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    Calath Draykon



    Born on Jedha, the Holy City or whatever others called it. Calath (Presently eight years old) was the son of a priest and a mother who went around to help others as well as run the small temple that his father preached from along with other temple activities. Things were prosperous, he and other children at or around his age were able to freely wonder the streets of Jedha as they did whatever childish things or games that they did. Then one day when Calath was six years old people wearing strange cloaks with armed guards came into the streets. He had heard some preaching from people who were followers of these cultists, and when he questioned his father about them all he was told that no matter what he has to stay away from those people. That is what Calath will do. But things went from bad to worse as the followers of the Cultists started targeting followers of other faiths. At first they were little things but as things progressed it went to where believers were being persecuted or murdered. Calath thought that the force will keep him and his family safe but it was not going to be. One night his mother woke Calath from his sleep as she hid the boy in a secret compartment in their home. That was going to be the last time he saw his mother and father. All he could hear was yelling and objects being thrown around in the rooms as the man in charge yelled for the guards to find Calath. But the secret compartment was so well hidden that they did not find the boy. Now orphaned the boy found himself having to fend for himself.

    Now at the age of eight years old the boy found himself being thrown into a cell along side other believers or people from other faiths. Fighting to survive in a filthy cell, getting very little to eat. Luckily for him the cell was so full that he found himself right next to the cell door, allowing the boy to have access to fresh air. Something that others in the cell very rarely got. Though every one in the cell took turns going to the cell door or the single window to get some clean air in their lungs. Him being next to the cell door meant that the boy was able to watch the guards, memorizing who was on watch at what time and duration as well as memorizing the passcode to the cell door. Then on the day that he and the other people were going to be executed, a Twi'lek and a human man came waltzing in like a couple in love. But it was all just an act. As the two rebels were in range of the two guards, the two rebels attacked. Swiftly taking out the two guards with relative ease. Then the man will tell the boy that the two are there to get him and the other prisoners out of there. Calath was able to tell Tycho the passcode and so he and the other prisoners were freed from their cells. Immediately Calath stuck with Tycho, however when it was time for him to leave the officer to head to the ship while Tycho held the guards and Cultists back, the boy felt like he was being orphaned all over again. But the boy will go with the group that the Rebel Officer was leading to the man's ship. There he eagerly waited until Tycho finally came onboard the ship, he shyly followed the man to the cockpit, to find himself being picked up and placed into the co-pilot seat.

    It was immediately after the events on Jedha that Tycho adopted Calath as well as gave the boy the last name of Draykon. Slowly the boy is starting to open up.


    Calath is bright, smart little boy. He is like a sponge so to speak, allowing him to easily pick up on languages people are speaking, to how to fly the ship that Tycho owns as well as memorizing where the individual planets are. Well most of them at least. Calath is eager to learn new things.

    When he is alone with Tycho, whom he already sees as a father, he is a real chatter box and an energetic kid. There is no telling what sort of game or trouble the boy will start or cause the rebel officer. Of course none of them are dangerous. Just fun childish things that Tycho joins in on. His favorite thing to do is to tackle the man while he is busy working on reports or repairing something from his gear. When he and Tycho are alone in a corridor at one of the bases, Calath will start games of tag or hide and seek. That will only last for as long as the two are alone.

    But when he is around others, Calath becomes a shy, quiet little boy. This all stems from the mistreatment he received from the Cultists on Jedha as well as from the time that he was locked in a cell. He just has not quite learned that it is okay to open up to people or that there are some that he can trust. Slowly as he meets other people, Calath will open up to others.


    Calath is an eight year old boy from Jedha. He is an untrained Force Sensitive, and does not know he is force sensitive yet.
    He is religious and makes sure to pray to the force or whatever deity he wants to pray to.
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