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    BZ-85Pro Surveillance Drone

    Open Market

    Da-Jiang Innovations



    Power Supply:
    Rechargeable Power Cell, 2 Spares in Kit
    1x Photoreceptor with 5x Zoom
    3x Audioreceptors for Sound Triangulation
    1x Atmospheric Toxin Sensor

    0.1 Meter


    Tools and Equipment:
    1x Flashlight

    Planetside - 40 MGLT maximum acceleration with good maneuvering
    Space - 60 MGLT maximum acceleration with excellent maneuvering

    The BZ-85Pro Surveillance Drone is a small repulsor-driven craft designed to be carried in a small pack and launched from the field. It’s mostly a toy for hobbyists, and some communities have racing circuits for this class of machine. The Pro model has an upgraded battery and repulsor, allowing it longer flight times and higher speed/maneuverability than the normal model. It also carries a trifold audioreceptor capable of triangulating the source of sounds in 3D space and displaying it on the control HUD. Doug the Dug has modified his craft to also carry a small toxin sensor capable of tagging most common airborne toxins should the drone fly through them.

    The drone’s small size severely limits its capabilities, as there is barely enough room for a power cell capable of running a miniaturized repulsor. Due to this, it has no droid brain and is completely unintelligent. It is linked to a set of controls and a video display that allows the user to look through the drone’s camera and control its motion. It comes with a pair of FPV goggles, but Doug tends to use his wrist-mounted datapad instead so he can still keep an eye on his immediate surroundings. The datapad can store photos or video recordings with full audio.

    The repulsor is strong enough to lift up to 10 kg above the drone’s own mass, but it cannot do anything more than hover with that much weight. It is completely unarmored and built to be as light as possible; a single blaster shot will pretty much vaporize the drone, provided it hits such a small target.

    The power cell’s duration depends largely on its use, as the repulsor is the main battery drain. In standard gravity, it is capable of up to 2 hours of active flight. This can be increased to 3 hours if simply hovering in place. In zero-G environments where it does not have to constantly fight against gravity and air resistance, the reduced load increases its active flying time to 24 hours. If only the sensors and datalink are active, such as when the drone is landed or floating in zero-G, it can function for up to 500 hours before recharge.

    Legal in almost all space, but use is restricted in some cities due to privacy laws.

    My intention is to create a small recon tool for a character whose main attribute is caution. It is intended to go into potentially dangerous places and scout them out before he moves in himself. From what I’ve found, almost all mobile electronic devices are either full-size ships or droids capable of independent decision-making. This is intended to fill a smaller and more focused niche, being totally under the control of the user like a ship but not requiring the user to be inside it.

    No. It’s a glorified model airplane.
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