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    Burkhart Kelborn

    "The greatest curses are often disguised as welcomed gifts."

    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Species: Morling
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Height: 2 meters
    Weight: 130 kg
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Homeworld: Morda
    Residence: Concord Dawn
    Faction: Mandalorians
    Rank: Field Marshal
    Level: Three

    • <+++++++++++++++++++++++++|+++++++++++++++++++++++++>

    • There are many words that can be used to describe Burkhart's physical description. However to get the full measure of the man one must stand in his presence themselves. A striking height of approximately two meters is the first thing people notice. Second is the muscular frame that stands stoicly. Arms of considerable girth at either side make people think twice of coming within arms reach. Burkhart has a thin coating of fur over most of his body. Most of this is a dark ashen color while others are thinned grey that expose the patched dark and light skin color underneath.

      The face of the mandalorian sits atop a stocky torso connected by a muscular neck. The canine features are only emphasized when he opens his mouth to expose the characteristic teeth of his species. Twin yellow irises strike contrast on his otherwise rough appearance. Numerous scars criss-cross his body but his skin is tough and while some would have killed lesser men they have only made him seem that much more intimidating. The ears on his head are nipped and have cuts on the edges. A large cut stretching from where his left shoulder meets his chest all the way down to his right upper abdominal muscles is his most prominent scar. Both of his hands have built up moderate
      calluses from his regular sparing and training.

      Each digit on either hand has a mild pointed nail that can cut shallow lacerations on an opponent if he wishes. Burkhart's feet have larger claws than his hands and he prefers to walk bare foot if possible. Most of the time he will wear nothing but trousers in a casual setting. He has no special preference towards fashion and would don something that has pragmatic uses most of the time.

      Burkhart's voice is deep and measured most of the time but is thick in an accent. When aggravated it can spike to a higher pitch for arguments. His words will often be accented by tones of barks and growls with certain sounds that would not normally come from human biology. Still this is a rare occasion and speaks casually though with fewer words than most.

      On the inside of his forearm Burkhart has a tattoo that says 'delete my browser history' in a joke towards those he had trained a long side. He has since gained several other tattoos and looks to add more to those number.

      In a recent confrontation in Hutt space Burkhart gained a nasty wound on his arm from a sith lightsaber. It was partially destroyed by the energy weapon but the arm was mostly salvage but not without some major changes that needed to be done. He got cybernetic implants ()to help him and adapt to his new injury so he would not have a significant weakness.

    • The type of wise and equally measured barkeep is the type of individual Berkhart is often seen. The fact that he is a brew-master and his overall demeanor only reinforces this perception. Not necessarily reserved he is not a boastful being. Far from jovial he is a cool and calm warrior most of the time. But people aren't so simple as to just be described as one type of personality. For Berkhart this is true as even his seemingly simple personality is a spectrum of characteristics that define him.

      Berkhart was raised in the Mandalorian way of life from day one. This has been instilled in him just like any other being from the warrior culture. However he was also born on the planet of Concord Dawn where life is even harsher than the sister planet. He does not believe in luck or karma. Such things are for the ignorant and desperate. However Berkhart understands there is chaos and chance in the universe and some individuals are just randomly more fortunate.

      While the Morling Mandalorian is as tough as they come he has a soft side. His passion lies in his work and the farm he owns. Wine, spirits and drink in general is a subject he loves. Chemistry is a science he has shown an aptitude for and his schooling has shown his motivation to be impressive enough to put him at the top of his class at the Corsin University.

    • Burkhart was born to a strict mother, Nheth, and an indifferent father, Jrikk. He was thought to be born two weeks early which was strange because he was as large as an average pup. Jrikk believed people would think they had just had the baby out of wedlock and so kept things under wraps. Jrikk was a local leader of a group that were far from progressive. He had desired power and wanted to keep what he had gained in his own life time and that was why he had married young Burkhart's mother. It was a political move and one that disguised his father's sexual orientation. Burkhart's mother learned of this after the first year of Burkheart's childhood. Still the two parents kept the marriage going for sake of appearances.

      Eventually Burkhart's father was outed. He faced opposition within the community but a surprising amount of support that made him allow to continue on as a political presence. While this was good for his own political career it meant he started distancing himself from his own child and wife who he had only used to appear normal up until that point. Burkhart acted out to spite his father, to gain attention and because he did not feel like he belonged or was not wanted. That was not just his feelings inside his family, but the community as well. He was always 'the son of the leader' and never his own person. Now he was 'the ill begotten son of the scandelous leader' which only made things worse.

      One night his mother came home drunk and unintentionally let slip that Jrikk was not necessarily his true biological father. There was another man but Nheth did not give enough details. The following days, weeks and months he persisted to try and learn more. At first his mother argued against it, denying it completely even until she realized there was no way she was going to be able to keep Burkhart from finding the truth. So she let him know that a month prior too her wedding with Jrikk she had lain with a man by the name of Dral'ede. Nheth told her son that he could find his biological father on Concord Dawn.

      A month later Burkhart left his home and headed off to find his true father. There was no love lost between him and his father but he did say goodbye to his mother. She cried when he left and he said he would try to speak to her when time allowed. His plan was to get answers but even if he found none with this mandalorian he would travel and live abroad. Burkhart knew that he just did not belong with his old family so he began his search for his true place in the galaxy.

      Burkhart would arrive on his father's doorstep a two weeks later. He had to track down and work his way through the back roads of the rural planet until he eventually came to his father's homestead. First meetings with him were a surprise and awkward but eventually the man accepted Burkhart. Dral'ede had a girlfriend and the two treated Burkhart like a new member of the family. He ended up staying with them instead of traveling. This lasted a whole year and over time Burkhart essentially adopted the mandalorian way of life as his own.

      Years would pass and he would continue to work for his father until he became an adult. His father regularly went on trips, traveling throughout the galaxy to sample spirits and drinks. He was essentially a bootlegger. During this time there was no shortage of hardship, violence and criminal enterprise. Sometimes they had to smuggle, sometimes they had to steal and even kill. But these were not their main profession, just collateral requirements for some endeavors. All the same it allowed Burkhart to get a glimpse of many different life styles in the galaxy. He gained knowledge of smuggler ways, the tenacity of bounty hunters, the ruthlessness of law enforcement and the hardship of squalor.

      Dral'ede married his girlfriend, Kursh and they ended up selling most of their business assets to start a tavern on Concord Dawn. They got out of the game before they got hurt and now work small time brewery that is a legitimate business. Burkhart wanted to continue the lifestyle of a bootlegger, seeing more money and adventure in it. His father and his new step-mother were still willing to let him work underthem at the brewery but he respectfully refused. He did not want the quiet and easy life, which Dral'ede understood. Most of the hardship the father had been through came and went before Burkhart had arrived so he only cautioned his son on the path ahead. The rest of Burkhart's future was in his own hands.

    • -Lover-
      None | Relation | Status

      (see clan roster)
      Dral'ede Kelborn | Biological Father | Mandalorian bootlegger
      Jrikk Bych | Adoptive Father | Polictian
      Nheth Bych | Biological Mother | Librarian
      Kursh Kelborn | Dral'ede's wife | Mandalorian book keeper


      Leah Reach | Friend/Associate | Jedi/Rebel
      Crix | Non-mandalorian friend | Fellow pilot/coworker

      Leandros Solus | Friendly rivalry | War Council under the Mandalore

      Solone Wren | Used to be close friend/estranged | ex-Mandalorian Marauder

    • <+++++++++++++++++++++++++|+++++++++++++++++++++++++>

    • Keep in mind these are character arcs and some happened significantly far apart ooc thread wise but thanks to time being fluid below are completed arcs and in turn threads.

      Early Ambition - Marauder - Entrepreneur Beginnings

      Hiring Scrapers - A trio fo mandos go hire some scavengers for the future debris filed they'll be plundering for loot.
      Brancar Borne Interruption - Escorting the scrappers the two mandalorians have to fight off some pirates.
      Skeletal Surprise - The ship that Burkhart and Solone took now just needs to be searched.
      Cost of Business - Burkhart needs to get a deal on repairing his ships.
      Red Lights & Flags - Some rival smugglers need a good interrogating so Burkhart can take them down.
      Scaring Those Pirates - With the assistance of a jedi master Burkhart fights a large number of pirates.
      New Investor - A black market buyer needs to be found if Burkhart is actually going to earn some money in this sector.
      Ring's End - The smuggler's ring on Corsin is attacked by Burkhart and a jedi.
      Let It Sink In - Defending his new club house against gangsters.
      A Pint of Ale A Pint of Blood - Burkhart is working the bar and welcoming others to stop by and have a drink.
      Wot's A Partee Without A'bit'a Blud - The same party rages on but now its come to bare knuckle boxing matches.
      Icing Out the Bandits - A group of bandits on Contruum 6 need to be taken out.
      A Different Type of Dogfight - Pirates are in Contruum system so it is up to Burk and friends to take them out.
      Oh Dyr - A hunting trip in the name of Life Day on Kashyyyk brings Burkhart in proximity with strangers.
      Heckin Impies, Doin Them a Spook - A group of mandalorians ambush a sith outpost on Kashyyyk.

      Acknowledged and Expected - Rally Master/Supercommando -

      Keldabe Shake - Burk and Dio meet with drop ship manufacturers to broker a deal.
      Weaken The Chain - A group of Red Skull criminals are flying around the edge of Concord Dawn space.
      A Penny For A Hyperdrive - Burkhart and Freyja infiltrate a complex to steal two hyperdrives.
      Imperial Schutta - Some mandos get ambushed trying to get some disruptors.
      From Masks to Cask(et)s - The trio steal money from a club and plan to escape.
      Wow - the bandits have returned on Contruum 6 and are out for blood.
      Heckin Pirates - Pirates are trying to fill in the power vacuum around contruum asteroid belt.
      Dat Daltarri - Some pirates need to be taken out on their back water planet of Daltarri.

      The Winds of Choosing - Field Marshal - A new Mandalore comes

      Blind Fighting - dueling some umbarans in the dark
      Who Let the Dogs Out - Leandros comes to represent Solus while Burkhart represents Kelborn in talks.
      Razing Eyebrows - The witches of Dathomir need to be distracted for our other operators.
      Knowing Is Half The Battle- Burkhart helps out Wyatt on his road to becoming mandalore.
      House Solus - Burkhart attends the Solus's house acknowledgement as the Alor of Clan Kelborn.
      Beast Release - Solone, Daniel and Burkhart all go to free some gundarks.
      Maelstrom Mischief - A group of mostly Kelborn mandalorians attack smugglers moving coaxium.
      When Has Become Now - Numerous rebels are evacuating Al'doleem and Burkhart brings his clan to assist.
      A Clear Hangar Violation- On their way out of Hutt space Dio, Sherr and Burk get attacked by imperial assassins.
      Mand'alor - A summit for the announcement of the new Mand'alor.

      Rowdiness - Some oopsies with some yeehaw

      Connections - Cait of the Lusty Lekku meets with Burkhart for future business opportunities.
      The Gunslinger - Burkhart helps a rising gunslinger on his quest.
      The Renegade - Burk and Crix cotinue on their endeavor to earn their heavy blaster pistols.
      Hutta Drink Up - Burkhart hosts a social event for mandos and GA
      Is That a Moon - After a night of drinking Burkhart and other mandos pinch some sith attacking republica station.
      Stick it to Them - A few mandalorians assault a spaceport that is secretly run by a crime syndicate.
      Only Static - OE forces are there to take out an outpost but the mandos attack at the same time.
      Bad Moon Rising - mandos assualt hapan forces.
      Kick 'Em When They're Down - Along with Biranna, Burkhart goes to Korriban to do some redecorating.
      Restless Recovery - After they come out of hyperspace, Brianna and Burkhart end up in Bakura space though they don't know it.
      Up the Tower of Babel - A trio of mandos set up a riot for Kwenn.
      I Bless the Rains Down on Vjun - Drace and Burkhart go to get information on a bounty.
      Saints and Sennas - Drace and Burkhart close in on the serial killer they are after.

      Conquest and Derps - Fighting the good fight and taking advantage for business

      Conduct Unbecoming - While other mandos complete a mission Burkhart swoops in for extraction.
      No Survivors - A remote group of pirates in mandalorian space need to be taken care of.
      Another Drop of Blood - A sith came to Concordia just to die.
      Sharpest Tool in the Shed - Trailing Starburn CEO.
      Cool Doggos Don't Look at Explosions - On Kashyyyk Burkhart and Reyna take on the Trandoshan occupiers.
      Gun Runs, Illegal Deals , and Other Fun Activities - When out shopping Burkhart spots a pretty ship.
      Barracks Corellia - Burkhart and Leandros assault the imperial barracks to keep their forces stuck in place.
      Preemptive Silencing - Reyna and Burkhart attack a communication relay station.
      Sabot Tango - After his battle in space Burkhart assists with an assualt on imperial garrison.

      Taking the Initiative - Getting the jump on some people with a select crowd

      dinged up but not down - After corellia Burkhart needs some repairs done and has a drink in the company of some strangers.
      Going For That Thermal Heating - meeting William, burkhart learns of a chance to get some ordnance.
      We Got Da Loot, Tactical Escape! - After sneaking into the smuggler base they have to actually get out which turns out to have had some convenient occurances.
      Get To Da Chopper - A speedy chase on a wheeled vehicle through the swamps of Nal Hutta.
      Setting Up Shop - Mission from BIT has Burkhart taking on some pirates and protecting some transports
      Boop Dere It Iz - Traveling to Eriadu Burkhart sets up an arms deal in a way.
      Red Skulls, Golden Masks - Leandros and Burkhart pick up where the hunt for mandalore's mask had last left off.
      Here Take This - Meeting with an imperial office Burk and William are able to call on the corruption in the Empire.

    • Defeated Leandros Solus in a bare knuckle boxing match.

      Took part in the Life Day event and assisted the Wookiees.

      Took part in the Imperial Hutta liberation.

      Hosted the largest party between the Mandalorians and the Galactic Alliance after their victory on Imperial Hutta.

    • Has collected on defeating four confirmed (technically five) Sith thus far. 1&2 | 3 | 4 & 5 |

      Took down the Most Wanted serial killer Senna Torke. In the process she was rendered comatose.

    • Has risen to the position of Alor of Clan Kelborn.

      Ranked as a Field Marshal among the Mandalorians

      Has a consistent presence along the Mandalorian Road (hyperlane) as a smuggler

      Earned Jaig Eyes & Slayer Symbol

      Earned Vambraces and Basilisk war droid

      Has gained Tier 7 reward from faction work

    Speech Color: Peru
    Font: Underdog

    Burkhart's Dump Thread
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    1. Going to need a write up link for those fingerless shock boxing gloves. Seeing as shockboxing involves electricity.
    2. Per the Character Creation Rules Guide. - "New characters can start with one (1) main arm, two (2) side arms and one (1) melee, though there is the option to switch arms for melees.", you have 3 main arms to start, i need you to lower that to 1.
    3. From the same ^ - "When it comes to ships, vehicles and droids characters may start off with one (1) each. However, characters with small businesses may start off with a handful of droid (or regular) NPCs." You have 4 droids, does Burkhart have a business that these droids staff or are they all personal droids? Bring it down to 1 personal droid.
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    Removed fingerless shock boxing gloves
    lowered the weapon count to appropriate numbers
    Removed all but one droid
    I changed the apartment to a Bar and Apartment since that is his legit family business. I can get a labor droid or something in the near future for it so I'll stick to one for his smuggling/other stuff.
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    Updated rank
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    updated equipment
    changed prestige bonuses
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