaters) which she also combines with her Hand to Hand skills.

    Melee fighter — Even being disarmed the Mandalorian weaponsmith can continue to fight with her staff, bare hands, and legs. And even with her head (kov'nyn). She has no specific art for such purpose and the woman uses unarmed combat skills only when she has no gun with her, either when suddenly attacked or she dropped her gun. But Tall can disarm an armed enemy if he has no armor or his grip wasn't tight enough to hold a weapon. Most of the unarmed combat methods rely on pain points.

    Scavenger — As a skilled weaponsmith, Cressa sees a potential practical usage of every inconspicuous spare part or mechanism. She can find a lot of useless things and then spend hours or days thinking about how to improve weapons with what she has found. And that is why she loves to investigate and loot abandoned places in order to find some stuff that she can use for her craftwork. Even if she can't find usage for what the girl had found, Tall will recycle it by using the right tools and can reforge things into things she wants.

    Natural talent — Because Tall doesn't have too much practical skills except the combat ones, her high intelligence allows her to quickly obtain almost any type of skills, mostly which have a relationship with a war-smiths art. But she's also opened for social skills which are her biggest problem, therefore if you have nothing to teach her as a warrior, you can intrigue her with your national tradition or dishes, or etiquette, or something that can make her closer to another people in the Galaxy in terms of social interaction.



    Medium Beskar'gam (with Concealed Stun Prod as the 3rd option)
    "Strill" Blaster Pistol x2 with 4 additional power packs
    Cressa's custom bowcaster with 2 additional power packs
    Kal-class fighter/transport
    Collapsible staff

    Roleplay Threads

    The Kessel Run - Rescuing the members of Saxon clan from the Imperial prison

    Small Beginnings (Social/Character Intro) - An attempt to befriend with Skylar and help him to get a contract by Irma

    Herding Wookiees - The path from Rowrakruk to the Tree of Life is frequently attacked by large and dangerous creatures infesting Kashyyyk's woods. Alongside with the group, Cressa assisted at keeping the path safe for the Wookiees making the pilgrimage to the place where their civilization began!

    Free the Friendly Badger! - Alongside with Daniel Solus, Cressa has put her own efforts to bring Clan Eldar to the fold and rally them under Solus.
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    An intriguing character. I will watch her career with great interest
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    Hey @Real Russian

    First things first;


    Some things that need to be addressed before this character can be accepted;

    - Even if she is a weaponsmith, any and all modified (advanced) weapons will need to be earned through plots or paid for with bounty or reward credits.

    - Likewise, any new weapons would need to have an approved tech thread before they can be used in RP.

    - The Mandalorian revolt against the Empire is fairly recently (Within the last year) so please remove references to fighting Imperial forces years ago.

    - You cannot use the faction tech of a different faction without acquiring said tech in a plot or thread. Please use either free market or Mandalorian Faction Tech weapons only.
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    Errors have been fixed
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    @Real Russian

    Something has been brought to my attention - it seems I missed something in your profile and I apologise for that! You state that your character has a jetpack on her armour and this is, unfortunately, not allowed as it is a piece of advanced technology and you would need to obtain such a thing through RP - through a tech plot.

    Please fix it by removing the jetpack - you can choose a new 3rd slot but it must not be advanced tech.

    Sorry again for the mix up!
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    • 12-30-2018: Changed her last name to represent the clan she belongs to; added roleplay threads; added rank
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