Most Wanted Clan Solus

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    Clan Solus
    Mandalorian Terrorists

    Name: Clan Solus
    Species: Various
    Sex: Various

    Known Affiliations: N/A
    Known Associates: N/A

    Clan Solus is a clan of limited prior notoriety, having made it their apparent goal to disrupt galactic trade and peace through their actions on Onderon and Kuat. Emperor Elix has offered a bounty on any member, with special attention paid to their leadership to call them to question for their crimes.

    Client Information

    The client is the Imperial Republica.
    • The client is rewarding credits equivalent for the purchase of a single piece of advanced technology if the target is a rank-and-file member of the clan.
    • The client is offering a reward of credits equivalent for the purchase of two pieces of advanced technology (or a single advanced ship*) if the target is of Alor or Al'Verde rank.
    Helmets may be turned in as this bounty is dead-or-alive.

    *This ship cannot be a capital-class ship or a faction-specific ship belonging to a faction other than the player's faction (i.e., a Mandalorian could not purchase a Sith-specific ship).

    OOC Target Information

    Link threads where you have captured a member of Clan Solus or obtained a helmet off of their dead. Fraudulent or counterfeit helmets will not be accepted.
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    Thread: Done For the Day
    Captured: Levi Solus, captured alive and incapacitated for later interrogation/possible imprisonment. Confiscated lightsaber without permanent injury to Levi. Technically not a member of the mandalorian faction but the bounty says clan solus.
    Reward desired: Lecepanine paralysis poison