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      • NAME: Breda Onn

        AGE: 21 G.S.Y.
        SPECIES: Human
        HOMEWORLD: Serenno
        HOUSE MEMBERSHIP: Palerma
        SOCIAL STANDING: Aristocrat

        LEVEL: One
        FACTION: Old Empire
        RANK: Sith Acolyte

        SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Basic, Sith

        HEIGHT: 187 cm
        WEIGHT: 84 kg

        KILLS: N/A
        6419 BBY (479 ABC) Born as Breda Onn on Serenno
        6412 BBY (493 ABC) Enrolled in the Sith Academy on Korriban
        6398 BBY (500 ABC) [start of timeline - Medriaas Incident]


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      • When we first observed the fourteen-year-old Breda Onn enrolling into the academy he had every hallmark trait of being an arrogant Serenno-born human aristocrat. He actually had the gall once to suggest royal blood superseded strength. We've tested him and tried to make him more malleable, but he seems stubborn to his very core when it comes to holding on to his own Serenno values.

        Nevertheless, we've yet to encounter a more fervent critic of Elix V Drast outside of the Dark Lord's private words. He seems torn between loyalty-to-blood, for it was after all Andraste herself who Serenno swore allegiance to and have remained loyal to her descendents, and a growing conviction that loyalty and leadership must be earned. In part we fear his disapproval of the Core-ward line of the Royal Family has more to do with upstarts corporate moguls being richer and receiving more honors than the elder noble houses, but we have yet to see this suspicion confirmed.

        Socially, he seems to linger with those of so-called blue blood, naturally gravitating to others of noble stock and members of the Drast-lineage. When he puts in effort he is able to converse with ordinary troopers on the subjects of war, strategy and tactics, but is never seen to relate to the struggles of the common man.
      • 500 ABC - Holo-log #1
        I've started to keep his holo-log because I'm nearing the end of my time as an acolyte of the Sith Order. I've heard them said that this is the time you will truly be tested, out there, in the field facing off with the soldiers of Emperor Elix the fifth. They call him the boy-Emperor and while he is still young of body is never seen riding with the troops to see the battlefield. Perhaps we get lucky on the strategic sides of things with the Republica's morale getting low and the Mandalorians raiding their bases without stop. Low Morale isn't why I've suddenly felt it necessary to start this logbook, however, because I know that -like here- there's strong warriors and excellent soldiers fighting for the same boy-Emperor. In starting this log I hope that, when I fall in battle, my family who work on one of Count Palerma's country estates, will be send this.

        It's been seven years since I've seen them last. My father had just began teaching me the finer art of vibro-swordplay when they discovered my reflexes were too fast for a "normal human being" and reluctantly send me off to Korriban. I say reluctantly where I probably shouldn't, but you see, my parents needed me to continue the line of Onn, which had begun to deteriorate and struggled to maintains their claim on positions of repute among Count Palerma's household. Having their only child send to an academy with a 30% survival rate and into a life of quick physical deterioration in favor of raw power, they feared their line would end with Breda.

        The Sith here at the academy have tried to sever my loyalty to Palerma, but they were unable to understand the role I have to play in maintaining my family's honor. Perhaps that's why I haven't been able to fully succumb to the "delights of the Dark Side" and fraternize more with the non-Sith worlds of nobility and the Imperial military.

      • COMBAT GEAR*
        Pugio Blaster PistolNot Adv.
        Sith Enforcer Armor **Not Adv.
        Curved hilt lightsaberNot Adv.
        * this is his default gear.
        ** this is worn without functions.

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    Much as I despise you Tim, your characters are always pretty damn neat.

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