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    Clan Solus emerged during the Second Crusading Era, right after the ascension of Leviticus and the beginning of the Sith’s hold over Mandalorians. Clan Solus was founded by Aro Solus, a man that once belonged to the great House Vizsla. At some point in the past, he had been a prominent member of the House, serving the Alor Tor Vizsla at the time loyally. The rise of the Sith caused unrest within the Mandalorian people, but it impacted Aro greatly. He saw the slow shift from the ragged and disjointed Exiles to the well oiled war machine that was the Sith Empire.

    Aro Solus saw the chaos that could potentially unleash across the galaxy, and he voiced his concerns to other clan leaders at the time. His principles and values differed greatly from the Vizsla Alor, and Aro was left to choose between abandoning what he believed or following his brethren. He was present that day when the fateful duel erupted between Leviticus against Fenri Kryze and Tor Vizsla. At the time, there was no choice but to recognize the Sith Lord as the ruler. He saw his people welcome the Sith as their new leader, the man that would guide them towards glory and victory.

    That was the day Aro walked away from House Vizsla, choosing to abstain from even supporting it as a bannerman. He founded clan Solus then, rallying others that were dead against the governing principles of the Sith Empire from the very beginning. He and his followers settled onto the second moon of Concord Dawn. Although the clan participated in various battles for the Mandalorian people, they strictly abstained from battles that furthered the Sith agenda. As a result, Clan Solus was largely uninvolved in driving the Jedi to near extinction. This did not mean, however, that the clan harbored any love for them. They maintained their suspicion and distrust for all Force users, though they particularly deemed the Sith to be their enemies.

    Clan Solus was largely unpopular with the Mandalorian people for their views of the Sith. As the centuries passed and the Mandalorians helped with the Imperial expansion, Clan Solus grew within itself, though always remaining minor and irrelevant. It was unaffiliated with any house, though its values and principles lived on through each generation of soldier born into it. As they were never a part of the empire, they never obtained large amount of assets or power like other clans.

    Because of their original ties to Vizsla, Clan Solus maintained similar values but to a more extreme degree. They were xenophobic by nature and especially against Force users. Like Vizsla, they had named House Kryze as their arch rivals, including the clans that fell within it. For many long years, there had been skirmishes and violent disputes between the clans and Clan Solus had few friends.

    With their numbers dwindling, Clan Solus was close to being forgotten entirely. Many of Clan Solus’ members began to leave to pursue the life of an independent bounty hunter. However, unrest and non-conformity began to rise as the Sith Empire grew more and more constricting. The presence of the Empire began to feel more like a crude subjugation, and the Mandalorian people began to see their culture and way of life threatened. This caused a ripple effect that reached even to the far corners of galaxy where members of Clan Solus that left their old ways began to pick up on it. First there were rumors, and then everything came to a head with the devastation of Medriaas. This incident was enough to call back members of the clan that had drifted far away from their homelands and people.

    Clan Solus had been without a true leader for some time, and the mantle was left abandoned. No one sought to take up the role as the clan was believed to have been disbanded almost entirely. After the glassing that officially sparked an outright rebellion, a woman named Raz Solus returned to take up the mantle when no one else did. It was not a position anyone wanted, but it was a position that needed to be filled. Having led the life of a bounty hunter for years, she returned to Concord Dawn’s moon rally her people and grow the clan from scratch once again. Though they were not big and powerful like other clans, they had the principles and will to work together to converge and drive back the Sith threat.

    Raz Solus strove to lead her clan to glory, beginning with her efforts to find friends within other clans. It was time for Clan Solus to finally make its mark in history and rally behind a suitable Mand’alor to lead their people in the charge against the empire.

    Clan Solus is comprised of extremely stubborn individuals. They are often referred to as ‘elitist’ by other clans, as despite being small they are exclusive to their own. As a people they are very slow to trust outsiders, even beyond the natural paranoid nature of Mandalorians as a whole. They pride themselves in their ferocity on the battlefield, and this is a leftover from their very early origins in Vizsla. During the time when they abstained from aiding the Sith, many of them found their calling in crafting and farming. As a result, Clan Solus boasts impressive weapon and armorsmiths.

    Though having a fierce nature, over time it is clear that much of the clan has lost its edge on the battlefield. This is a painful process of re-learning and re-establishing old principles that is happening since Raz Solus’ return. Historically, the clan has been risk averse, and that mindshift is slowly beginning to see a forceful change due to the Sith’s unrelenting growth across the galaxy. Though usually coolly detached from other clans, Clan Solus is now actively seeking to form new alliances and friendships to help forge an army that can stand up against the might of the empire.

    Colors and Sigil
    The official colors of Clan Solus are a deep crimson and black. These were the original colors of Aro Solus and has passed down generation after generation since the day of the clan’s conception. The sigil, the image of a badger, represents a rite of passage that every young Clan Solus member had to go through. At the age of nine, a child is to stray out to the woods and gain the companionship of a dire badger. This is a practice that demonstrates patience, bravery and perseverance. This practice has been in place since the Second Crusades, and it is a testament to overcoming adversaries as feral and aggressive as the badger. This rite of passage is required by all children born into the clan, and it carries with it the risk of death. Despite the dangers, the tradition has passed on for generations. Either the experience builds the warrior or breaks him or her.


    The following are assets of Clan Solus:

    • Small base on the second moon of Concord Dawn (will acquire in plot)


    Roster and Hierarchy

    Clan Solus, historically, has always been ruled by an Alor followed by a council of advisors. The majority of the ranks are filled by soldiers playing various roles. These roles can range from field grunts to intelligence analysts. They all fall under the title of verde.

    Alliances & Relationships

    Blue indicates a strong alliance/friendship.

    Green indicates a friendly competition.
    Red indicates a heated rivalry or an enemy.

    + Clan Saxon
    + Clan Eldar

    = Clan Rau

    - House Kryze
    - The Old Empire
    - The Imperial Republica

    The official clan writeup for Clan Solus. The intent is to have a consolidated place to track membership and assets of the clan, along with tracking missions. The purpose of this is to encourage Mandalorian activity to help further the overarching faction goals. Clan Solus will hopefully work itself up from the ground up to become a key player in the story and the fight against the Sith.

    Thank you to @christhebarker for the logo edit!

    If you would like to join this clan, please go here!
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    Political Disruptions: Kovin Tark is a prominent figure on Onderon. He is a political figure and a local governor that is staunchly loyal to Emperor Elix. Iziz is one of the Republica’s most prized holdings, and its people like Kovin Tark that help perpetuate Sith regulations and ideals on the city. Mandalorians, finally tired of being forced to constantly reel from attacks is finally going to strike out first.

    Clan Solus has sent operatives to quickly gather on Iziz to attack a wealthy district in Iziz to take out Kovin Tark. In addition to that, they will raid all the holdings of the other politicians that reside in the area, bringing back large amounts of credits to help supply and build up Clan Solus.

    Participants: @Ecclessey, @Painus

    Silence Is Golden: While Kovin Tark is being hunted, additional Mandalorian forces are needed to storm Iziz to ensure the Sith can’t call for backup. This is why they have been assigned to destroy a communications building located near the heart of the city. The Mandalorians are to place demolition charges all around the building and destroy it completely. This will throw the city into disarray and also disrupt communication attempts authorities may make to warn reinforcements about the attack.

    Participants: @Rimrald

    Please note that both of these are to be OPEN/PVP threads. Asking the IR members to pose as opposition is encouraged.
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    Dax the Destroyer reporting for duty.
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