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    <div align="center"><span style="font-family:Papyrus">Chu'Unthor is the Jedi Training Vessel that is used for living and also combat and knowledgable purposes as well. Chu'Unthor was created firstly by Cerean Jedi Fin-So-Rowan and Human Jedi Ivixa Delbaeth. This ship was used for a lot of missions and also for a lot of years, housing many Jedi and allowing them a hidden base so that they could learn the ways of the Force unnoticed by the evil Sith. It was also used for missions to transport Jedi apprentices and masters safely to their headed destinations.

    The training academy that is implemented into its design is also very technically ahead of its time and is used to assist Jedi in their training sessions in a way. The Crew is mostly Jedi however there is a lot of non Jedi that travel on this training ship, helping one another out on regular occasions.

    The basic dimensions of this ship are about two kilometers long and one kilometer wide, providing adequate space for a number of Jedi to use as a safe haven for them. It's co-ordinates are also hidden and are implemented into every a few Jedi ships that are already housed on the ship itself for designated return. No-one except for those that are based on the ship have to be there.
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