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    Clan Rau


    First entering the fold of Mandalorian culture during the First Crusading era, Clan Rau was created after the conquest of Concord Dawn, formed by the populations of several tight knit farming, logging, and mining communities who chose to swear fealty to their conquerors, House Vizsla and the Mand’alor, and adopt their customs and religion. Choosing to take the name of their region, The Rau Valley, the people of Clan Rau were hardy, salt of the earth folk. Farmers, miners, loggers, trappers, hunters and nerf herders, the people of Clan Rau were little accustomed to war but very well acquainted with hard work, hard living, and struggle.

    This unfamiliarity with war would soon pass, as the people of Clan Rau were inducted into the Mandalorian culture. Undertaking trial by fire as they were thrust onto the battlefields of the First Crusading era, the people of the Rau Valley were forged by the fires of battle. Emerging from the flames, Clan Rau, a loyal clan of dependable soldiers, true believers in the truths of the gods. A poor community barring a scarce few magnates of industry, their loyalty and faith was further cemented by the sudden influx of wealth that came as returning soldiers brought their hard earned plunder home.

    This newfound wealth brought the community of Rau Valley into the modern age, It was here that Clan Rau fell into the clutches of Arasuum. Their wealth allowed them ease, which led to a decay in their discipline and watchfulness, and as the First Mandalorian Civil War erupted, they were ill prepared for what was to come. Known to be loyal bannermen of House Vizsla, the poorly protected home of Clan Rau came under assault by the vicious Clan Ordo.

    The warriors of Clan Rau scattered across the Mandalore Sector would return home to razed villages and townships, shallow mass graves, and salted earth. Whatever mining equipment couldn’t be taken was destroyed along with the mines, forests set ablaze, wells poisoned. Traumatised survivors emerged to tell horrifying tales of how their population was cut almost in half overnight. Hearts filled with hatred, the warriors of Clan Rau swore vengeance against Clan Ordo, marking them as their enemies in the Civil War.

    This rivalry would come to an end only with the rise of a new Mand’alor, the Sith Lord Leviticus. Grating under the idea of serving a witch, the clan nevertheless participated in the Second Crusading Era, throwing their depleted numbers into the fray, eager to hunt down legendary Jedi as they redirected their hatred for their leader at their foes. This ultimately led to the dwindling of Rau warriors in the fray, but also resulted in the survival and success of many seasoned Jedi Hunters.

    Following the war, The people of Clan Rau would swear never to return to Arasuum’s clutches again as they began to focus on the task of rebuilding their communities. Returning to their roots, restoring the land became their first priority. With no crops or goods to sell however, Clan Rau turned to the stars, setting upon the worlds of the far Outer Rim as raiders, looting and pillaging away from the prying eyes of the Empire and spreading fear of the Mandalorian warrior throughout the backwater of the Outer Rim. On the return trip, the Rau raider caravans would play the role of merchants, trading their rightfully earned plunder with more developed worlds, trading exotic goods for much needed supplies to bring back to Rau Valley on Concord Dawn. The profits from these ventures would be split differently than before however, with the lions share going to improving the Clan’s merchant raider fleet, while the community themselves kept only a small portion, to ward off the predations of Arasuum.

    Rau Raiders in the Outer Rim​

    Present Day​

    By the time of the Mandalorian Uprising against the Sith Empire, Clan Rau had managed to create once more a farmable and workable environment in Rau Valley. Unlike most Mandalorian Clans who tended to form sporadic nomadic settlements, Clan Rau had a home. They were settlers at heart, who felt the call of the land to work and claim as home. The tradition of merchant raider caravans sent into the far outer rim continues, though a noose closes around its neck as Imperial Law forces smaller and smaller raiding parties to be sent each year, necessitating the smuggling of their armor and weapons as they travel to and from the Outer Rim.

    The communities of Rau Valley had fallen on hard times once again as poor harvests, pitiful raids and restricting trade laws choked hope from the people of Clan Rau. After an extremely poor harvest, it was decided that part of the clan would begin emigrating to Medriaas, a rich farming planet that several other Clans had begun to settle, including the hated Clan Ordo. Lots were drawn and households were chosen to begin colonizing the planet. This reduction in population would ease the burden on the farms of Rau Valley, while the settlers on Medriaas would live off the land as they began to work it.

    The process was well underway, with almost a quarter of the population of Rau Valley having successfully emigrated to Medriaas when the news came. Medriaas had been destroyed, turned to molten slag by the Sith armada. As the cries for war came, Clan Rau was one of the first to answer, prizing their Beskar’gam and blasters from smuggling holds, chanting for war and vengeance as they broke the oppressive chains of Sith rule.

    Rau Farmstead​

    Society and Culture​

    Clan Rau is considered an oddball by many, one of the few Mandalorian clans to put down roots and maintain permanent settlements, foregoing the semi nomadic lifestyles of the clans to work the land of their origin. While some clans may look down upon this lifestyle, Clan Rau has also developed a reputation as steadfast soldiers, effective raiders, skilled pilots and saavy merchants, cementing their position within Mandalorian society. Clan Rau has a strong tradition as merchant raiders, developing a reputation in the Outer Rim as both fearsome warriors and pilots, as well as cunning traders that drive hard but fair bargains. This has led to a friendly rivalry between the clan and the dwindling Ossein Fleets as they work the same trade routes in the Outer Rim.

    Back home the people of Clan Rau work the fields, mines, and forests of the large valley from which they took their namesake. After the crops have been planted, many of the fighting age men and women of the Clan take to the space lanes during the slow summer months, leaving the tending of crops to the young and the old. This period is marked by hard work and hard training as the experienced older members of the Clan teach the younger members who have yet to pass their verd’goten, taking over the duties of the children’s parents until they return from the Outer Rim for harvest season. This season is marked by two festivals to celebrate two equally important times in Rau society.

    The first festival is that of the Yaim'galyr, roughly translated to “Home Festival” or “Homecoming Festival”. This festival marks the return of the Merchant Raider caravans that travel the spacelanes of the Outer Rim. The Yaim’galyr is a time to celebrate the clan’s good fortune during that summer’s raids, to mourn and remember the lives of fallen raiders, and to give thanks to Kad Ha’rangir for a successful year. No two Yaim’galyr are exactly alike, as the tone and activities often change depending on the successes or failures of that year’s raids. During successful raiding years, the festivities are marked by feasting, competition, and lively mourning of those who have passed into the Manda. Poorer years are often marked by more somber tones, with the supplies brought back quietly tucked away to supplement the coming harvest and mourning and remembrance of the fallen taking priority. The Yaim’galyr also marks a momentous occasion for young Mandalorians coming of age as they finally take their place in Rau society as adults after returning from their Sol'yc Ram'ika, or First Raid, during which they are expected to become Tal, or Blooded.

    The second festival, which takes place several weeks after the Yaim’galyr, is that of Kyr'vhet’galyr, which roughly translates into Basic as “Harvest Festival”. The Kyr’vhet’galyr technically begins with the ending of the Yaim’galyr, as returning raiders shed themselves of their Beskar’gam and hang up their beskads to return to the fields. After several weeks of hard work the Kyr’vhet’galyr culminates in a great feast. Traditional Mandalorian and Rau dishes are prepared throughout the day as all the Clan comes together to celebrate the harvest. Casks of ale and wine set aside from the previous years are opened for the community to enjoy, and many competitive games are held. The Kyr’vhet’galyr ends with a great feast, and sacrifices of animals and wheat are burned to ward off the corrupting influence of Arasuum.

    Clan Colors​

    The clan armor color scheme of Clan Rau consists of white and red, with individual wearers choosing their paint schemes, though vertical striping (racing stripes) is popular among younger warriors. These traditional colors have been worn by the clan since their conception during the First Crusading Era, first bearing the blanket white of a new slate, their lives begun anew. The red a commitment to always honor their ancestors and their home. Many also choose to incorporate the dark blue of their liege, House Vizsla when serving them, often in badges on the sides of the shoulders and helmet.

    During times of strife other colors may be adopted. During the First Mandalorian Civil War, black often replacing or joining red on the field of white, with a badge of gold painted onto one or both shoulders. These represented the justice and vengeance they sought against their hated foe, Clan Ordo. Many Rau Marauders in the Mandalorian Uprising have chosen to adopt this color scheme as well as they seek justice and vengeance on the Sith Empire for their kin slaughtered at Medriass.


    • 1 Small semi-developed space age agricultural nation sized territory and population on Concord Dawn
    • 1 Small Fleet consisting of - Several Merchant raider caravans of armed freighters, converted transports and bulk freighters, also has an equal amount of mothballed military grade raiding vessels hidden away from the Empire. Small PDF fleet owned by the Clan Alor [unnamed] and crewed by a loyal men-at-arms, consisting of several frigates and corvettes, gunships, support vessels, starfighters and starbombers, hidden away from the Empire.
    • 1 Medium sized military consisting of - Clan Rau is capable of committing a large percentage of its population and assets to the battlefield. 1 medium sized PDF trained militia army, of Mandalorian warriors, starfighters, starbombers, gunships, tanks and ground vehicles owned and operated by individuals. 1 small standing army of career soldiers employed by the Clan Alor, split between Concord Dawn and Mandalore, where a portion of the army serves their liege, Clan Vizsla, prepared to defend their holdings or march to war at the House Leader's command.
    • 1 struggling economy consisting of - Agricultural export, Alcohol export, Arms import/export, Outer Rim Economic piracy and planetary raiding, Outer Rim legal and illicit goods trade, Smuggling.


    Sith Empire - Enemies - Clan Rau has long despised the rule of the Sith, and with the slaughter of their kin at the destruction of Medriaas, Clan Rau has sworn vengeance against the Sith Empire.

    House Vizsla - Allies - Clan Rau are sworn bannermen to their liege, House Vizsla. They are strong allies and serve loyally, though they look unfavorably on the current leader of the House.

    Clan Ordo - Enemies - Clan Rau has a centuries old grudge against Clan Ordo, having sworn vengeance against the clan during the events of the First Mandalorian Civil War. This hatred has cooled, however they still exist in a state of fued with Clan Ordo.

    Ossein Fleets - Rivalry - Clan Rau often faces stiff trading competition with the dwindling Ossein Fleets in the Outer Rim, leading to an amicable trade rivalry between the two groups. They are equally as likely to trade with the Ossein Fleets as they are to be in competition with them.

    Intent and Credits​

    To establish a history, lore, and present day status for a Clan i first started playing in the 7th Timeline, inspired initially by the Journeyman Protector Fenn Rau. I did however flip the Clans colors from that of what Fenn Rau wore, as i think adapting them to the SWRPs unique Mandalorian history and culture have made them into their own thing and adjusted the colors to match their history. The clan is largely influence by me watching a handful of episodes of Vikings, creating a Mandalorian agricultural warrior culture that is in part dependent on summer raids and mercantile ventures. I have also included them in the Medriaas event, making the Clan fervently invested in the Mandalorian Uprising against the Sith Empire. They similarly have an ancient grudge against Clan Ordo within their own faction, which allows for plenty of opportunities for internal conflict within the Mandalorians. I intend to play a character from this Clan, and hope to expand its prestige and holdings within the Mandalorians.

    Clan Symbol image credit goes to @christhebarker
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