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    Catoptromancy is a power that allows a Force-sensitive to use reflective materials as a conduit for visions and meditation. The actual item itself is largely unimportant so long as it has a degree of polish and surface shine. The force-user can then use this as a focus for their cognitive abilities, especially if the person already has a natural affinity for divination and farsight. The best results are seen during guided meditation sessions, with some having dedicated their lives to mastering this ability.

    The origin of this Force power was largely fostered and developed by the witches of Dathomir; generations of practitioners have perfected it to an art form, using it to induce trances as well as divine futuristic events and the probabilities surrounding it.


    Known applications

    By no means is this an offensive or defensive ability; it requires time and immense concentration and should only be done in a secure location. Users must remain calm at all times and use the mirror to center their focus; once they have prepared themselves (both physically and mentally) they then open themselves up to the Force. Each user experiences the power differently; in the mirror's reflection, they begin to see shadows take shape and move whilst others talk about looking inward, their very essence free to wander an astral plane. In this heightened state, a person may take the opportunity to enter a healing trance or reflect on a recent vision. They can seek to commune with the Force itself and achieve a fleeting sense of unity before trying to discover the answers which they seek.

    Limitations and drawbacks

    An interesting tool to have at one's disposal, but there is a danger; previous generations speak of those who failed to control this power. Once the throes of the mirror world, some find it hard to ground themselves and find their way back to reality. They enter a coma-like state and little can be done to rouse them. Breaking the mirror is ill-advised as it could have adverse effects on the person’s psyche. A force user must build up an immunity to this intoxication, that is why it is best to learn this ability in the presence of an elder along with some possible tools for grounding (a physical object, perhaps an item of sentimental value). If unable to break the mirror’s influence, a user risks the threat of wasting away, dying from deprivation.

    One major drawback is the nature of its vulnerability. When fully engrossed, the force user becomes fully susceptible to physical attacks. Unless guards or defensive measures are put a place, the force user will unlikely be able to disenchant themselves quick enough to avoid a surprise attack. All of the five senses are completely invested in the mirror’s experience; it would take a large scale distraction to break a user’s concentration.


    Thus far, catoptromancy has only been seen in practice amongst the witches of Dathomir; given their xenophobic culture, it is rare to see this ability off world. Training and tutelage should be done under very strict supervision, either by an elder or several other practitioners. The first few steps focus solely on the art of meditation; incense and chanting have been used to achieve, especially if the student is young and restless. Gradually, small-sized mirrors will be introduced, the interaction and response monitored for safety. As time and training go on, the pieces of a mirror will grow larger and the sessions drawn out for longer periods of time. Once confident, the force user is encouraged to seek out their own medium, with some choosing crystals and polished dishes, even ceremonial bowls of liquid.


    The purpose is to add more material to a vague non-canon ability that can be useful to non-combative types or those seeking to enhance their mental force capabilities.

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